Sultry Sorceress

Dark heroines aren’t my thing, so it was difficult to come up with someone. Then it hit me, the perfect dark heroine…Morrigan!

“We now have a dog and Alistair is still the dumbest one in the party.” Morrigan stating her obvious dislike for Alistair (party member).


I play a lot of role-playing games on my PS3. I especially like the high fantasy adventures such as the Dragon Age series. You get to choose the characters that accompany you on your missions. One such character is Morrigan from Dragon Age. She’s a sorceress and Witch of the Wilds, and has a mysterious past. She supposedly is the daughter of Flemeth, a very old and powerful witch who resides in the forest.

Morrigan was raised in isolation and had very little contact with humans or other species. She doesn’t understand humans or how they think but she is curious about them. Her ethics border on amoral, and she butts heads with our hero quite often. She doesn’t understand virtues like compassion or empathy. But, she will fight to the death to protect her comrades. And, she has very powerful magical skills that are fun to watch, and she can shapeshift! This makes her one cool character.

And like all dark heroines, she is hard to warm up to, but slowly you begin to see a crack in her shield. And, she can be romanced by the hero but it takes quite an effort to keep her. She values independence and power above all else and detest soft-heartedness.

It’s no wonder dark heroes and dark heroine never seem to get together!

Happy Reading!


Viki Lyn: Award winning author of male/male paranormal and contemporary romances. You can find all of Viki’s books at the following sites: Amazon, All Romance Ebooks and GLBT Bookshelf.

New release: Sins of Lust

Thou shall not kill.

For archangel Razi-el, he had no choice. He would break God’s commandment again if it were to save Uri-el from a demon’s talons. Yet even God’s most trusted archangel cannot avoid punishment. No longer Razi-el, he is now Izar, a Protector sworn to kill for the angels.

When a Protector kills an angel, Izar is summoned to work alongside Uri-el to capture the killer. Izar is shocked when his bloodlust spikes hot for the archangel. He knows better than to go after forbidden fruit. Refusing to give in to temptation, he ignores his body’s tempestuous arousal for Uri-el until a heated argument turns his blood into molten lust.

As they rush to find the killer, their passion plays into the demon’s plan. Izar will have to make a choice between life and death if he is to save Uri-el again.

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