Space is Dark. Right?

Someone forgot to check my references. It’s my only excuse for how a science fiction romance writer ended up keeping such excellent company as the authors you’re meeting here on Darker Temptations. I’m Marcella Burnard. I do write SFR for Berkley Sensation. I’m told it’s grim scifi, which perplexes me. Sure there’s blood and violence and sex (not all in the same scene – truly). I thought it was all in good fun. Rollicking adventure. Apparently, I should increase my medication dosages. Kidding.

The thing is – I don’t like pulling my punches. I love strong, capable heroines with brains and courage. I want them to have heroes who can give them a run for their money. The problem is that such a stellar pairing requires some pretty horrific odds to overcome if the couple is going to earn a happily ever after. How many of us, in real life, willingly change unless the pain of NOT changing overcomes our resistence? Right. In fiction, I just get to make that ‘pain’ = bloodthirsty aliens with a sinister agenda.

In my real life, I live aboard a sailboat with my husband and our felines. At the moment, I’m sitting aboard someone else’s boat while mine awaits a trip to dry land so I can spend a week scraping the marine life off the bottom. Yeah. That’s right. I live with a man and four cats in about 300 square feet. One the water. Except when that 300 square feet of living space isn’t in the water – it’s blocked up on dry land. No wonder I write about space ships, hostile environments and alien life forms. No wonder my editor says it’s all a little dark. She’s never had to sand barnacles off of fiberglass before.

Don’t think that won’t show up in a future book somewhere. Something must grow on spaceship hulls.

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Author of fast-paced, action-packed SFR and Fantasy

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  1. I must say the word grim hadn’t crossed my mind yet when thinking of your books. Exciting, suspenseful, awesome, thrilling, adventurous, captivating: yes. Grim…. Hmm… nope, your stories never feel grim to me, but that’s because you make sure your readers never lose hope for things to turn out right.
    And i’m looking forward to some spaceship barnacles 😉

  2. Great post, Marcella! Great point about overcoming horrific odds being necessary for larger than life characters. And I couldn’t picture putting my cats on a boat…they have enough trouble getting in a car!

  3. You live on a sailboat? That’s just awesome!

    • Most days, it is awesome. We love it. The view cannot be beat. But when you haul the boat out (like we did today) to pressure wash off the slime – the romance pales a tad. 😀

  4. Hi Marcella! I love this post! The first time my editor described my genre to someone, she said it was ‘dark paranormal.’ I was like…dark?!? Sure, they’re vampires in a war…and have some steamy moments. So I guess I do write dark. Who knew? 🙂

    Have a fantastic weekend.

    • I know, right! You’re all about having this really great time writing this story! And then someone comes along goes, “Ooooo! Dark!” It’s like someone telling you your kid is a blond when all this time you thought she had light brown hair.

  5. Excellent post, Marcella. I wouldn’t classify your writing as “grim” so much as it is “dark tension” so I think you fit right in here. And, of course, I love seeing SFR repped. 🙂

    I especially love this:

    How many of us, in real life, willingly change unless the pain of NOT changing overcomes our resistence?

    What a great observation! And, being of a desert-dweller, brick and…er, stucco bound lifestyle, your high seas adventures always fascinate me. So much to draw on. We do write what we know.

    So is there such a thing as a Barnacle-Scraping Party?

    • There is such a thing as a barnacle-scraping party – however – it’s kind of like moving and asking all your friends to come help move your fridge cause you’re too cheap to hire someone to do it. You can only get away with it once or twice before your friends stop returning your calls. 😀 In this case, we actually found some damage to the bottom that has to be repaired, so we’ve hired a group of guys whose work we know and trust. They’re doing the repairs and all of the bottom work. That frees us up to service the engine and clean and polish gel coat. With any luck, we’ll be back in the water by this coming Thursday.

  6. I believe in steep odds, too. Can’t wait to get to know you better–and can’t wait to find out what grows on spaceship hulls either!

  7. Love your intro! I lived on a boat one summer in college so I’m soooo impressed you’re doing it w/ your man and cats! Very cool 😉

  8. You live on a sailboat?!? That’s wicked cool. We have a 12 footer in our backyard that we’ve only taken out a handful of times. (It was passed down by Husband’s parents.) Our munchkins are just too small–I freak out when we pitch to the side.

    And you keep rocking that “dark”, lady! That’s the stuff I love! Can’t wait to read Enemy Within.

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