Misa Buckley ~ Intro & Giveaway

Hey there I’m Misa Buckley, writer of speculative romance, sci fi geek, cover artist and crafter of crafty things (that’s precise, isn’t it?). I’m based in Manchester, UK, where I was born and raised. I’m wife to a Land Rover obsessed manchild, mum to five children and adoptive mum to a bonkers American Bulldog.

I begin writing back in 1999, penning fanfic as a way to keep myself sane. Nothing as long as That Book, sadly, though I am tempted to put stuff up and bag myself a publishing deal *wry* In 2007, I was challenged by a friend to write an original story for NaNoWriMo. I didn’t get 50,000 words but I did discover that I could create my own worlds and characters. As a sci fi geek, I started with that genre but added paranormal, urban fantasy and Steampunk. Basically I like writing anything with a touch of weirdness, heh.

I wrote IRONHAVEN early 2011 for a submission call. It was rejected by that publisher, but I immediately sent it out again, this time getting a contract from Decadent Publishing. It was released July 2011 and I was suddenly a Published Author.

After IRONHAVEN, I wrote an erotic sci fi romance – PARADIGM SHIFT – which was published on my blog on a weekly basis. Earlier this year, I put it all together, had it edited and self-published. Sales haven’t been stellar, but it was an interesting experiment and I learned a lot about what it takes to get a story from one’s hard drive and onto Amazon.

2012 has seen another release, through Champagne Books this time, of something that I swore I’d never write – a vampire novel. However, the vampires in ELEANOR’S HEART are different from the usual fare. No, they don’t sparkle. EH was also my first venture into Steampunk and I loved writing it. It’s like historicals but without all the research *snerk*

The rest of 2012 has been spent writing. I’ve had three more novella’s contracted – TIN CAT (out March 2013), BAYNE (May) and the first in the ARCHANGEL trilogy (August) – and I’m currently working on my first full-length novel.

When I’m not writing (which is rare), I’m either catching up on my favourites TV shows; Castle, Warehouse 13 and Once Upon A Time, or knitting doll clothes for my littlest. I also enjoy baking and crafting things for my home.

And now to the bit of this post you’ve been waiting for – the giveaway! I’m giving one commenter two copies of any e-book from my backlist, in whichever format they want. In the meantime, please check out my blog and follow me on Twitter (I apologise in advance for the randomness of that! LOL)

About Misa

Endlessly creative crafter with a particular love for crochet.

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  1. Welcome to the blog, Misa! I’m with you about research for historicals!

  2. Great post. I heard Once Upon A Time is great. I’ve read the graphic novels – Fables – which is the same premise of storybook characters exiled from their land and living in NYC! Great series.

  3. My family just started watching Once Upon a Time via Netflix and we’re loving it so far. As a fan of fairy tales (duh), I’m excited about it. 🙂 I love the way you describe your writing as “anything with a touch of weird”. *high five* I applaud that!

  4. Hi Misa,

    Your post has just reminded me that I’ve yet to watch any Castle so far yet this season, I need to get on that! Thanks for that and welcome. 🙂

  5. Misa! *waves at fellow Brit* I am utterly amazed that you manage to get any writing done with the dog you have to look after…well, him and the kids;). I love Warehouse 13 and Castle, although I’m a little disappointed with the new Castle season so far. Congratulations on your contracts. Great work.

  6. Hi Misa,

    Welcome to Darker Temptations! Your books are on my TBB list. I’ll have to check out those tv shows you mentioned. Huggers!

  7. Hi Misa. I am totally a sci fi geek as well and spent a lot of time in Manchester. I had a boyfriend who lived there while I lived in Cardiff and we commuted every other weekend on the regional rail for two years. Glad to be hanging with you here on the blog.

  8. Yeah! Another crafter 🙂 And a Steampunker to boot! I can’t say I hate the research involved in writing historicals since it’s one of my favorite parts, but it sure is fun to twist the history to be able to let your characters have their heads…I love that LOL!

  9. Welcome Misa. I love Once Upon a Time. I think it’s a fun series. Your books sound fantastic. I put them on my wishlist.

  10. Welcome to the blog! I will have to check out your books.

  11. Your books look great! Looks like you will have a busy year coming up. I love those shows, plus Grimm, Supernatural, Bedlam, Haven, and a few more. *rolls eyes* It’s a wonder I get anything done. lol Welcome to the blog!

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