Gypsy Boaters

Laugh all you like, those of you who’ve endured a summer of unending heat, misery and drought. The National Weather Service posted an ‘excessive heat advisory’ for the Seattle area for the next three days.

It’s going to hit 90.

Yeah, yeah. Like I said. Laugh. Just remember, rain and 50 degrees we know. Sunny and hot? Not so much. Precious few houses and only newer businesses have air conditioning in this region. So when the mercury rises, we get creative.

The boat has lots of windows. 95% of the year, this is to our advantage. We get great solar gain (lots of heat from the sun shining in). Let the temps outside rise above 85, though, and we turn into a solar-powered sauna. Not wanting to bake the cats (or ourselves) we have to block that sun before it gets into the boat.

In this photo, you can count three towels and one bed sheet covering as much of the glass as possible (this pic includes countless clothes pins, too). The back of the boat is similarly festooned with every pale fabric I can get my hands on.

We seriously look like some itinerant gypsy boat cobbled together with bed sheets and bamboo clothes pins. So far, it’s working. It’s cool inside. It helps that on the water, there’s always a breeze blowing.

Naturally, after all the work I’ve done to keep the boat from turning into a floating Easy Bake Oven, where do the cats go to snooze?

The hottest part of the boat – the cockpit. That’s Autolycus lounging. And that’s the burning hot sun creeping up on his tailless butt.

Here I thought I was so clever at keeping my family from broiling. Silly me.

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Author of fast-paced, action-packed SFR and Fantasy

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