Holiday Goodness

I was checking off the people I’ve already bought gifts for this year, feeling all proud of myself that I’m ‘officially’ done when I realized I’ve managed to get all my presents early but ONE. Normally my mom is the hardest person to shop for, but this year I knew exactly what to get her. And normally my husband is the easiest, but this year it’s like their roles reversed. I’ve bought my husband a few small things, but we usually get each other one big present in addition to the little ones and for some reason I sort of skipped him.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got some ideas, but one of them involves going into a sports/fishing/hunting store and the most ‘guy’ section there. Don’t know if I’m brave enough. The closer December 25th gets, the more I’m dreading making that final shopping trip.

Since my mom sometimes reads my blogs I won’t say what I got her, but I did get my new baby a bunch of fun interactive toys, stacking blocks, books (which he’s definitely too young for but come on, I had to get him a few), a toy phone which I think he’s going to love since he’s always trying to take my real one and a giant stuffed penguin. He doesn’t have a lot of stuffed animals and the penguin is kind of for me because penguins are awesome!

So what about you? Who do you find it easiest to shop for? Who do you find it hardest to shop for? And why?

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  1. I’m almost done with my shopping, I just have to get two small gifts for my Secret Santa’s and then I’m done. The easiest family members to buy for??? That would be my mother, who always wants new clothes at Christmas and one of my younger sister’s and her husband, who always want gift cards to Amazon for more books for their Kindles (and yes, they have two).

  2. Since we’re all scattered around the country and don’t often get together for the holiday, we have my family give what money they would spend on us to someone who doesn’t have any money to get gifts. It’s fun. Makes my heart smile, too. 🙂 My folks send us a picture of what they got for the person in need so I can see what they got. 🙂 Love it!!

  3. Michelle Bledsoe

    I am almost done. I am just waiting for a few things to come in. The easiest to buy for is my daughter. She is 18 and gives me a list…YAY
    The hardest is my mom because she suffered a major stroke 5 years ago and is bed bound. Her interests are not the same and there isn’t a lot she is interested in. I usually get her movies or magazines. But thank God I still have her with me to celebrate Christmas. 🙂

  4. My dad is the hardest person to shop for just because he never really expresses a want or need in anything. He says he has his family and that’s enough. That’s sweet and all but it doesn’t help! Lol. My mom and sister are easy to shop for though 🙂 I have to say, though sometimes the hardest people to shop for you fidn one thing and bam it’s just “the” thing for them, whereas the easy there are so many options to choose from it gets hard to pick.

    • I understand that! My dad is usually pretty difficult too but this year my sister and I banded together and came up with the perfect gift. It’s the first time we’ve ever figured out something so utterly perfect for him!

  5. My husband is pretty easy because he usually tells me exactly what he wants – usually something to do with firearms or some guy thing! The hardest on my list? My friend Gail, who has everything! Over the years we’ve gotten each other pretty much every kind of gift you could imagine.
    Babies are so fun to shop for. I know yours will be a big reader!

  6. I think my kids are the easiest to shop for. They just want toys and tell me everyday what they want. I have them almost done for Christmas. I think I have anyone that is hard to buy for. I know everyone pretty well. If can’t figure it out, I just get them a gift card of some kind.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  7. My daughter is easiest to shop for. She tells me exactly what she wants in GREAT details. 🙂 My husband is the hardest… Never know what he will like….

  8. Cherity Thibodeaux

    I’m actually finding it hard to shop for almost everyone on my list. These days kids have so much already that when you think of something good to gift them with…they already have it!!!!

  9. Shopping is finished and gifts are wrapped; even stockings are filled. I’m usually starting the Christmas lists for all my family by the beginning of September so I do well. The easiest? My daughter. she sends me by email exactly what she wants, where I can find it and how much it should be.

  10. My kids are the easiest to shop for – they come up with nice, long lists! Good luck shopping! I’m going to start any day now. 🙂

  11. So far I’ve only gotten my nieces and nephew a gift. I got them all the same thing so there will be no fighting over who got what. lol.

  12. My husband is definitely the most difficult person for me to buy for. I can buy gifts for other people’s husband but I suck when it comes to mine. When he is asked what he wants he always responds with “beer, chocolate and sex”. The children volunteer to buy the beer and chocolate, they say I am in charge of the sex. Big joke!

  13. My Grandbaby, Kaidence is easy to buy for. All she wants is books and journals to write in (she is 7). The hardest are my kids so this year I am going to save myself the trouble and just give them money.

  14. I really dont have anyone really easy to shop for. We try and keep the limit low though and if there isnt anything specific everyone is always happy with fun items or gift cards. But my mom is definitely the toughest every year.

  15. I find it easiest to shop for the older kids in my family… just get them giftcards or cash. It’s the younger ones that I really have to work on since I don’t always know what’s the latest or coolest toy or what they’re into these days that they don’t already have or will easily get bored with.

  16. My mom is a challenge this year for me. Tricky mom! But I *think* I may have an idea for her…

    Merry Christmas, Katie!

  17. I love to go shopping but its hard this year i just had a lil girl and i have two boys i hope i dont buy her all boy stuff too lol

    merry xmas, amy

  18. Sadly, I’m too poor to buy presents for anyone. My shiny face is just going to have to be enough. Things would be different if I could move to a cheaper place. Next year will be so much better.

  19. My daughter is by far the easiest…..and I actually find myself buying her WAaaaaay more than I plan on every year because I’ll just see things and think, wow, that’s perfect for Alyx! and forget about it until I get to wrapping everything, sigh. I’ve done it again this year. My BIL is the hardest…he’s just one of those people who has a lot of interests, but if he wants something, he just goes and BUYS it, so I never know what to get him, grrr….

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