Guest Author Wynter Daniels

Please welcome guest author Wynter Daniels! Not only is she a talented author, she’s a dear friend and I’m so happy to have her here today!

First of all, big thanks to my friend Katie for inviting me to Darker Temptations today! I’ll be giving away a copy of my brand new release, Dear Annie to three commenters.

What do you think of advice columns?  I’m not a fan of those dealing with cleaning problems or auto maintenance, but I’ve always loved the ones that offer advice about life and love. They give a glimpse into the inner workings of some deep, dark problems—just the sort of stuff a writer harvests for use in creating flawed characters. I grew up reading Dear Abby and Ann Landers, soaking in the common sense. Often the solution was obvious, but many times it seemed the letter writer’s every option was terrible. Until the columnist applied a liberal dose of wisdom.

I recently had a situation in which I got to play advice guru. A friend told me about her sister, who complained every year about her birthday gift. This year, the birthday girl actually had the gall to send back the gift! My friend asked me what I would do. So I helped her compose a note to inform the sister that they should refrain from exchanging birthday gifts from now on and instead, send a thoughtful card and have a phone conversation. My friend loved the idea and even suggested I start an online advice column. I don’t think I’ll be going that far, but at least I did help one person!

What do you think of advice columns? Do you read them? Do you usually agree with the advice they dole out?

Sex advice columnist Dear Annie—aka Suzanne—shuns relationships after growing up in a dysfunctional family. She takes care of her sisters and her mother but refuses to indulge in pleasures of the heart. When she meets a man who makes her toes curl, she’s terrified of letting him hang around long enough for her to start caring about him.

All Alan wants is a chance, but the blonde beauty keeps putting a time limit on their relationship. He charmed his way into her bed, but now must convince her to let him into her heart.

Purchase Dear Annie HERE.

Wynter Daniels lives in Central Florida with her husband of more than twenty years and their two college age children. They are all the slaves of a very demanding cat. After careers in marketing and the salon industry, Wynter’s wicked prose begged to be set free. She has authored more than two dozen books for several publishers including Carina Press, Ellora’s CaveLoose Id and Red Sage.

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  1. Hi, I usually read advice columns though not always agree with the content but sometimes I find out many good advices out of advice columns:)

  2. Aretha – I don’t always agree with the advice, either, but usually it makes sense. It’s hard to see a situation objectively when you’re right int he middle of it!

  3. Hi Wynter! Welcome to Darker Temptations!

    I’ve never been a fan of advice columns. It’s because I’m oppositional-defiant. I don’t like being told what to do, even in the spirit of helpful advice, LOL

  4. Welcome to the blog, Wynter! I love advice columns but not for the answers, lol. I just love reading the off the wall questions people ask. Talk about fodder for writing. 🙂

  5. Danicaavet – too funny! I’ll have to remember that – oppositional-defiant!

    Thanks for having me, Katie! Yeah, I find the columns have awesome fodder;-)

  6. Hi, Wynter!! Congrats on the new book! Love the advice column plotline–fun!!

  7. Hi Cynthia. Thanks. I love the notion of someone doling out advice when they can’t get their own stuff together;-)

  8. Hey, Wynter! Congrats on the naughty new release 🙂

    I like some advice columns. I follow Dr. Ruth on Twitter (never know when she’ll give a good tip for an upcoming naughty book) and really enjoy what she has to say.

  9. Thanks, Callie. I love Dr. Ruth!

  10. Congratulations on your new book! I like reading advice columns. There are some interesting situations in need of advice.

  11. And interesting people, BN100! Thanks for stopping by.

  12. I used to read Dear Abby, but not Ann Landers. Mostly for laughs, because I was far too young to have the sorts of issues the writers needed help with. I was more interested in Heloise because her hints seemed so sensible.

  13. Terry – I remember my mother reading Heloise on occasion but my tastes ran to Dear Abby and her sister;-)

  14. Winners drawn! I’ve picked: danicaavet, Aretha Zhen and Callie. Please email to claim your prize! Thanks for the comments!

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