Guest Author Jillian Chantal

I’m excited to be here today as a guest of these wonderful ladies and I thank Sayde Grace for inviting me. When she asked me to come on, she said something about talking about monsters but I decided to be a rebel and talk about my ghost experience on the RMS Queen Mary.

I have a series of three books set on this wonderful old ship and book one of The Gambler’s Inheritance Series, called The Gambler, comes out on April 22, 2012, from Desert Breeze Publishing.

I took a trip out to Los Angeles and spent two nights on the Queen Mary for research for this series while on the West Coast. The ship was purchased by the City of Long Beach, California in 1972 and turned into a hotel. It’s really a neat place to spend a couple of days. It’s supposed to be haunted and, I for one, believe it. We actually went on a couple of tours of the ship, including a ghost tour and I’ve got a picture here of the pool area. A little girl is rumored to haunt the area. Check out the orb I got near the ladder.

My cousin was with me on this trip and the first thing we noticed was that our room was really cold. Now, it was March and it was a little chilly outside in the mornings and evenings, but our room was much more than chilly. The first night, we turned up the heat and it got colder as the night went on. Finally, we called the front desk and when the maintenance engineer came in, he looked around and then said, “Oh yeah, this is THAT room.”

HUH? We both wanted to know what the heck he meant. Well, it seems this room has some glitch with the temperature system. They’ve tried everything to fix it but the thermostat keeps reversing itself. No matter what they do to fix it, it won’t stay fixed. Turns out, we had to turn on the a/c for heat and the heat for a/c. Crazy.

The second night, we went to bed around eleven. This was a room with two queen beds separated by a table as is usual in hotel rooms. My bed was near the bathroom and hers was near the porthole. Around three in the morning, I was asleep on my side and facing the bathroom. Directly in my ear, I heard a loud “psst, psst.” It was a hard consonant sound and it was clear and very audible. I immediately turned over, thinking my cousin needed something. NOPE. She was sound asleep with ear plugs in and facing away from me, facing the porthole.

I leapt up and dashed into the bathroom, turned on the light and shut the door. I paced around a second, then out loud, I said, “Leave me alone. I don’t have time for this. Go away.”

I went back to bed and had no more disturbances.

I didn’t tell my cousin about this until we were at the airport and she said she was glad because she would’ve freaked out and ran out of the room and off the ship. What do you think, would you freak out or tell the haint to leave you alone?  Leave me a comment about which you’d be, a chicken or a bossy britches telling the spirit to get lost and one random winner will win their choice of an e-book copy of one of my books, Solo Honeymoon, Surfer Bride or Redemption for the Devil.

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Thanks again, ladies, for letting me pop in and share an October day with your followers.

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  1. Welcome, Jillian! I’ve heard some of the stories about the Queen Mary – got to tour the boat, but not a single spirit wanted to chat. 😦 You telling the ghost to leave you alone was a great thing to do. I’ve always been told I should ask the spirit what it needs…don’t know whether I could rally my brain to form that question after being woken from a sound sleep like you were, though.

  2. Thanks for the kind welcome. The ship is beautiful, isn’t it? Yeah, the question was not in my mind, I was worried about getting my sleep so I could get up to catch my plane home. LOL

    I’ve had other encounters and I’ve had to be pretty direct once before when one followed me home- I had to tell it to go back to where it belonged.

  3. Thanks again ladies for letting me come in.

  4. I don’t think I have ESP or am sensitive enough to pickup on ghostly vibes. I’ve never even thought what I’d say. Probably try to rationalize it with a noise that woke me up or the cat or something. I’d love to tour the Queen Mary. And needing to research is a wonderful way to do it. Ummmm maybe a trip to California. We are a lot closer than you are.

    • Lavada- you absolutely need to go. It’s wonderful place and so much history contained in it. They have lots of tours. I’m very senstitive- I had a friend a few years ago tell me that what I am is an empath. I had no idea there was such a thing but once I researched it, I believe she’s correct.

  5. That was definitely a good idea not to tell your cousin. I would rather remain blissfully unaware too. Though, I wouldn’t have freaked out and left either, probably just pulled the covers over my head, lol 😉

  6. I would’ve stayed in my bed, closed my eyes and pretended I wasn’t really there. Kind of like that guy in Stephen King’s Rose Red, you know, “you’re not here…” yeah. That would be me. Meanwhile, my brain would start flashing images of what the ghost is really doing and it could range from tapdancing and singing “New York, New York”, to being inches from my face waiting for me to open my eyes. Yeah, I don’t know how I’d handle that.

    And this is why I don’t know if I can go the Stanley Hotel, or Myrtle Plantation.

  7. Jillian, I’m surprise the ghost left you alone. We have a ghost in our first AL home. She didn’t like to be left alone, nor did she like strangers who didn’t buy the house in it. A good friend north
    of Huntsville also had a resident ghost who kept her kids covered at night and turned lights off and on. I never saw a ghost, but my daughter swears she did. Spooky isn’t it? (grinning)

    • I was surprised, too. Wonder why it did. I love the idea of a ghost that keeps the kids covered up at night. So sweet.
      You’ll have to tell me about your former resident ghost sometime over some coffee. Sounds intriguing.

  8. If that spook had whispered in my ear, I would’ve made a bee-line for the life-boats!

    • Jeff- I think the lifeboats have rotted on that puppy! AND It is moored and there’s a handy gangplank that I know my cousin would’ve knocked you down racing for it. That could’ve been a fun sprint to watch!

  9. Lady, you always have the best spooky adventures!

  10. I would’ve stayed awake all night and tried to talk to the ghost. Then, if things got really scary…I’d have hustled out of there so fast! Thanks for coming on the blog today. 🙂

  11. Jillian, I am so bummed I couldn’t make it work when you came out. (pout!) But what a great experience you had. You know, I’d like to think I’d be a bossy britches, but I’ve had a couple of creepy encounters myself so I know I’m a chicken. LOL!! I love ships and boats like this. It really takes you to another time and place. I’m looking forward to your next series.


    • I know. I wish we could’ve met in person- pesky old day job. I think you’d have handled yourself fine!

      It is a lovely ship- I appreciate you and can’t wait to share my McSwain boys, the heroes of the series, with you.

  12. I’m of the opinion that spirits feed on fear, so I guess I would tell it to go bother someone else.

    When I was a kid we went to California & toured a ship, but I can’t remember which one it was. As I recall I didn’t enjoy it much & wished I could have stayed in the motorhome & read a book. Now that I’m all grown up, I would love to do it again & I’d pay attention this time.

    drainbamaged.gyzmo at

  13. Kathryn, I think you’re right about feeding on fear.

    You should def go see the Mary. It’s great. I was that teen at the grand canyon when I was 16 and regret that.

  14. We stayed there in May, when we were attending an annual model railroad event. No one warned us the ship was tethered (is that the right term) to the shore on long ropes or chains and groaned all night as the tide shifted. For a pricey stay (at that time one of the more expensive accommodations in LA) I was disappointed about the loss of sleep. We didn’t have a ghost, just a lot of noise.


  15. Welcome, Jillian! I’ve been to the Queen Mary, and have to say that I “felt” something there too. Not to the extreme of being whispered to, but I also haven’t been crazy enough to stay at the hotel overnight. You are one gutsy woman!

    Good call about not telling your cousin. I probably would’ve done the same thing. Ran to the bathroom. Freaked out. Prayed. You know, the basics. 😉

  16. Kristen. Never thought of it as gutsy. Lol. I’m always sensing stuff but never had one address me before. Never thought it’d happen.

    Definitely good call in not telling my cousin. Hehe. She already had warned me not to tell her if I sensed anything. Love that you would’ve gotten in the bathroom like I did.

  17. I would likely be the chicken. I was a big time one as a kid & probably haven’t changed as much as I’d like to think I have. Thanks!

    geschumann at live dot com

  18. WINNER: MBurnard has won an e-copy of any of my books. Email me at and let me know which you prefer- SURFER BRIDE, SOLO HONEYMOON, or REDEMPTION FOR THE DEVIL.

  19. Gloria. Hopefully, they would have left you alone if they knew you’d be so scared. Thanks for commenting.

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