Defend Yourself – Part 2

If you didn’t catch the first part of this two part blog post, click here. But if you’re tuning back in, this is the second part of my ‘defend yourself’ blog post. As I stated in my first blog post, at my last local RWA chapter meeting we had a guest speaker talking about self defense. Her tips were invaluable and this is a continuation of what I learned.

Physical Tips:

  • If someone is holding you from behind, wrapping their arms around you, bring your shoulders in and drop down. After this move, you have options: elbow to the groin (the elbow is a powerful part of your body), back fist to the face, or back fist to the ribs
  • If someone has wrapped a rope (or another object) around your neck from behind the natural inclination is to pull forward. Fight that instinct. If your hands are free, use them to slide your fingers under the rope and lean back instead of forward. This will give you more room to maneuver.
  • If someone is grabbing your neck from behind, if you can grasp onto their pinky fingers you should pull them back as hard as you can. It’s very painful and will force them to let you go.
  • If someone is choking you from the front, dig your thumbs into the corners of their eyes. If you press hard enough you can reach their brain or pop their eyes out (life and death technique)
  • Hit someone in their voice box = this can collapse it and kill them. To do this you can use anything as a weapon; fingers, keys or a pen (life and death technique)

Survey of 10 serial rapists revealed three things they look for:

  • Long hair (easy to grab and pull someone)
  • Time of day is important = they often look for victims between 5:30 and 8:30 in the morning. (testosterone levels are higher in the morning)
  • Places they will look to accost their victims: Grocery store parking lots are the number one place, and bathrooms are the second highest. In addition to this, parking lots in general and parking garages are also places they look for victims.

So what does this tell us? I’ve got long hair and I’m not going to go out and cut it because of this. But that doesn’t mean I can’t be more aware of my surroundings while shopping or out jogging, etc.

More tips and notes:

  • If your attacker manages to get you on the ground your chances of survival drop to 30%.
  • If someone comes to your house, don’t answer the door to anyone you don’t know
  • If you know you’re going to be coming home after dark, make sure you’ve left some lights on. Never come home to a dark house.
  • If you feel uneasy about someone don’t ignore your gut instinct. (Personal note: humans are the only ‘animal’ on the planet that ignore their instincts. We have them for a reason. Don’t worry about being rude to someone. If you’re walking to your car from the grocery store and someone makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t be afraid to ask security to walk you to your car.)
  • When driving, don’t leave your purse or other valuables in plain sight.
  • If you have to leave your keys with someone, like the people changing your oil, only leave the car keys, nothing else. (Another personal note: I’ve been doing this ever since I read a Mary Higgins Clark book—which I can’t remember the name of!—and a mechanic made copies of the protagonist’s house key to later rob her. That always stuck with me.)
  • When driving, never allow yourself to be boxed in anywhere. Make sure there is enough space between your car and the one in front of you that if there was an emergency (or someone was trying to car jack you) you would be able to pull out.
  • Once you get inside your car from shopping or whatever, don’t just sit there with the doors unlocked. As a rule you shouldn’t sit there anyway but if you have to, lock your doors.

There are many more tips she gave but these were some pretty important ones. Please feel free to share any you might have!

The instructor also recommended the book See Sally Kick Ass which I haven’t picked up yet but I plan to. And I would recommend The Gift of Fear. I think every female should read this. I’ve actually bought this book multiple times as gifts for women in my life. I told my husband about it but he didn’t listen to me about how great it was until one of his coworkers (he’s in law enforcement) recommended it.

Please note that the clipart was taken from:

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  1. Katie, once again some fantastic techniques! These are things all women should learn. Makes me rethink my plan to go walking first thing in the morning! I’m definitely checking out these books. Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Thanks! I agree, but I still walk in the mornings. I’m just more careful now. I used to walk from my house to a certain point then back but now I walk on a bridge (w/ a sidewalk for joggers, etc) where I’m surrounded by people.

  2. What’s up with your husband? That man should know to listen to you!!!!

    • You’re preaching to the choir 😉 He devoured that book and was like, uh, yeah, you were right, it’s awesome. He should definitely listen to me by now considering I was the one who introduced him to Supernatural!

  3. I’m checking out these books too! And thank you for the post. This is great stuff–for real life and fiction!

  4. Really great post. I’m absolutely loving the tips.

    And by the way…I bought Destined Mate yesterday and LOVED IT. 🙂

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