Viki Lyn’s Dark Side ~ Intro and Giveaway

Hi All! I’m one of the new members of Darker Temptations. And well, this post is to introduce myself ~ so hello! I’m very glad to be here among such wonderful and talented authors.

Okay, I have lots of bad habits that I’m not proud of, but hey, I’ve lived this long and I refuse to give up certain things. Like coffee and dessert.

What you should know about me is I can get ugly in the morning if I don’t have a strong cup of coffee (at least that’s what my husband claims!). I have two coffee machines – Nespresso for rich, dark espresso and my Cusinart (K-cups) for when I want a large American cup of joe. I need two machines for back-up! At the moment, my favorite K-cups are Barista Prima’s Italian Roast and Coffee People’s Black Tiger and for my Nespresso capsules, I’m hooked on Roma and Ristretto and Livanto. (See an Italian theme here. *g*)

On my last trip I took pictures of every cappuccino I’d tasted, my favorite at a  cafe in Budapest. Dessert was also stellar!

Every morning except Sunday, I do two crossword puzzles that are featured in our morning paper. I’m hoping it’ll prevent me from losing my marbles but so far, I’m still forgetful. And, I do them in pencil, not ink, because I evidently put down the wrong answers.

I don’t exercise on a regular basis and I’m a Weight Watcher’s lifer. I’m always yoyo’ing up and down five to ten pounds, never one to stay on an even keel. Keeping track of points usually will help me slim down when I get overly obsessed on desserts.

Which brings me to my other obsessions desserts and travel. (Not in any particular order.) I’ve been on some incredible trips and seen many mystical and ancient sites. The Egyptian temples far surpassed my imagination and history books, stunning in their proportion and beauty. I’ll never forget the impact of seeing hundreds of hieroglyphics carved into the temple walls. It was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen, that it literally took my breath away. Clichy as that sounds, it’s true!

Another interesting country was Malta which has several prehistoric World Heritage sites. The Hypogeum is one of the an awesome sites – an underground temple/graveyard carved from rock and dedicated to the Sleeping Goddess.

As with any life experience, my travels have seeped into my stories. So what do I write? I’m the author of male/male romances ranging from hot to scorching.

Lately I’ve been on a paranormal kick. My stories tend to bleed into what I coin para/fantasy. My settings are mostly imaginary worlds with some bit of truth to them. I take impressions from my travels, historical references and mythology and mix them up. My vampires series Chances is taken from Slavic mythology and cosmology and features Kresniks, a species of vampire slayers not so unlike the enemy they fight. My new angel/Protector series had references to Catholic angel and demonology and the celestial settings are reminiscent of Greek and Roman architecture and city planning.

My books are an eclectic mix of stories. I love writing about ‘other worlds’ that exist only in my imagination, but I also love a simple love story.

Woodland Village Series

Book 1 – Blue Skye:   After years apart, two childhood friends are reunited – but lives change, people make choices… As they struggle to find common ground for friendship, Skye will not settle for less than love but Drew isn’t ready to face his greatest fear. ‘A’ reviews for all three Woodland Village books on Man Oh Man Reviews! Blue Skye received an A++!

Book 2 – Ryan’s Harbor: One-night stands and pretty women don’t seem to give Ryan that buzz that it once did. When he meets his architect, Martin Pierson, there’s a deep connection that goes beyond friendship. As they cross the barrier into love, Ryan must decide how much he’s willing to change to keep hold of Martin’s heart.

Book 3 – John’s Match: Fantasy writer Scott Marwick just might be John’s financial savior if John can convince Scott to sign over the character rights for a new computer game. John befriends Scott for one purpose — to get him to sign — never planning on falling in love. When John shatters Scott’s trust, Scott must learn to forgive or else move on.

Contemporary Stand-Alones

Lover’s Trill: Let the musical magic of Vienna weave a second chance at love. Rocker Leo needs a break. From the band, roadies, everything related to his present life. Wandering the streets of Vienna, he chances upon a poster that just might change his life.

Perceived Love: Short story coming in December at Musa Publishing

Out of Bounds:  After meeting artist Chandler Stowe, Titan Douglas must determine what his heart truly longs for – and if he is willing to walk away from all he holds dear to make the ultimate grand gesture for love. 5 Ravens and a Recommended Read by Kathy and 5 Star review from Jessewaves!


Angel/Protectors: Coming this fall from Ellora’s Cave: Sins of Lust – a new paranormal story set in the fantasy world of Caelestia and Taelestia – angels and Protector’s heavenly cities.

Vampire series:

Book 1 – Last Chance:  Can a seriously smart almost-vampire find love with a seriously sexy jock bent on stripping him of his polo shirt and his secret? Rainbow Award Winner for Best Paranormal

Book 2 – Fighting Chance:  A vampire, Johan’s chance to regain his humanity is a dream come true. If he only could get his slayer bodyguard to trust him, he knows their attraction could be love. But it will take more than sex to give he and Corbin a fighting chance. You Gotta Read rating on You Gotta Read Reviews

Book 1 – For the Bite of It:  A vampire, a cupcake, plus one sexy cop is a recipe for trouble! Vincent Esposito is a vampire exiled from his people for a crime he didn’t commit. Now the owner of a cupcake bakery in Arizona, he spends his days baking and making sure not to draw attention to himself. But when a car crashes through his plate-glass window, the driver, dead, in walks one handsome cop into his life.

Book 2 – coming soon!

Shape Shifter series:

Book 1 – The Tiger Within:  When shape shifter Le Tigre steals a kiss from Jack in a dark alley, he knows he’s found his khalid, his life mate. But the enhanced soldier hates his blatant homosexuality. Can the tiger snare his prey or will the soldier elude him for eternity?

Book 2 – The Hunter Within: The super soldier yearns to be a normal man with normal sexual desires.  The only way is to stamp out the passion he feels for his French tiger. Antoine goes on the prowl to capture Jack’s heart once and for all. It’s a game of keeps.

Contest: I will giveaway a digital ebook – winner’s choice. Just leave a comment on my post and the winner will be randomly drawn and announced at the end of the week. I will email the winner as well.

Happy Reading!
Viki Lyn
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Viki Lyn: Award winning author of male/male paranormal and contemporary romances. You can find all of Viki’s books at the following sites: Amazon, All Romance Ebooks and GLBT Bookshelf.

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  1. I’ve not read you before. Your books sound like my kind of reads. You have a great name too – I’m also a Viki ;).

  2. Another coffee addict, glad to share the blog with you. I used to be an avid traveler, before I had my kid. When she’s old enough (and I have more money) I’ll get back on that plane.

  3. Wow, I’m envious of all your traveling! Your books sound great. Welcome to the blog!

  4. Thank you all – it’s nice to be here. Yes, I’m addicted all right – and this morning I sent through my routine as well (have my cuppa next to me as I write this!). Traveling is a great experience and I’ve been blessed to be able to go to a lot of wonderful places. I hope to share a bit of it in my books – 🙂

  5. I also love coffee, desserts and traveling, Viki. And your books 😀

  6. Very cool sounding books! 🙂

  7. I have not yet had the pleasure of reading your books as of yet, but I will put them on my to read list. I would love to start with “The Tiger Within” and “The Hunter Within” I have a love of shape shifter stories, along with werewolf stories. Paranormal Romance is what I love to read, and the more unreal the better, because then anything can happen and it is ok. My favorite author is Kate Douglas. I have all of her books, and I am hoping to venture into your stories as well.
    Happy reading and writing*

  8. Welcome Viki. I love coffee, almost any kind. I’m jealous of all your traveling. Your books sound fantastic.

  9. Wow, we have an eclectic mix of travellers here on the blog. Seeing and experiencing new places is amazing and it always colours your writing;).

  10. I do love the variety of books that you write. Thanks so much for the post and I look forward to learning more about your books 🙂

  11. I chose a name from the Random Generator and Teresa Morris-lloyd won. I will email you soon! Congrats. And thank you everyone who posted.

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