In the Upper Left Hand Corner

Good morning from the upper left hand coast of the USA where the sun has yet to peak over the bluff to the east of us. I’m Marcella. I’m in Seattle with my husband and four cats. Yes, the rumor is true. We do live aboard a sailboat year round.

  1. If ever we meet, I will know the names of your pets long before I know your name.
  2. I love conspiracy theories – good, bad, indifferent – I love the what if factor.
  3. Closely related to this, I adore science – yes, I stayed up until all hours watching the Mars Curiosity landing. Yes. I cried.
  4. I’ll watch science shows and read science books until I’m blue. This fact, combined with number 2 above means that I have seen and read some of the most spurious science available. (Most science books are quite good, but boy, there’s some real questionable stuff out there and when TV gets hold of science…just double check the facts before tucking them into a book.) HOWEVER. I will maintain that for my purposes, spurious science is almost as good as the reliable stuff. Because, again, it’s all about possibilities for me.
  5. I’m a tea snob – my first babysitter when I was a kid was British. She taught me to appreciate a stout cup of tea. I’ve never strayed.
  6. My final secret – tell no one, I think my confession is prosecutable in Seattle – I loathe coffee. Smells great, tastes like something that could replace battery acid.

I write science fiction romance for Berkley Sensation, though recently, I’ve branched out with a few submissions in UF and in straight fantasy. There’s even an erotica out there (Enemy Mine – an e-special novella).  My dad was in the Air Force. So I was born in Alaska then lived in: Nevada, Arkansas, Iceland, Idaho, California, Washington state, Nevada again, then back to Washington state, which is where my heart lies – although my heart would really, really like to give Hawaii a shot. I’ve developed a fondness for warm.

Both my husband and I love sailing. Our cats don’t. We spent five months last year cruising the Inside Passage (between the mainland of British Columbia and Vancouver Island). Just FYI: cats do get sea sick. Turns out, if the conditions are icky enough, so do I. We won’t be sailing around the world. Dealing with the realities of piloting a boat, dealing with ship’s systems and handling emergencies on the water find their way into my science fiction. I’m all about heroines I hope are smart and tough. I like putting them in horrible situations with no seeming possible happy ending, then I throw a bright, equally tough hero right in the path just to make things all the more difficult.

I, too, have a prize pack to offer – your pick of either of my novels: Enemy Within or Enemy Games, or if you prefer, the e-only erotica novella Enemy Mine and a $10 Amazon Gift card. Leave a comment telling me where *your* lies in the world – whether you live there or not! We’ll draw prizes beginning October 15th. BE SURE TO LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDY!! If you win, we actually want to be able to contact you.

About Marcella Burnard

Author of fast-paced, action-packed SFR and Fantasy

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  1. My heart lies in the tropics – I was born in Puerto Rico and then moved to the St. Louis area ..and I really miss where I was born for the weather, the food and even a little bit of the culture – though really I think I would be “at home” wherever my family is. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  2. Hi Marcella! *jan waving*

    Awesome that you live on a sailboat. I find that intriguing…that sure is one way of keeping the cats from straying. lolol I love conspiracy theories too! *high five*
    My heart lies in Prince Edward Island – Canada. I’ve been there only twice in my life, but there’s just something about that island that tugs on my heart strings.


  3. Hi Marcella,

    I’ve been two Seattle twice and absolutely fell in love with the city. The first time I was there it was over 80 degrees out the entire time and I didn’t see a drop a rain, the second I spent the week battling the elements to stay upright. I wholeheartedly enjoyed both experiences! My heart, however, lies in California. There’s something about the heat, the ocean and the mountains all in one place. I can’t describe the feeling, but that’s home to me.


  4. My heart lies on the coast of New Jersey, specifically in Cape May with its funky little shops and quaint old houses, and Wildwood Crest with it’s wonderful beaches.
    Thanks for the great giveaway.


  5. I still get a kick out of your cats living on a boat. I can’t get mine to ride in the car without freaking out 🙂

    Great to have you back, Marcella!

  6. I am with you on the coffee. I do love the smell of it, and have often wished that I could enjoy it during the cold months of winter, but the taste makes me sick. No matter how much sugar and creamer I add to it, lol. The weird thing is that I did like it when I was a kid.
    I too am amazed that your cats like living on a boat. I guess it just depends on what they are used to. My cat used to go “fishing” for frogs that got into my pool, lol.

  7. forgot my email: manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com

  8. My heart lives at the beach. I love the ocean and envy you so so much for getting to live on a boat!! Sadly since my husband can’t swim we likely will never do that lol.

    lindsayavalon (at) gmail (dot) com

  9. I love that you live on a boat…with cats!

    My heart lies with traveling. I love to travel. I do enjoy coming home, but the thrill of discovery is always a lure for me to get out.

    Stacey_dvn (at) yahoo (dot) com

  10. The boat is awesome. You’ve always got a story up your sleeve. My yours is where my heart is at the moment as I find what I need changes at different stages of my life. My dream is to be near water but I have yet to achieve it but I’m still working on it.

  11. I’m no sailor, so the sea is not for me.

    I love the coast though. Sitting on the headland with a storm coming in.


  12. I like the fact that you live on a sailboat, plus have cats on it too. M heart lies with northeastern Ohio. Ohio was where I was born and grew up . I live now in Tennessee, which I like very much. But there are times that I miss Ohio, besides missing spending time with my family especially my mom.

  13. Wow, living on a sailboat, so not for me. A ferry makes me feel queasy;). I’m a tea snob too, but then I grew up in England. Certain things never leave you;).

  14. You are brave. 🙂
    I have gotten sea sick before and it is no fun, especially on a fishing boat. Lol. I think it is wonderful that you have been to so many places. Since you are developed a fondness of warmer weather, you would love it where I live. I live in Southwest Florida, actually the furthest south that you can go on the western coast. I grew up in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, so this was a drastic change for me. I have been here about 10 years now and LOVE it!! I would not move back to the cold weather. 😉
    The smell of coffee is one of my favorites. I actually really enjoy the taste too, though I like tea also.
    trb0917 at

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