I’m Back….

So where have I been??? Hell I don’t even know that. The last few months have been a haze for me. I got the new job, started coaching a basketball team(poor kids), and got a new puppy. The job is cool, tiring, but thats okay. The basketball team has won one and lost one, my daughter cries alot and tells me I’m mean but the other kids seem to think I rock. Go figure!! And the new puppy, well, he freaking hates me! I’m sure Rebecca Zanetti is crying she’s laughing so hard at that news. You see around my house, male dogs have a terrible life expectancy. No, I don’t intentionally harm them but somehow every male dog we’ve ever had had come to some unfortunate death. I swear to you I am not doing it! Nature just hates male dogs at my house. So this puppy is a great dane and eight weeks old. We’ve had him for about two weeks and so far nothing has gone wrong.

On a different note, I have had a new release. Rawhide Angel is not a paranormal but it’s hot and sexy! I love the two main characters in this book. I’ve been writing a little here and there, nothing to brag about but I’m excited over a story I’ve found. I started writing this really out there female Dom story about two years ago. I got to around 20k words and just stopped. I started reading it about three weeks ago and really want to finish this. Rebecca says my attention span is nill but hey, thats what makes me so unique!!

Hope you all are having a great start to 2012!!


About JenniferDorough

I love capturing sweet southern memories. My goal is to capture your family in portraits that showcase their uniqueness. I try to capture your memories that represent your family.

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  1. Poor, poor, poor puppy… 🙂

  2. Congrats on the release of Rawhide Angel! Love that title!

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