Finding Balance

The past two months have been a lesson in finding balance between work and motherhood. My son is about seven and a half months old right now and just starting to crawl, but even before this new phase in his life, he was a very active baby. The first couple months after he was born I’ll admit that I got a ton of writing done. Seriously, all he did was eat, sleep, poop and look adorable all day long.

Now he’s still adorable but oh my, he’s a little bundle of energy. Not only is he crawling but he’s discovered a new love for his walker. Since we have hardwood floors, it’s the perfect surface for him. He’s created a racetrack path around the house and he runs until he literally falls asleep. It’s pretty impressive to watch, actually.

Currently I write during his naps and then late at night once he’s gone to sleep, but that means my writing is cutting into time I like to spend with my husband. So finding that balance has been full of trial and errors and yes, guilt. It’s like I’m being pulled in a hundred different directions. Luckily I have some wonderful writer friends who are also moms and have been where I am before. It’s nice to realize I’m not alone. Since the childcare in the area where I live isn’t the best that’s not an option. But I think I might have discovered an option where someone will come to my house and watch him here at home a few afternoons a week for a three hour stretch while I work. Three whole hours of uninterrupted writing? Sounds beautiful!

Any writers out there or any mothers who balance working from home while raising a kid(s), I totally commend you. In fact, I commend all moms. I never truly understood how much motherhood would change my life. Now that my little guy is here, I can’t imagine my life without him, but I’ve learned that it’s okay to ask for help and I don’t have to feel guilty about that.

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  1. I think the mommy guilt is the worst! It’s there, eating at us, and it is so not fun. Now that Jack is older, things are much easier for me. Like right now, he’s playing a video game while I type this…he’s happy and I can get a few sneaky minutes of me-time in!

    • Yes! It’s like this thing hovering inside me all the time! You’re one of those friends I was talking about! It’s so nice to know that things eventually get easier 🙂

  2. I totally know what you’re saying! And asking for help is brilliant – the smartest thing you can do. I’ve been there. 🙂 I’m at the ‘drive all over town’ stage with basketball, softball, football…but at least I can write in the car while waiting. You have to find time when you can…and take it easy on yourself. GREAT blog post!

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