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The Busy Week

Is anyone else dragging today? I mean, this time change stuff always kills me. Just when I’m used to it being near dawn when I wake up, we change things around and I’m staring at my windows waiting for the sun. *snort*

I’m looking at a very busy week so that means I absolutely have to find my energy. I’m spending two days training for my day job. It’s the most boring seminars I’ve ever been to, but I have to get recertified every year. Yeah, talk about something to look forward to! I get to sit in a room with a bunch of men talking about DOT (Department of Transportation) regulations and hazardous waste. Yay! Of course, if any of these guys really wanted to know about hazardous waste, they could visit the mechanic’s shop I went to over the weekend and peek in the bathroom. *shudders*

That’s Wednesday and Thursday. I get to sleep at home one night before I get back on the road to head out to Pensacola for the Silken Sand Conference. I’m looking forward to seeing writers I’ve met online and at other conferences, so that’ll be a fun way to end my week. I just wish I didn’t have the training classes first. I have this feeling I’m going to be zombified through the entire conference, but I’m hopeful that I’ll snap out of it the minute I hit Pensacola.

So there you have it. I’ve got a busy week staring me right in the face and I’m operating on barely any sleep. Maybe I can sneak a nap in the middle of class. No one will notice, right?

Oh and because I’m so in love with it, here’s the cover art for my upcoming release, Immortal Love:

It’s so pretty!! And it’ll be coming out sometime in April. Yay!

Happy Monday, folks!

Titanic Changes

If your head hasn’t been buried under a rock the last few years, you know the publishing industry is changing. Bookstores are disappearing and e-books are on the rise. For authors who have established their careers in traditional ways, the transition to e-only books may be a bit scary. For authors like me who are just starting out, e-books and e-readers are providing opportunities to reach readers without busting our backs (and our fingers) trying to claw our way into New York.

I have the same goal I had three years ago, when I hopped on the publishing train: write the best book I can, then hope and pray that the book gets bought by a Big 6 publisher for a traditional print run. I want to walk into Barnes and Noble, find my book on the shelves and hold it in my hands. Ah, the dream. It’s not too much to ask, right? Right…

But as new opportunities have come around, I’ve found myself jumping into the self-publishing pool. Last week (when I missed my blog post) I was busy publishing my erotic historical novella, ONE NIGHT TO REMEMBER.

I’ve had an obsession with the Titanic since 1988, when I read my first book on the subject and became determined to find out more. Since then, I’ve become an avid collector of everything Titanic. (I even have a chunk of coal that was brought up from the wreck site enclosed in a necklace—I’m wearing it now.)

Anyhow, it’s been my dream to write a book about the Titanic, and I simply didn’t have the time needed to sell it to a major publisher. The 100 year anniversary of the sinking is next month. I needed to publish this puppy *now*. I put everything I had into this novella. All my research, my emotions, my beliefs about why certain things played out the way they did…it’s all there.

If you’re interested in going back to Titanic for a bit (I always am), here’s the cover and blurb:

First class clothing designer Elizabeth Scott isn’t all that she appears. She may be elegant and poised on the outside, dining with the richest on the ship, but she’s hiding a dark secret within.

Thieves boarded the Titanic, too…

Officer Thomas McGuire is as honest as they come. Working to make a decent living on the ship of dreams, he can’t believe his eyes when the most striking lady he’s ever seen steals from another first class passenger. As the night goes on, Thomas must decide whether he plans to arrest or seduce Elizabeth and she’s not making it easy on him–the heat sparking between them is unlike anything they’ve ever known.

Time is running out…

The Titanic is sinking fast. Elizabeth has finally met a true gentleman–one who gazes upon her with total adoration yet fulfills her deepest fantasies. But being a gentleman means more than playing the stuffy part. Thomas insists on helping other passengers until the very end, even if that means going down with the ship.

In the fight for their lives, they just might find a love worth dying for.


If you’re interested, you can get your copy for .99 cents HERE.

And if you want to read some really cool facts about the Titanic, I’ve got information on my website:

Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe

Hi everyone,

Mr. Kellison here. Erin asked me to write up a quick post on her behalf, since she is currently in New York attending the PASIC conference. Now, I know what you’re thinking – the conference festivities don’t get started until tomorrow. Why is she there a day early? Well, my sources tell me that she is currently sequestered in a Super Secret Location in the city, holding a Super Secret Clandestine Meeting with fellow authors Jessa Slade and Laurie London. They are allegedly discussing a Super Secret New Project that they may or may not be working on together. I can’t give you any details yet, but I can tell you that they are all hopped up on way too much caffeine.

Erin will be back in person next time. In the meantime, please enjoy this pic of Times Square, courtesy of Laurie London.

Times Square

Guest Author Wynter Daniels

Please welcome guest author Wynter Daniels! Not only is she a talented author, she’s a dear friend and I’m so happy to have her here today!

First of all, big thanks to my friend Katie for inviting me to Darker Temptations today! I’ll be giving away a copy of my brand new release, Dear Annie to three commenters.

What do you think of advice columns?  I’m not a fan of those dealing with cleaning problems or auto maintenance, but I’ve always loved the ones that offer advice about life and love. They give a glimpse into the inner workings of some deep, dark problems—just the sort of stuff a writer harvests for use in creating flawed characters. I grew up reading Dear Abby and Ann Landers, soaking in the common sense. Often the solution was obvious, but many times it seemed the letter writer’s every option was terrible. Until the columnist applied a liberal dose of wisdom.

I recently had a situation in which I got to play advice guru. A friend told me about her sister, who complained every year about her birthday gift. This year, the birthday girl actually had the gall to send back the gift! My friend asked me what I would do. So I helped her compose a note to inform the sister that they should refrain from exchanging birthday gifts from now on and instead, send a thoughtful card and have a phone conversation. My friend loved the idea and even suggested I start an online advice column. I don’t think I’ll be going that far, but at least I did help one person!

What do you think of advice columns? Do you read them? Do you usually agree with the advice they dole out?

Sex advice columnist Dear Annie—aka Suzanne—shuns relationships after growing up in a dysfunctional family. She takes care of her sisters and her mother but refuses to indulge in pleasures of the heart. When she meets a man who makes her toes curl, she’s terrified of letting him hang around long enough for her to start caring about him.

All Alan wants is a chance, but the blonde beauty keeps putting a time limit on their relationship. He charmed his way into her bed, but now must convince her to let him into her heart.

Purchase Dear Annie HERE.

Wynter Daniels lives in Central Florida with her husband of more than twenty years and their two college age children. They are all the slaves of a very demanding cat. After careers in marketing and the salon industry, Wynter’s wicked prose begged to be set free. She has authored more than two dozen books for several publishers including Carina Press, Ellora’s CaveLoose Id and Red Sage.

Quick Post About “Read an EBook Week”

Hello everyone! I’m soooo sorry to be cutting in on a day that isn’t mine but I wanted all of you to know this week is “Read an EBook Week”. Some of the wonderful epublishers are celebrating by offering the first book in a series for FREE.

Head on over to:

For a limited time you can download my first book in my series, Riding Double. Not only are they offfering those titles for free but they are running all titles at 10% off. This week only you can get all three of my titles in my series for less than $4.50 !! Come celebrate “Read an EBook Week”

Here is the link to go straight to my titles and the following is a link for a list of participating publishers!


Isn’t This How You Got Started?

Go ahead. Watch the video. I’ll wait. It’s Nathan Fillion. What more do you need?

It made me chuckle, because I used to do this. Okay. Not with superhero undies, much less with Sam Daly, Tim Daly, Nathan Fillion or Michael Rosenbaum, more’s the pity.

No. My ‘pretend to be someone else’ sessions revolved around spaceships, pirates, and villians threatening to destroy entire planetary systems. School playgrounds became war-torn solar systems. In our story, my friend was my long-lost older brother – a goodie-two-shoes in a military officer’s uniform. He was an excellent shot. My character had grown up on the streets. She was a dangerous, cunning street thug who preferred throwing knives to shooting guns. She only missed when she MEANT to miss.  My spaceship was a lethal little fighter modeled on a shark. His spaceship was a larger battle cruiser he had command of. Naturally, we had to join forces to battle back the bad guys, but the conflict between the siblings was intense (when we weren’t rolling around laughing at some bizarre plot twist one of us had suggested to the other).

We might not have been dressed in superhero undies, but we did build Lego blasters for ourselves. With holsters. And communicators. When high school creative writing assignments called, we each of us mined our collective storyline and usually garnered pretty decent grades from our stories. It is entirely possible that this is how the story writing bug bit me. I had to start writing down our episodes as we played them.

Then, one day, something happened. I graduated and went off to acting school. My friend joined the military, got married, and had kids. We stopped getting to see one another as often. I began writing with an eye to publication. But that shared world we’d built never went away. My friend retired from the military a bit ago. I flew out to join in the party. He still has his Lego gun. So do I. There is something to be said for the quality of a friendship that allows two people to take on another persona and run around deserted playgrounds having shootouts with invisible space pirates.

All those episodes we’d played out? I have them. Safe in a paper file. Waiting for the day that the characters demand that I get the rest of their story down on paper so someone else can see it.

How about you? What were the stories that you played? What do you STILL play?

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