Where do ghosts come from?

A couple months back one of my kids told me that a ghost sometimes sits next to her on our couch and tries to talk to her, but for me not to worry because she’s not afraid. This bit of news was delivered as an afterthought, matter-of-fact, which spooked me more than if she’d done the wide-eyed, whisper tell of a ghost story. She bounded away to play, not even waiting for my reaction.

I look at my husband, who looked back at me and said, “Wonder who she gets that from.” I helplessly sputtered, because, yeah, I’m the one who writes dark, scary stories featuring paranormal beings. However, in my defense, I never talk about them around my kids and she’s too young to snoop and read any pages she might find in the office. She thinks I write fairy stories. (My books feature the fae.) So what’s with the freaky ghost sitting next to my kid on the couch?

Could be I’m not as careful as I think I am (I’ll be more so). Could be she picked it up at school or from TV (possible). Could be my house is haunted (not fun in real life). Could be she has a very active imagination (my mommy-sense is tingling). Around her age, I was afraid of/interested in ghosts too. I felt like I was listening to a mini me.

So I guess my question is this: I think there’s probably a day-dreamer gene, and she’s got it. But can the specific quirks of imagination be passed down as well? Specifically, why ghosts?  Are certain preoccupations inborn (ooo, good story idea!)? Or is this one just really common, even in the middle of summer?

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  1. I guess it would depend on how old she is. She could have a great imagination, but on the other hand, she could really see someone. It’s kind of like when my dog barks, whimpers, and whines at the bookcase. It freaks me out because I can’t see anything she’d find interesting and then my mind starts saying, “remember animals and children are supposed to be able to sense things we can’t” and I want to start dousing my house in holy water. Yeah, I might write about the paranormal, might even watch Ghost Adventures more than I should, but that doesn’t mean I want a ghost living in my house.

  2. I think the good thing to take away from all of this is that she said she’s not afraid. So…if there is a such thing as ghosts (and I think there are) then they can’t hurt her and she’s completely accepted the fact they’re there. Awesome. And if there’s no such thing as ghosts, she just has a really active imagination. Future paranormal writer, right there! I think either way you’re in the clear. 🙂

  3. It’s so great that your daughter has an imagination (or maybe it’s more than an imagination)! As long as she’s not afraid, it’s awesome 🙂

    My hubby and I are pretty sure our 13 week old son will love the paranormal as much as we do eventually. Part of my early morning ritual is watching reruns of Angel while I feed him. Then a couple hours later, Supernatural, lol.

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