Hero Up!!

I saw THE AVENGERS over the weekend. Oh. Wow. I don’t know that words can express just how much I loved that movie. It had it all. Action. Adventure. Sexy men (and a sexy lady) saving the day. Good times. A giant hulk. Thor.

What I loved most about the movie was that all of the heroes were so distinct.

Ironman is the guy with all of the catchy comebacks. He’s a playboy (somewhat reformed now that he’s with his lady). You know he’ll jump right in, not really stopping to think about caution. He’s the wild one.

Then there’s Captain America. Always playing by the rules. Being the “good” guy. I’m not sure he even knows what a playboy is. He talks with respect to ladies, he follows a strong code of honor, and he’s the old-fashioned type.

Next up? Thor. His speech is formal, sometimes confused, but he’s big, he’s sexy, and he could tell me anything, and I’d be excited. 😉 Thor has strong ties to family. He’s a warrior who enjoys a good time, and he laughs at battle. A little crazy, maybe? But he’s crazy cool.

Then we have Bruce Banner. In Bruce form, he’s a bit reserved, quiet, withdrawn. He’s smart, but not flashy. Kind of a nerd type. But when he gets angry…then he’s a giant beast who likes to smash things. And is anything wrong with a good smashing time?

These were my four favorite heroes from the movie. Sure, there are plenty of other heroes that I enjoy (Superman springs immediately to mind), but I’m curious…which heroes do you like? What makes them so special for you?

About Cynthia Eden

Cynthia Eden writes paranormal romances and romantic suspense novels. Her publishers include Kensington Brava and Harlequin Intrigue. More information about her work may be found at: www.cynthiaeden.com

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  1. jovialvampyre

    Even though our eldest is an extra in the film and is on screen for about 5 to 7 mins I have yet to go see it :(. Was going to go Sunday but then hubs trumped my trip.
    To answer your question Thor is my favorite hero at the moment. He has all of my favorite characteristics in a guy – Bad boy, gorgeous, built, funny, strong, intelligent, warrior, kind and loyal. I also love Hell Boy, see above ;).

  2. jovialvampyre

    He’s about 5’9″ with dark blond hair but he’s a valet so you won’t see it. This is a copy of what he sent me.
    I’m in part of a maybe a 5-7 minute
    scene about 30 min.s into the film. In “Germany.”

    I’m in a couple shots near the end of the scene kneeling and running
    around, but I couldn’t pick myself out of the quick cuts and action.
    And the camera’s really tight on a few shots that must have cropped
    out about 50 people left and right.

    You CAN see me plain as day in the opening 1-2 seconds of this scene
    though, if you know where to look. There’s an exterior shot of a
    museum (terminal tower) with cars arriving at a red carpet. I’m at the
    front of the carpet greeting these cars (dressed as a valet). Near the
    bottom of the screen, center. I am the only valet, so if you’re
    looking at the right spot- that’s me!

  3. Great recap of the movie. I wasn’t sure if I was going to see it, but everyone is saying how much they love it. I just might have to go. The questions now is to go 3D or not. 🙂

    I have yet to see the Captain America, but I’ve heard it shouldn’t matter too much.

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