Uh oh

Okay so being over half the day late on posting isn’t ideal but here I am.  I stopped doing new years resolutions a long time ago so I can’t say whether I met any new goals this year or not but I’ve had a good year. For me the year was filled with new friends, new books, contracts, and a new job. Also my baby started pre-k at the elementary school where I ended up working at. Now both of my children are in school and it finally hit me, I don’t have babies anymore. I mean, yeah they’re still small, 6 and 4, but not infants. And ya know, that’s just fine. I’m so proud of their accomplishments this year too.

Looking back over my year, I’ve gotta say, I’m finally an adult. I turned thirty in July and while that didn’t bother me or anything I did find myself watching one of the Twilight movies and thinking, “Wow, Bella’s dad would be hot without that weird mustache.” It hit me then that I’d gone from checking out the young guys on the screen to checking out the middle aged guys. That was my “holy crap I’m getting old moment”.

Other things that happened, I joined this blog. I probably haven’t said it, but I’m really thrilled to be part of the blog and am working very hard to get my calender set so I don’t miss my blog dates. For some reason it boggles my mind to set events on my droid. I need that iphone woman to tell me what to do!

So as we celebrate a new year what was a pivotal moment in the past year for you? I swear I haven’t gotten over the Twilight moment and may never.
Thnks everyone

About JenniferDorough

I love capturing sweet southern memories. My goal is to capture your family in portraits that showcase their uniqueness. I try to capture your memories that represent your family.

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