Greetings from Chicago

I’m at the Romantic Times Book Lover’s convention this week. I’m giving away goodies and partying with my fellow readers and writers. I’m also celebrating the release of my first attempt at an erotica novella.

It was a priority-two alert for beautiful Commander Cashel Khaleize: a contract put out on the life of Xiao Zhong. Professionally, Xiao was the Captain she reported to. Personally, he was man she desired. But as female Guild Assassin Mekise Tollenga closes in, Xiao wonders if even Cashel can be trusted with his safety. And with a tenuous bond between them, Cashel wonders how far she’s willing to go to earn that trust.

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Yes. The rumor is true. I wrote this on a bit of a dare – I’d bet a critique partner that I couldn’t write a sexy story. She bet that I could. So here it is. If this sort of thing is your cup of tea, give it a shot and let me know who won the bet. Kidding. I’ve already bought her the drink I owed her for this one.

If you’re in Chicago, come see me Saturday at the book signing – it is open to the public – you need not be registered for the conference. I know all of the authors in the signing would love to see every single person who comes through the door. I have glow in the dark bug bands for the first several (we’re talking thirty or forty) people who stop in to say hi. Yes. The bug band are ridiculous. But they’re cute…my twelve year old niece says so. <G>

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  1. Love the cover and the premise! And kinda funny, I just contracted for an especial w/ Penguin with the same title, lol! Very different premise and world but still…I have a feeling we’ll be changing that title before publication now 🙂 Hope you’re having fun at RT!

    • Oh no! This was not the title I subbed with – though this title does make sense for this story. The funnier thing was that when this title came up, the person who’d suggested it wasn’t familiar with the movie of the same name.

      As for RT – we are having fun! I even got to say hello to fellow Darker Temptations blogger, Cynthia Eden, at the Samhain party. 🙂 We are missing the rest of you, though.

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