Welcome to My World…

Does this picture have anything to do with this blog? Not really. But isn’t he pretty?

There are a few things you should know about me before I do the introduction. Here we go:

1.  I hate writing about myself in third person. It’s like I’m writing my own eulogy! So, so uncomfortable…
2.  I’m a bit scatterbrained. Yes, it’s true. I think. I can’t really remember.
3.  I think I was born on the wrong country. I should have been born in Scotland.
4.  I love love. I think every heroine deserves a hero, and vice versa.
5.  I love bad boys. Period. Rawr!

Now, down to the good stuff.

Hi! My name is Denise Tompkins and I write urban fantasy, paranormal romance and (coming soon!) contemporary romance. I’m a complete and total Anglophile, wishing that I lived anywhere in the British Isles. Many of my stories involve Celtic mythology or are set in some way in the British Isles. I’ve a serious love affair going on with those countries. It’s a sickness, really. I want to go on vacation there, but my husband is afraid (and rightly so) that I won’t come home. Moving on…

I live in the heart of the South. I’m in the country and less than 30 minutes from the city. It’s a great balance. I’ve lived all over and this is easily one of my favorite places. The other was Washington State. Um, rainy, green…did I mention that obsession with the British Isles? Oh, good. Anyway, I live in a great little house that’s filled with fish, parrots and dogs. I want a cat, but I think my husband has drawn the line. I’m wondering if I ask for a pony he might see the cat as a little less imposing. Hm…I may have just hatched Evil Plan #244,865. And just think — you were here to witness its birth! I’m pony shopping once I’m done here.

Seriously, though, I’m an avid reader, photographer and flower lover. Travel is a serious passion, but I’m limited in what I can do so I make the best of every opportunity I have. I’m owned by a very adorable bullmastiff who could gold medal in sleep if it was an Olympic sport. I also have a wonderful mutt, three parrots and two fish, Lucky and Unlucky. The only wat to tell them apart is this: whoever dies first is Unlucky.

Writing is such a huge part of my life. I love it passionately. It’s so validating to know that the stories I love are shared with readers who fall in the love with characters and like to talk about them with me. I have the very best fans in the whole world. They are so amazing, whether they’re new or established with my books, I’m so incredibly thankful for each and everyone of them.

I’m giving away a little bundle of goodies for one lucky commenter! You’ll win your choice of Legacy (print or e-book) or Wrath (e-book only), a keychain, a pen, and some Samhain goodies (my choice). Make sure you comment and spread the word!

I’d love to encourage you to read any of the authors on the blog. Each of them has a unique voice and distinct story-telling style. Regardless, I wish you many years of happy reading!

Buy Legacy by clicking the title (new window will open in Amazon)
Buy Wrath by clicking the title (new window will open in Amazon)

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  1. HI Denise, Glad to meet another Anglophile. I’ve lived in London and Cardiff and would go back in a heart beat although its Scotland that draws my heart. And that’s nothing compared to what a Scottish accent does to my libido. Yowza.

  2. I too would love to got to Scotland. It one of the prettiest countries (based on the pictures I’ve seen). And their accent! I’m new to your books so I’m definitely checking them out. Thanks for the giveaway!


  3. Stunning picture! I, too, would love to visit Scottland if I ever get the chance (…or I might have to make the chance if one doesn’t present itself – lol). I’m a huge urban fantasy and paranormal fan. I’ll be sure to check out your books.

    Reading the blurb…you had me at dragon shifter. I put it on my wishlist and found out that you were already there. lol Must be fate!

  4. Hi Sabrina!
    YOU *LIVED* THERE??? I’m just gobsmacked. ;o) Whew, I’d be a wreck. All those accents and proximity to my man, Sam Bond? I’d die. (And probably end up stalking him. Why lie?) LOL It’s nice to meet you! And yes, those accents? Forget the kilts, they need to wonder what *I’m* not wearing!

    It really is beautiful. I have a friend who’s British and her husband Scots. I told him I’m an accent whore and made him read a recipe to me. Oh, yum. Whatever it was (remember, I’m scatterbrained?) has never, ever sounded so good.

    I love that picture. Makes me think very, very impure thoughts. I hope you’ll enjoy my books. I really do love that I was on your wishlist. That *TOTALLY* made my day. No joke! Feels so, so good to an author to know they’re “wanted.” Does a lot for our fragile egos. :o)

    So nice to meet y’all!

  5. Dragons! I LOVE dragons and I love that they are making a comeback. And dragons in romance? Fabulous.
    I too love the British Isles. One of MU dream trips would be to find a little cottage outside a small village somewhere near a loch, in the Highlands, and live there for a summer. Sigh. ;D
    Thanks for the contest!

  6. Hi Denise,
    I love the names of your fish! LOL


    • Thank you, Jan! I’m pretty sure one of them is moving toward unlucky, but I’m treating him and hopefully he swims straight again someday. 🙂 Fingers crossed.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I’m an anglophile, too! I’ve been to England and would love to go back. I keep promising myself I will. Maybe if I stop going to so many conferences I could, LOL.

    And I don’t think I need to say anything but “mm, mm, good” in reference to Mr. Naked’s bitable butt, do I?

  8. Hi Olivia!
    I love dragons too! I have a really cool pic on my Pinterest page (http://pinterest.com/pin/184366178466699144/) that I adore. It’s an itty bitty dragon! But I’m glad to see them making a comeback too. I love that their mythology is so flexible too. It gives so much room to play. Love it!

    And I think we’re sharing the same dream. Nothing would make me happier than to spend an extended amount of time in the Highlands, renting a little thatch-roofed cottage near a loch and just BE. I’d be hard-pressed to write anything, though. I think I’d want to see *everything* and that inhibits the writing. But if I lived there, the pressure of a visit. Hm. Evil plan #243,003 just hatched. (You guys are bad for me…or my husband.) 😀

    Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Hi Danica!

    I swear–youandIarelikethis. It’s so weird to meet someone with so much in common! I want to hear about your trip to England! Was it awesome? (I wrote a long, long answer, but somehow it didn’t get posted. I’m having some fits with the replies.)

    But the “mm, hm good” reference came through loud and clear. Bite away, my friend. And you’re welcome. Wait for my next post. 😉


    • I was thinking the same thing! The whole youandIarelikethis comment. I’ll have to tell you about England when I’ve had a few drinks. It’s gorgeous, of course and very green. Like the kind of green you see in the technicolor version of Wizard of Oz and there were sheep in the road. SHEEP. In. The. Road! Okay, I’ll tell you more later 😉

  10. woooo Dragons? Did someone say dragons? Fabulous!!! I know some of these authors and some of you are totally new to me!! I never miss an opportunity to swing by and say hi to an author!! HI!! 🙂 I love traveling too but I haven’t gotten as far in my travels as I would have liked, I sometimes wonder if everyone feels that way! Great posts everybody!! It was nice to meet you and read about your stuff!!!

  11. Hi Nikki!

    It’s great to meet you too! Yeah, I’m a huge fan of dragons. I’m considering two new tattoos. I’ve got an African tree frog climbing my hip now, and I want to add a Celtic symbol for luck and either a dragon or dragonfly. 🙂 Chinese mythology says that every time a dragonfly lands on you, you’re going to have 7 years of good luck. Can’t hurt to carry one around on me, can it? 😉

    I’m so glad you’ve had a chance to stop by and meet some new authors. There’s some amazing talent on this roster! (It can be a little intimidating!)

    Good luck in the contest,

  12. Hi Denise! I love your evil plan! I would love to go to the British Isles, if only to see if there are actually sexy highlanders with kilts and rock hard…uh…abs 🙂 Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  13. Yes, he is very pretty indeed. I have Great Britain on my travel wish list.

    Poor Unlucky – I had to laugh.

  14. Hi, Denise! Thank you for that delicious picture! How did you know that is my favorite part of a man (to look at)??? 😉
    I have never been

  15. Sorry, comment cut short. Darn phone!
    Anyway…I have never been overseas, though I plan to go at some point.
    Cute names for your pets. I don’t own any, but have children instead. Lol.
    You are a new to me author, so I am going to check out your books.
    PNR is my favorite genre. 😉
    Thank you for sharing and for the opportunity to read one of your stories.
    Trb0917 at gmail.com

  16. Great evil plan. I agree with it whole-heartedly. I would love to travel to Scotland to find some hot, sexy Highlanders.


  17. LOL! I love the way you think, Elizabeth! I’m all about sexy Highlanders. Mm, mm good. I adore that brogue. (sigh) Good luck in the giveaway!

    Hi Mary. 🙂 Unlucky’s swimming a little better today, not so lopsided. I’m hoping he recovers. I hate having Tidy Bowl funerals. It’s so sad.

    Hi Tina! I love being owned by all my animals. If they’d only get jobs, keeping them in groceries would be MUCH easier! I’m glad you enjoy PNR. I hope that, should you decide to pick up one of my books, you’ll find you enjoy it. I love Legacy, but Wrath is my favorite so far. (Though I’m not sure I’m supposed to say that!)

    Hi Joanne. I’m all about finding those hottie Scotties. I adore them, down to the last man. I just want them to talk to me, to say things I only half understand. (sigh) Such pretties they are. 🙂

    Thanks to all of you for your comments!

  18. Hard to get past that picture! YUMMY 😉 Looking forward to checking out your books and your upcoming paranormals (my faves).

    • Thanks, June! I hope you enjoy the books. My UF are romance-heavy, but still driven by plot and character growth. Book one is fun, book two my favorite. 🙂 It’s just a “thing” I can’t help. I love that story so much. (Secret? Book three is my favorite of the three, though. The heroine has really found her feet.)

      Thanks for the comment!

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