Isn’t This How You Got Started?

Go ahead. Watch the video. I’ll wait. It’s Nathan Fillion. What more do you need?

It made me chuckle, because I used to do this. Okay. Not with superhero undies, much less with Sam Daly, Tim Daly, Nathan Fillion or Michael Rosenbaum, more’s the pity.

No. My ‘pretend to be someone else’ sessions revolved around spaceships, pirates, and villians threatening to destroy entire planetary systems. School playgrounds became war-torn solar systems. In our story, my friend was my long-lost older brother – a goodie-two-shoes in a military officer’s uniform. He was an excellent shot. My character had grown up on the streets. She was a dangerous, cunning street thug who preferred throwing knives to shooting guns. She only missed when she MEANT to miss.  My spaceship was a lethal little fighter modeled on a shark. His spaceship was a larger battle cruiser he had command of. Naturally, we had to join forces to battle back the bad guys, but the conflict between the siblings was intense (when we weren’t rolling around laughing at some bizarre plot twist one of us had suggested to the other).

We might not have been dressed in superhero undies, but we did build Lego blasters for ourselves. With holsters. And communicators. When high school creative writing assignments called, we each of us mined our collective storyline and usually garnered pretty decent grades from our stories. It is entirely possible that this is how the story writing bug bit me. I had to start writing down our episodes as we played them.

Then, one day, something happened. I graduated and went off to acting school. My friend joined the military, got married, and had kids. We stopped getting to see one another as often. I began writing with an eye to publication. But that shared world we’d built never went away. My friend retired from the military a bit ago. I flew out to join in the party. He still has his Lego gun. So do I. There is something to be said for the quality of a friendship that allows two people to take on another persona and run around deserted playgrounds having shootouts with invisible space pirates.

All those episodes we’d played out? I have them. Safe in a paper file. Waiting for the day that the characters demand that I get the rest of their story down on paper so someone else can see it.

How about you? What were the stories that you played? What do you STILL play?

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  1. Okay, that video is just hilarious.

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