Vampires and Werewolves–oh, my!

Update:  The 5 winners of BOUND IN DARKNESS are…Marianne W, Sarah, lass1290, Wendy G, and Kathryn Anne Merkel. I’ll be sending you details about claiming your prize in just a little while. Thanks for all the comments! 

Hi, everyone!  My name is Cynthia Eden, and I will be blogging here every other Tuesday.  I’m a southern girl, born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, and I’m a girl with a monster addiction.

Yep, I confessed. I love monsters. I love vampires. Werewolves. Fallen angels. Demons.  Give me those supernatural characters, and you’ve got one happy lady.

So it’s probably no surprise that I spend my days writing about monsters. I write paranormal romances and romantic suspense tales.  I like to write dark, and I like to make my characters work for their happy endings.  Things can’t be too easy, right? A little death and mayhem can add a ton of life to a book!

Yesterday, I had two new ebook releases.  One of those books was an charity anthology called ENTANGLED (Sayde was kind enough to blog about that one earlier for me–thank you, Sayde!).  All of the proceeds from ENTANGLED are going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Yesterday also saw the release of my latest vampire/werewolf romance, BOUND IN DARKNESS.

.99 Paranormal Novella

BOUND IN DARKNESS features a very alpha hero, one with more than a bit of a dark side:


When it comes to killing vampires, werewolf Cade Thain is the best slayer in the Northwest. So when a witch hires him to take out a pureblood vamp, the assassin thinks it will be just business as usual. One less vicious vamp on the streets…one more undead parasite gone from the earth. Then he meets her.


Allison Gray isn’t the prey that Cade expects. Beautiful, innocent, she stirs a dark desire within him. Allison hasn’t transformed fully into a vampire, not yet, and it’s Cade’s job to make sure that she never does. Allison thinks that he’s at her side to keep her safe, but Cade is supposed to pick the right moment—and kill her.


Killing Allison is soon the last thing that Cade plans. As she begins the transformation that will turn her into a vampire, her bloodlust and their desire merge in an explosion of need that neither can control. But Allison’s enemies are closing in, and the coming battle will take Cade and Allison beyond life, beyond love…and into a deadly darkness that waits to claim them both.


I’d love to giveaway 5 digital copies of BOUND IN DARKNESS today.  I can send the winners Kindle versions or you can use Smashwords to get the book in a variety of formats. It will be winner’s choice.  🙂 So, want to win? Then just share one of your addictions with me.  I confessed to my monster addiction (and, I’ll go ahead and confess to a major chocolate addiction, too). But what about you? What addicts you?

Thanks for checking out my post!

Cynthia Eden

About Cynthia Eden

Cynthia Eden writes paranormal romances and romantic suspense novels. Her publishers include Kensington Brava and Harlequin Intrigue. More information about her work may be found at:

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  1. Hi Cynthia. Bound in Darkness sounds great. One of my addictions is diet soft drinks. I have to have them every day.

  2. I have a major addiction to shopping! Clothes, shoes, books… you name it and I’m probably buying it. Although I do also have an addiction for getting the best price, so my addiction’s not all bad:)

    Thanks for the giveaway! Would love to read it:)

  3. I’ve got the same additcion! I love anything paranormal and I really love your books! Oh, and I’m a tad additced to shoes and chocolate too! 🙂

  4. I have two major addictions at the moment, one, has and always will be, chocolate in any way shape or form, sweet, semi-sweet or dark. My other addiction is my Kindle….I love reading books and since I got my Kindle for Christmas last year I have been non-stop reading anything I can get my hands on! I think a by-product addiction of my Kindle obsession is looking for free and bargain e-books! Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Love your books!!! Monsters are so sexy!!!!

  6. I really really truly truly am addicted to a great paranormal/historical romance book. The other addiction is seafood.

  7. Congrats on the releases Cynthia!!

    Bound In Darkness sounds like a winner, would love to get a FREE copy.

    If you asked my mom, she would say I have a serious Facebook addiction, but personally, I’m more concerned about my pasta addiction, which Olive Garden’s Never Ending Pasta Bowl specials don’t help at all.

  8. I can’t live without Hershey Almond Milk Chocolate bars…. Every time at the check out of any store I HAVE to get them. Totally my addiction…..

  9. Great post. This book sounds really good. My addiction is actually several things. Lol. Paranormal books. York peppermint patties and a glass of Yellow Tail Shiraz wine. Yum!!

  10. i’m a book, pnr , YA tweet, Goodreads, Choca – holic. a lot of addictions. lol

  11. Hello, Cynthia & thanks for the giveaway! I really enjoyed Bound By Blood! I also have several addictions…candy, my Kindle. But by biggest addiction is dark, mysterious, protective, passionate paranormal men!! Yummy! 🙂

  12. Hello Cynthia 🙂 What I am addicted to paranormal romances, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, witches, warlocks, demons, angels, fallen angels, fairies (fey), shape shifters etc. I love it all. I never read a boring story about normal people, I have to read books that not apart of the “norm”. I am also addicted to learning, I have been at college for five years and I have studied child care and now I’m studying admin & tourism. I just love to learn new things, and that’s what I get from your books, Cynthia. I learn a lot from your books. I am addicted to all the different types of ways writers portray their views on vampires, werewolves, witches, demons etc, it’s all so different and new and wonderful! 😀 So I hope what I have written is all right 🙂

    • What you have written is fantastic! I love books that are not just considered the “norm” too. For me, give me paranormal characters, and you’ll have one happy woman! Good luck with your studies in admin & tourism.

      • Thank you Cynthia! Oh, I downloaded “A Bit of Bite” in Entangled onto my kindle, I’ve read the short story and I LOVED it! I thought it was an amazing story but my fav story of yours would have to be….Midnight’s Master! I just loved Niol and how he is so bad ass but he’s just a big ball of mush are Holly lol

  13. My husband and children will say without a doubt my addiction is reading. I love paranormal/romance.
    I say they are right but also have a coffee addiction. Love your books and thanks for the efforts you
    go through for your readers.

  14. My addiction is also to my kindle since I got it last year for my birthday. I love reading paranormal stories. Thanks for the chance.

  15. I’ll confess: books; I have them everywhere. spare room, living room, bedroom, basement, everywhere. Mu husband cringes when he sees me coming home with a bag but he doesn’t say anything! I even got a Kobo to get more books.

    dsadler53 at yahoo dot ca

  16. I’m addicted to my kindle & reading in general. My latest addiction is quilting. I just wish I had more time to do the things I love.

  17. You are so very welcome for the post! I love the cover of both! Congrats on the new release.

  18. I’m addicted to coffee, chocolate, and vampire romance novels. =) LOL! Thanks for the chance to enter this giveaway!!! =)

    Valerie Long

  19. Hey Cynthia! I’m trying to get rid of one of my addictions right now – diet coke! I can’t believe how hard it is. Other than that, I love a good romance – the hot, spicy, kinds…and I’m keeping that addiction. 🙂

  20. I am a creature of habit, so I could eat the samething for every meal of the day (different for each mean, but the same everyday). But that’s not an addiction… Coffee and ciggs are the only things I can think of.

  21. Hi Cynthia! I’ve been making a point to check in with this fantastic new blog everyday. Thanks for bringing it to our attention on yours. As for addictions I am definitely addicted to my morning cup of coffee. Everyone knows not to bother me until I have had it. What I am also addicted to is PNR and UF books ( and of course my fav authors ** Grin **) , but I’m not giving either of them up.

  22. Why is it that you can never finish one bowl of the never ending pasta at Olive Garden??? lol
    My addiction(s): Books and my new poster! 😛 winks

  23. Hi… My name is Linda and I am addicted to Scrapbooking – I have so many albums, papers, stickers, eyelets, transfers, photo etc that we have had an extention done to our house and the extra room was for my scrapbooking stuff – Friends and Family always expect me to make their cards and mini albums for them for birthdays and xmas and they get upset when they dont receive one – anywho I could keep going on and on considering how addicted I am 🙂

  24. Death and mayhem are always awesome (in fiction, lol)! Bound in Darkness sounds super hot! One more thing to add to my Kindle 😉

  25. I’m a little late, but I’m addicted to ogling man candy…I think y’all already knew that though, huh? 😉

  26. Addictions….hmmmm….I don’t have too many, but Books and Reading is at the top of this list. No matter how many books I have unread in my closet and on my kindle, I can’t stop buying them. –and I can’t go a day without reading. I also love to listen to Avenged Sevenfold, and play them repeatedly in the car.
    I have 2 bad vices—coffee and smokes. Yep. If I don’t get in my coffee with a ciggy in the morning,–be prepared to face a pretty grumpy middle-aged beeotch.

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