The Darkest Meow

It took me a while to figure out what Dark Heroine to write about. Let’s be honest, sometimes you look at an assigned topic and think, “great, a term paper.” But blogs are way more fun than term papers, and I should remember that more often.

For my Dark Heroine, I’m going to chat about Cat. HA! I totes rhymed.

Nope, not this Cat. Although he seems pleased.

Nope, not this Cat. Although he seems pleased.

I mean Catherine Crawford, the kickass half-vampire head lady in Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress books.

In case you’ve been hiding from everything for the last few years, you’ve heard of Cat and Bones. So you know that Cat is a half-vampire who was conditioned from an early age by her mother to hate the bloodsuckers. In order to “atone” for who she is and what vamp-kind had done to her mom, Cat becomes a vigilante slayer.

Pretty cool, huh?

Jeaniene Frost does an awesome job of making Cat relatable, even though she’s super fucked-in-the-head, especially through the first book, HALFWAY TO THE GRAVE. Through Cat’s mother, she’s come to hate herself, hate where she comes from, hate everything. Even though she’s successful at killing vampires, it doesn’t lessen the burden.

And then she meets Bones. A cocky, badass vampire who puts her in her place, while teaching her to accept herself for who, and what, she is.

And I really kind of dig that. A little self-acceptance is awesome. A lot, even more so.

I mean, who doesn’t have complexes handed down by well-meaning and loving parents? Or other adults? Granted, our fights usually aren’t as deep as hating half of our genetics, but isn’t overcoming early ideas part of the coolest stuff about growing up? I think that’s why I love Cat so much. She overcomes. It’s hopeful, in a stabby sort of way. 🙂

Do you like Cat and Bones? What’s your favorite moment from the series? And please, no spoilers. I don’t think I’ve read the last one yet!

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Regina Cole, lover of manly muscled arms, chest hair, and mini-marshmallows, has been reading romance since her early teens. While she loves a love story of any heat level, she’s been drawn to the erotic side, and is loving every minute. When she’s not frantically pounding away at the keyboard, she can be found fishing with her family, playing with her dogs, trying out strange new recipes, or snuggling with her hubby.

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  1. I have not yet read this series, (I know, shame on me) but I do have this first one on my bookshelf. Maybe I will make it my next one. She sounds like a great heroine! Thanks for sharing, Regina! 🙂

  2. I have been living under a rock! I knew nothing about this! I will now send samples to my Kindle. 🙂

  3. Anyone that has not read this series, really needs too!!! This series is a mind blowing, mystery, romantic, and even funny line of stories. You will fall in love with Cat and Bones and so many of the other characters that are involved. I am not sure if you would know this, but Jeaniene Frost has also started a new series that is like a second part to the Night Huntress, and it is call Night Prince and is also a must read!!! Here is where you will find a list of this series in reading order I hope you all enjoy this series as much as I did. 🙂
    Happy reading and writing*

  4. @Tina B, I had all but a couple of the books in this series for some time before I actually got into it and read all of them. Don’t ever give up on a book or series just because at that time you find that you just can not get into the book at that time. I actually did this with this series and then much later went back to it and loved it. I have found that just because I can not get into a book the first time is no reason to count this book out! If I had done that, I would not only had the pleasure of reading this series, but actually I would not have read JR Wards Black Dagger Brotherhood either! lol….. And I believe anyone that has read that series will agree that it is a top notch series! Just thought I would share this with you.
    Happy reading and writing*

  5. Thank you for the advice, Teresa. 🙂
    I actually won the book and haven’t had a chance to read it because I am a little strange about series. I need to have ALL of them before I read them. With series, even if I don’t love te first one, I will usually read the 2nd and 3rd at least. I am a reader who doesn’t like to give up on a book, series, or an author.
    I will have to start acquiring this series, huh? 😉

  6. Tina B I am a rather new reader, believe it or not up until I was 44yr. I hated to read! Yes you read it right 🙂 My daughter talked me into reading Twilight and I told her she was crazy that I would never get through that book, but to my surprise I not only got through that one, but actually the entire Saga twice 🙂 and I have not stopped reading since. I am now 49yr. and I have a library 🙂 But I am just like you in that since I have to have most all of the books in a series before I will start reading it. But I am a series reader!! I will let you know that because I am not able to buy my books new I buy them used from I pay as little as $3.94 and all is free shipping and handling. Otherwise I would not be able to a ford to read. 😉

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