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Here we are. Day five of the new year. How are you doing on those resolutions? Yeah? Don’t feel bad. The single resolution I’d planned for didn’t even make it to the new year.

See, I’ve always wanted to be one of those disciplined writers who could sit down for x hours every single day and write. This year, I vowed, I would make that a priority. I’d even decided I would take my notepad and my Alphasmart to the neighborhood library for two to three hours a day. I’d write. Away from the distractions of dirty dishes, floors that need vacuuming and the family who never loves me at any other time quite so much as they love me while I’m trying to work.

Mom. I has expectation. You are not meeting it.

Great resolution, right? December 30th blew it right out of the water. That’s what I mean. Didn’t even make it to January 1. This is what I get for scheduling my overdue physical for the last business day of the year. Everything went well – except for getting on the scale after all those Christmas cookies – but I could work those off. Right? Did I just add another resolution? Dang.

I happened to mention to the doctor that my left hip had been bugging me. She said, ‘Probably tendonitis, here’s a physical therapy referral. Let’s do an x-ray, though, just to be sure.’  Four hours later, I had a phone call from the doctor’s office instructing me NOT to go to physical therapy. There were ‘changes’ in the joint, she said. Instead, they sent me for an MRI and referred me to an orthopedic doctor. I do the MRI on Saturday. By Monday, I’m sitting in the orthopedic doctor’s office looking at a couple of snapshots of the inside of my own body and there it is. Clear as day. Bone. Dying and crumbling in my left hip.

Cue complete freak out.

Good news – ultimately, this will be a hip replacement. Today, it’s just a long round of physical therapy, acupuncture, exercise and chiropractic appointments to keep everything where it belongs for as long as possible. But you see how the resolution faired. So much for the library. Looks like I’ll be doing what I’ve always done – writing in between. Writing in waiting rooms. Writing to exorcise fear, boredom and frustration. Writing to indulge in imagining all of the miraculous physical feats this body wasn’t designed to perform (not to mention imagining all of the heroes who’d inspire these feats…that’s another post).

Oh, I’ll still go caving. I can still ride my racing bicycle, though I cannot race. I can still sail and live on a sailboat with too many cats and the occassional visiting otter. And I can still write. The physical therapist recommended sitting on a heating pad while I work…commence the jokes about the hot seat and/or hot butt.

This is something called ‘avascular necrosis with partial collapse’ – the blood supply to the left femur was disrupted at some point in my life and the bone, without blood and nutrients, cannot survive. Accidents can cause this. Alcohol abuse and steroid use can cause it. We suspect a terrible car wreck from my childhood – but we’ll never know for sure.

Here’s the real point, though. If your health is not one of your top resolutions, why isn’t it? You cannot help the people you love if you aren’t healthy. What will it take for you to get strong? Screw weight loss. Worry about strength and flexibility. Losing weight is a fine goal, but it’s only one part of a larger puzzle. Aim for healthy. Shoot for happy. The rest is icing.

Come and Get Me, 2012!

Happy New Year!  Sure, it’s the 4th of January, and I forgot it was my turn to blog today, but hey, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I think good ole Oprah said it best:    “Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”  ~Oprah Winfrey

Except, well, I think I may have already goofed up.  We have new neighbors.  They’re probably really nice people.  But here’s the situation.  The other day I was home writing.  (Trying to get as much finished as possible before going back to the college this week).  Well, like most writers, I was wearing a comfy pair of yoga pants.  You know, the kind that are cropped right below the knee?  Yeah, comfy.

And a pair of thick, warm socks.  I can’t write without warm socks on.  It’s weird but it’s me.  So, one sock was pink with blue stripes, the other black with red dots.  Really, they’re warm, I’m inside, and who cares.  Right?

I also had on a ripped T-shirt.  Comfy.  (Getting the theme here?).  My hair was kinda up in sort of a rubber band, and I had no makeup on.  (You think you know where I’m going, but believe me, I’m not there yet).

So, I figure out where I’d left my IPod – in the car!  Now, the car is in the garage, as it should be.  But it has been snowing, the floor of the garage is wet, and hey, it’s cold.  So, I throw on my brown cowboy boots that were by the door.  Okay, they’re kind of cowboy boots.  They’re shaped like cowboy boots, but they only come up right past the ankles.  My socks are longer.

I also throw on my husband’s thick, red, comfy coat.  My hubby is six-foot-five, so the coat comes down almost to my knees.  And…I grab lipstick I put by the door and put it on.  Don’t ask me why.  I thought maybe I should have lipstick on–it’s dry outside–and my lips are chapped.  But…this was a tube I’d gotten out before a big party the other night–oh yeah–bright red. 

So, I go outside wearing the red lipstick, long furry coat, half cowboy boots, yoga pants that only come to my knees and mistmatched socks.  And bright red lipstick.

Guess what?  Yep.  My husband had left the garage door open.  As I walked outside, my new neighbor had just gotten his paper, looked up, and smiled.  I had that moment when I could run back inside (even though he had clearly seen me), or suck it up and stammer something stupid about not usually looking ridiculous.

In the end, I did neither.  I shook his hand, gave my name, and said welcome to the neighborhood.  I wonder how long they’ll stay?   🙂

Uh oh

Okay so being over half the day late on posting isn’t ideal but here I am.  I stopped doing new years resolutions a long time ago so I can’t say whether I met any new goals this year or not but I’ve had a good year. For me the year was filled with new friends, new books, contracts, and a new job. Also my baby started pre-k at the elementary school where I ended up working at. Now both of my children are in school and it finally hit me, I don’t have babies anymore. I mean, yeah they’re still small, 6 and 4, but not infants. And ya know, that’s just fine. I’m so proud of their accomplishments this year too.

Looking back over my year, I’ve gotta say, I’m finally an adult. I turned thirty in July and while that didn’t bother me or anything I did find myself watching one of the Twilight movies and thinking, “Wow, Bella’s dad would be hot without that weird mustache.” It hit me then that I’d gone from checking out the young guys on the screen to checking out the middle aged guys. That was my “holy crap I’m getting old moment”.

Other things that happened, I joined this blog. I probably haven’t said it, but I’m really thrilled to be part of the blog and am working very hard to get my calender set so I don’t miss my blog dates. For some reason it boggles my mind to set events on my droid. I need that iphone woman to tell me what to do!

So as we celebrate a new year what was a pivotal moment in the past year for you? I swear I haven’t gotten over the Twilight moment and may never.
Thnks everyone

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