Villains I love to Hate & Contest!!!

Can I say I love hating ZOMBIES!

THE WALKING DEAD is a perfect example! I’ve been following the horror tv series THE WALKING DEAD and I get so freaked out when those evil zombies kill one of my favorite characters. Who will be next? What if Laurie’s unborn baby dies inside of her…and turns into a zombie and then turns her into a zombie? OMG! I can’t watch! But I have to see what will happen week after week! I squirm in my seat and I love the horror those zombies inflict. Am I a sadist? LOL Anyone else enjoying “The Walking Dead”? Has anyone seen the movies Dawn of the Dead? Shaun of the Dead? Night of the Living Dead? What did you think of them?

I’m out of town for a few days but I would appreciate your help – hence where a chance at getting a prize comes in. Squeeeee!

Do you have a good zombie horror (erotic romance or not) ebook or book that you can recommend? I have plans to write a zombie horror erotic romance one of these days (I even have the outline all worked out) and I would love to see what other authors have done with zombies. Feel free to post below your recommendations in the comments section.

For your help I will pick one person from the comments section and post the winner’s name here when I get back to town and I will email the winner too.

Prize? The winner can pick one ebook from any of my Jan Springer ebooks and I’ll send it your way FREE (sorry Michaela’s Experiment is excluded). Thanks!

You can see the books up for grabs at this link:



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Jan Springer writes erotic romances for Spunky Girl Publishing. Jan is a member of the Romance Writers of America and The Writer's Union of Canada. Visit her website at

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  1. Hey Jan! Long time, no talk! Good to see you! I loved Shaun Of The Dead. One of my favorite movies! I laugh so hard, but then I cry a little bit too. As for a zombie romance… hmmm, I have a question. How in the world would they ” get it on” without falling to pieces? I’ve never seen any type of zombie romance. Should be fun! Take care, Jan!

  2. I love zombies! The Walking Dead rocks! I watch a lot of zombie movies, but not all of them are good. lol The only zombie book I’ve read was call ‘The Forest of Hands and Teeth’.

    The book was…interesting. I reacted very strongly to the characters, but not all of it was positive. Very well crafted book, though.

  3. Excuse me, does Kristin Miller still blog here on this site?

  4. Stacey, I’ve contacted you thru your contact info on your website. Love the graphic header. Every cool!

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