I don’t know about you, but I get hand-sweating, knee-shaking nervous when I meet new people. You wouldn’t think it—me being an extrovert and all—but it’s true. Since I took the first step toward publication three years ago, I’ve met so many wonderfully talented writers that I’m now blessed to call friends. Along the way I’ve learned that great writers are amazing, yes, but they’re people made of skin and sinew just like me. They have fears of failure and hopes of topping the lists. They chew over sentence structure and mull over layering character development. It’s easy to forget that all writers struggle when I’m sitting in my chair hacking away at my keyboard (absolutely positive that my words are shit) while I stare at a perfectly printed bestseller smiling from my bookshelf.

Knowing all that, I still freak out at that first hand shake. The first “nice to meet you” exchange with an author I’ve put on high. Like the time I met one of my writing heroes Jayne Ann Krentz. She came to my neck of northern California for high tea and signing at Kepler’s.
Can you see my smile faltering from nerves? No? Good.

I freaked the first time I met my agent, my editor, and the president of my publishing house. (Oh, that’s another great story for another time.)

Despite my lip twitching, palm sweating, knee buckling fears, I know that to survive in this business, you have to reach out to others. (I’m the President of the San Francisco Area RWA and attend the national conference every year.) You have to put yourself out there—and not just through social media, although that is the wave of the future. (I blog at and here, with these fine ladies!) You have to submit your work to writing peers and listen with an open heart. (I have a handful of critique partners that I’m so blessed to have.)

I’m not saying you have to volunteer your time to your writing community or blog away your inspiration. Not at all. Remember there’s no golden rule to writing and publication. You have to do what’s comfortable for you and your career.

So here’s my introduction after the few facts I managed to slip into my post: I’m a wife to one fine example of a hero and a mother of two. (They act more like a wolf pack than I want to think about at the moment.) I live in northern California and have been writing for three years. My first novel, a romantic suspense titled Dark Tide Rising, was published from The Wild Rose Press in February 2011. InterVamption, my dark and gritty paranormal romance novel from Avon Impulse, released July 26th.

The second in that series, Vamped Up, is slated to release December 6th, 2011. I love Starbucks more than I should and the gym less. Chocolate can always be found in my purse, along with a paranormal romance novel… and a pocket knife. A girl can never be too prepared.

It’s nice to meet you. 😀

About Kristin Miller

Kristin Miller is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than thirty novels. After writing dark and gritty versions of "happily ever after" for more than a decade, she turned her hand to psychological suspense, a genre she's loved since childhood. She lives in Northern California with her husband and two children. Facebook: Twitter: Web:

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  1. Kristin, I was at Kepler’s that night and I have a very similar photo of me with JAK smiling in that same freaked-out-I-can’t-believe-I-met-you way. Wish I had known you then!

    • Wasn’t she great that night? Simply amazing. I wish I’d known you too! Did you make it to the High Tea next door? (Please, oh please, be one of those commenters who checks back…)

  2. *makes a note to put a pocket knife in her purse* I used to have one…then I realized that Danica + Sharp Objects = Injuries…for me, not anyone else 😉

    You seemed really cool and collected at the cocktail party. I on the other hand was sweating like a pig and worried I’d say something completely inappropriate, or flash my underwear at people since I so don’t wear skirts! LOL

    • Cool and collected…that’s my cover. Pretty good one, eh? You didn’t see my “freaking out” dance in the elevator on the way up to the party. And you may not wear skirts, but you looked great…maybe you should more often. 🙂

  3. Loved your intro! And I’m so jealous that you got to meet JAK!

  4. I totally relate. And I can’t wait to meet you in person.

  5. Totally understand! I’m like that when meeting new people 🙂 I love your InterVamption cover!

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