Eventful Week

Several things all happened at once yesterday and today.

1. I have a release date for my hot SFR novella called ENEMY MINE from Berkley – April 3rd. I have the cover. It rocks. What I do not have is clearance to post it publicly, yet. 😦  The moment I do, I swear, I will. Along with the back cover copy.

2. I hit the ‘send’ button on a submission to Carina Press just this morning. This is nerve wracking because I’m sending this blind – no one asked for the story – it’s going into the slush pile like everyone else, which is totally appropriate. It just sets off all of those insecurities about whether or not I’ve lost it and can’t actually write my way out of a wet paper bag. Given the rain squalls moving through Seattle right now, it’s not just the paper bag that’s wet.

But it’s the last thing that’s going to cut my post short. Yes, the third thing to happen was food poisoning. 😛 So, I’m taking the adult equivelent of a sippy cup filled with water(Starbucks reuseable cold drink cup with lid and straw!) and crawling back under the covers until this nonsense goes the heck away. You all be careful out there.

About Marcella Burnard

Author of fast-paced, action-packed SFR and Fantasy

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