Where No Date Has Gone Before

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On to the intrepid adventure of my first date with a hot (humanoid, please!) alien. ET need not apply. I’m thinking Riddick from Pitch Black and the Chronicles of Riddick is an alien, right? So’s Spock. We can argue later about whether Han Solo and Luke Skywalker are aliens or whether they represent some far future expansion of the human race. For my purposes, they weren’t born on earth, they’ve never been to earth – they’re alien. Really, I’d far prefer any of the guys from my stories. Cullin Seaghdh – the sexy, powerful leader. Damon Sindrivik – the computer geek descended from a race of predatory great cats, Kirthin Turrell – the psychologically wounded warrior and V’kyrri – the telepath who uses humor to keep everyone at arm’s length. They’re all aliens – even to one another. They’re just used to the notion that theirs isn’t the only species in universe, much less the only sentient life form.

What is it about aliens for me? Aliens open up so many fun questions. What does evolving on another planet under another sun (or suns) do to DNA? Are we related? Are we related enough to hybridize? (Yes. That was a sex question.) Was the earth populated by alien DNA at any point? What are UFOs about, anyway? And an alien would be smart, right? Smarter than we are about the nature of physics at the very least – assuming space travel had been involved. I so want to KNOW things. I don’t mind feeling like a moron with a single digit IQ, so long as my alien suitor is willing to answer my questions so I don’t feel dumb for long.

Regardless. The first date!

 I see this going one of two ways. On my planet or off my planet. I’d love to see earth through someone’s eyes who was seeing it for the first time. So many places to go,  so many things to look at. My alien hero would have to have a sense of adventure – I’d want to go caving to show him things like this cave in Mexico, though maybe that would be a fifth date. I’d eventually want to spark a few UFO reports by flying his spaceship over the pyramids and animals of Africa. But maybe, for the first date here on earth, the best thing I could would be to take him sailing. I’d take him to Sucia Island up in the San Juans. This is my fantasy, so it’s summer. We’d have seen porpoise, maybe a few whales – several of the local orca pods hunt the San Juans. We’d have a great sail – once he got used to the motion and the fact that I had fewer planes to navigate in than he usually did. We catch a mooring bouy in one of the sheltered bays of the island. We’d throw a few steaks on the grill. After dinner,  we’d sit and watch the sun set.

In the other date option, my alien hero whisks me off planet for our ‘get to know you’ foray. (No return ticket to terra firma? No nooky. Just sayin’.) He’s show me the dark side of the moon (this scene is actually in a short coming out in January in the Mammoth Book of Futuristic Romance). He’d take me to Mars so I could look at the biggest volcano in the solar system. If he really, really wanted to impress me, he wouldn’t tell me there’s microbial life on the Red Planet. He’d take me down there, have me pick up a rock and he’d show me the smear of green inside the halcite – assuming there’s any such thing to find there. We’d buzz through the moons of Jupiter, watching Io’s volcanos erupting and discussing the nature of Europa’s under-ice oceans. Maybe we’d slide through the rings of Saturn on our way out of the solar system. He’d feed me some delicacy from his home world – one he already knew wasn’t poisonous to our kind. Then he’d take me to see this:

 He’d have to pour on the speed to get me there in person and then back home before everyone on earth I knew died of old age. I’d quizz him about the physics of supralight travel, not that I’d understand much. Or at all. Certainly, I wouldn’t be able to repeat any of it to anyone who mattered. Once we returned to earth orbit, and I knew I could go home any time I wanted, we might settle down together to watch for aurora borealis.  What happens after that? That’s what the next few books I’ll write are for.

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  1. Wow, that sounds so cool! I’d love to see the stars and planets, as long as it is a well-appointed space ship where I have gravity and can move around without getting claustrophobic;). Great date.

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