First loves…

Some years back, I was house/dogsitting for a work friend and I caught a pretty bad flu. My husband couldn’t even sleep in the same bed because any movement would… be very alarming (enough said). So while I tried to breathe as shallowly as possible to survive the day, my husband searched the room’s bookshelf and found a whole lotta paperback romances. He selected Honor’s Splendour by Julie Garwood, which became my first romance. (Full disclosure: before that time I think I had read one category romance, but it had been stripped. More on that book in another post.)

Anyway, I was so sick the first day of the Dread Flu that I couldn’t even hold the book myself. My husband did the sweetest thing, worthy of a romance—he read it aloud to me. I hung on every single word, not just to save my life (which I was sure was coming to an end), but because I’d never encountered a book that put all the good bits right up front, instead of burying them in a subplot.

The hero’s name was Duncan, and he will forever have my husband’s voice. It’s one of my all-time faves.

After the first hell day passed, I was able to read by myself to pass the time. I conquered a few more of her Garwoods, and as I already had an interest in writing fiction, soon after I attempted my first romance, a medieval. I didn’t get very far into it (I think it opened with the heroine trying to escape the invading Normans). But secretly, one day I hope to go back and write the story. I’ll have to name the hero Matthew.

What was your first romance?

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  1. I. Love. Julie Garwood’s historical romances. In fact, I think I reread Honor’s Splendour a couple of months ago because I loved it that much.

    My very first romance was a Harlequin. My aunt gave me about 500 of them she got from her neighbor and that’s when I discovered my love for romance. I was 13. I can’t remember what that author’s name was, but it was about a sheik and a gymanist. There was no looking back after that.

  2. Probably Johanna Lindsay, another historical writer; but I found a Julie Garwood one day when going through a second hand bookstore and the owner said: you will love them. She was so right!!!

  3. I really can’t remember who wrote the first romance I read but I know it was a book written sometime in either the late 1970’s or 1980’s….

  4. I love Honor’s Splendour!! Such a great book. 😉

  5. I couldn’t remember the title at first, I had to sit for a few moments as the characters and story line unfolded in my mind. It was Moontide Embrace by Constance O’Banyon. It was a historical romance I read when I was 14. Which some 20 years later still sits on my bookshelf as it still is a favorite. They don’t make them like that anymore, with the underage sex and all.

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