Almost Halloween!

Since this will be my last post before the month of October is up I figured I’d ask what everyone is going to be for Halloween. This year we have a new addition to the family and the hubby and I had talked about dressing up in a theme but um, yeah, that’s so not going to happen. It would take too much organization, especially since my husband has decided he will likely be wearing a t-shirt with a pumpkin or skull and crossbones on it. Though in all honesty he’ll probably just wear his kilt (again!).

But, if he sticks with the ridiculous t-shirt, since I bought my little guy a cute pumpkin outfit they might actually semi-match and I’ll be the odd one out. But that’s okay, I love the funky hat I got as part of my costume…which will be a witch, complete with black and purple striped tights to match my purple hat (which is currently perched on a plastic pumpkin as can be seen in the picture) and black dress. In addition I’ll be buying a broom at the dollar store and decorating it myself. I know a witch isn’t very original but it’s a classic, it’s easy and it’s super fun!

If you celebrate or partake in Halloween, what are you dressing up as?

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  1. Not dressing up this year…too lazy…but I love the hat you got!

  2. Well…not to be a cliche…but I’m going to a conference with a costume party and have a fun vampire outfit. It’s easy to pack and wear. 🙂

  3. Witch costumes are always awesome!

    Sometimes, Nick and I just say we’re serial killers. Then we can wear anything we want. Lazy, lazy us.

  4. I’m going to be a witch too! I wanted to do a tandem costume with Paul, we were going to be Hall and Oates, but I couldn’t find a cheap enough wig, and there was no way I was going to spend that kind of money to have people not know who I was. I’M OATES!

  5. I love that hat! I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in several years, but the last time I did, I was a Catholic school girl. Of course, I spent that night at a bar, so it was appropriate.

  6. Ooh, cute hat! Love the purple! My husband is usually working for Halloween, so we dont ever match. He shows up in uniform for a bit, but it’s usually just me in “half” a costume pair. This year I’m Mother Gothel from Tangled. I figure I’ve got the massive curls going on, it’s worth a shot!

    Hope you have a great one!

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