Dark Heroes: Zuko, Dexter, Guy of Gisborne, and Lex Luthor

Everyone loves a dark hero and we are no exception. Keira and I invite you to explore the man-pain, angst, and darkly sexy goodness of the following four dark heroes! If you’re a fan of Zuko, Dexter, Guy, or Lex we’d love to hear about what you love the most about them. If you’re not a fan yet, consider becoming a fan! You can catch up on all of these shows either via Netflix, DVD, or other legal streaming options, like Hulu Plus.

Spoiler warning for all seasons of all shows in the vids below.

1. Zuko from Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender.

2. Dexter from Showtime’s Dexter.

3. Guy of Gisborne from Robin Hood BBC.

4. Lex Luthor from Smallville. (Psst, Leta made this fanvideo. It’s probably her favorite fanvid she ever made. JSYK.)

Leta Blake and Keira Andrews write fairy tale inspired m/m erotica and romantica with Ellora’s Cave. Check out Earthly Desires, the first book in the series, available for purchase at AmazonBarnes and Noble, and Ellora’s Cave.

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  1. OMG, you used my favorite Guy/Marian vid EVER! *dies*

  2. Oh, and as for what I love most about Guy…. I think it’s that he’s such a complex character who defies expectations again and again. It’s amazing how you can genuinely loathe and despise him one moment and sympathize with him fifteen seconds later. I also find it to be a fascinating paradox that he has the looks and external markers of the alpha male when, in reality, he’s a bullied lackey most of the time; likewise, he has the markers of the classic “bad boy” when he is really a one-woman man who dreams of domesticity, and a “villain” who is not so much evil as weak. His redemption arc was fascinating; it’s too bad there wasn’t more of it.

    • I absolutely could not have said it better myself. You have summed Guy up so perfectly here. I really can’t even add to it! I almost want to edit the post and add this in under the vid! Thank you!

  3. Another Zuko fan, and I thought i was the only one over 16 (of the animated series version at least). I feel so less alone now! Great post. After reading the comments, I watched the Guy of Gisborne video (that was awesome). If only my cable company would let me buy just the BBC channel to add to my basic package…..

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