Villains We Love to Hate: Mama Argent from Teen Wolf

On Teen Wolf, the hit MTV series, there is no shortage of villains.

There’s an evil Alpha werewolf running around killing people.

There’s a kanima doing the same.

And there is a really evil old dude that cuts innocent werewolves in half.

We can’t forget the psychotic, former statutory rapist, mass murderer with a penchant for torture!

And that’s not even the end of the list!

Keira and I have to admit–we love them all. But the scariest villain on Teen Wolf by far is…Mrs. Victoria Argent!

Source: Teen Wolf Reasons Tumblr

Yes, indeed, the mother of the hero’s main love interest, Allison Argent, is one terrifying mofo. There’s just something about Mama Argent that sends cold chills down your spine so that you never want it to stop. Oh, God, she’s so scary and so dang enjoyable!

Keira and I are just gonna let these gifs speak for themselves.








Because MTV is awesome, you can watch both seasons of Teen Wolf streaming for free on their site. Season 1 and 2 have 12 episodes each, but they’ve been cleared for a third season with 24 episodes. Color us thrilled! We can’t wait to see what villains they’ll bring us to love next!

And, uh, this has nothing to do with Mama Argent or villains, but this man is on Teen Wolf with his shirt off all the time, and if that’s not a reason to watch, we don’t know what is!

Derek Hale is allergic to shirts

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  1. Those are some great reasons to watch the show. And yes, that woman looks scarier than those monsters. I haven’t watched it, but I may need to start. 🙂

    • Tina, I agree that these are fantastic reasons to watch! Especially the shirtless guys on the show. I am shallow, okay? 🙂 I wrote a blog post awhile ago about Teen Wolf and the reasons to watch. It goes into more detail and has more pictures of other shirtless guys.. Seriously, the guys are all gorgeous and shirtless like 1/3 of the time, especially in season one. I VOTE YES.

      As for Mama Argent, she is terrifying. And we approve! Do check the show out if you have time. It’s surprisingly fun and awesome.

    • We’re slightly (read: completely) obsessed with the show, so we definitely recommend it. At first it was okay, and then I was like, I’m really enjoying this, and then it just gets its hooks into you. 😀

  2. I haven’t watched it before, but just from looking at those pictures…yeah, she looks scary as all hell. All Ice Queenish.

  3. Oh my goodness! I don’t think I like that lady – cut him in half! Ew lol But I do like the shirtless guy. I may have to start watching that show. Great post! Love the pics!


    • Mama Argent is a fantastic villain! 🙂 Her cold-blooded ruthlessness is what makes her so fun to hate! (And hate to love!)

      As for the shirtless guy, well, let me tell you, he is just the tip of the shirtless iceberg on that show! If you like shirtless men and genre tv, you can’t go wrong with Teen Wolf. LOL!

      But seriously, it’s the kind of show that you start watching ironically and then fall in love in a completely unironic way. I highly recommend it! There won’t be new episodes until next summer, from what I understand, so there is time to catch up.

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the post!

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