Happy Holiday Season – Where are my Keys?

Like a werewolf, sometimes I take on more than I can chew.  🙂  It’s the holiday season, and have I started to shop?  NOPE.  My mom and sisters are finished shopping – and we have a huge family.  When I say finished, I mean everything is wrapped and under the trees.

I worked at the college yesterday, went to a bball practice afterwards, then a charity auction for a Board I’m on…when I got home, our tree was up!  Yes, it’s something I like to be a part of, but this year, I was thrilled my hubby and the kids took care of it.  LOVE them!

Finals are next week, the holiday parties are starting, and did I mention I have a book due on February 1st?  I say all of that with a huge smile on my face.  Being busy makes me happy.  Scrambling around, trying to find my schedule, just tickles me.  Yeah, I’m odd.

But when I get away from reality, I can escape into whatever book I’m either writing or reading.  That world can be as organized as I want.  Of course, if you’ve read my books, my characters don’t seemed to get a break, either. 

So let me ask you this:  How are you doing this holiday season?  Are you super organized and ready to rumble (much like the king of the vampires)?  Or are you rushing around trying to find your car keys (much like me)?   Leave a comment and get entered in the contest for a kindle and our books! 

About Rebecca Zanetti

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of paranormal, contemporary, and romantic suspense romances. Current series include: Dark Protectors, Sin Brothers, and Maverick Montana.

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  1. I think I’m a little of both… sometimes I work hard on staying super organized and other times I just don’t have the time to stay organized and then I’m running around like crazy just trying to stay on top of things.

    • Hi Yadira! Yeah, I have spurts of being organized, too. I like to make a family calendar and put it on the fridge each month. I checked it out last night and it said. “August.” Guess I’m a bit behind. 🙂

  2. Wow, you have an efficient family! Totally impressed 🙂

    Happy Holidays & happy writing!

  3. I’m pretty organized this year though I’m not sending out family photo holiday cards. Normally I get them done by Nov and mailed the first week of December and I’d really wanted to do them since we have a new baby, but it’s the one thing I’ve slacked on and I’m not even going to try and scramble to do it. The tree is up, most of the presents are bought (and wrapped!) and I’ve got deadlines so that’s my only focus right now, lol 🙂

    • Hi Katie – you’re doing awesome! I didn’t do cards last year because of deadlines, so I’m thinking of doing them this year. But the kids are older, so they could actually fill out the addresses for me. Ah…what’s a good bribe? 🙂

  4. I’m organized even though I haven’t started. I like making lists and checking it off which really motivates me. I know what I need to get it’s just a matter of getting it. Hopefully this weekend.

  5. No way am I organized!! Christmas just kinda sneaks up on me every year!!

  6. Hi Rebecca!! “organized” and “relax” are foreign concepts to me. LOL. I’m one of those “up until 3 a.m. wrapping presents” kind of people. But I thrive under the pressure ❤

  7. I’d like to say I’m organized but ….not so much. I’m not quite at the running around like a headless chicken stage but I’m probably getting somewhat close. I still have to get some gift cards for people and I have to wrap gifts, finish sending cards and finish getting my Secret Santa gift. I make a list and always say I’m going to start it at the beginning of November but somehow it all gets away from me.

  8. I’m a mess this year. I really don’t want to do anything. The cards are waiting to be written, the fudge is waiting to be made and the boys JUST gave me their lists. So I’m thinking this weekend I’ll do some serious point and clicking :).

    • Hi Jovial! Well now, at least you have plans to make fudge! That’s fantastic. We live in a neighborhood with some wonderful retired folks who bake, and they make plenty for my kids. It’s quite handy. 🙂

    • My daughter just gave me her list, too. It’s as if she were afraid to ask for anything. My goodness don’t they know we have a deadline? LOL

  9. I am way behind the 8 ball this year. I just bought the first Christmas present today & it wasn’t even anything I had on my list (probably because I’ve barely started the darned list). I could really use that Kindle, since that’s what my mom would like for Christmas & I haven’t a prayer of being able to work that into my budget in the next 2 weeks.

  10. Michelle Bledsoe

    I round around like a crazy person doing everything (but the decorating) at the last minute. Then I will be organized if that makes any sense to you( it sure doesn’t to my family). Any hoo, I just feel happier when I am rushed. I feel like I have accomplished something. If I do anything early, I have this weird feeling that I have forgotten something…

    Merry Christmas!!!!

  11. I’m right on time! Gifts are bought and most wrapped, stockings are ready. I still have to buy the turkey but pies are made. I’ in a happy place.

  12. I’m rushing, too!! But rushing doesn’t make me happy–it just stresses me!

  13. I am like you! lol I try to be organized, put I always forget something, or the something I put things in so I wouldn’t forget them =D

  14. I used to be organized… but after I had a baby… everything is a mess… Can’t find anything…

  15. I’m sorry to say, I am not organized at all anymore. I can’t remember things from one minute to the next. If I don’t write things down, I’ll never remember.

  16. Im really about 1/2 and 1/2. I started out great. But slowly and getting lost. Time seems to be flying when it comes to getting ready.

  17. to be perfectly honest, I don’t bother. I don’t care much for the holidays I don’t have kids. I go to my parents. they do the decorating. meh.

  18. I’m usually pretty on top of it, but been working some long hours this year, so WOW, I’m so behind!! I have this HUGE pile of gifts in the corner of my room, nothing wrapped yet, lol ~ I keep threatening my daughter that I can tell if she even LOOKS at a present ~ and I’ll take them back if she does, he/he. NO baking done yet, fudge not made, sigh…….and I have to work tomorrow, which is a Sat. Yeah, I’m seriously chasing my tail this year!!

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