Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookies

Favorite holiday recipes? There are so many. Crab dip – a rich, creamy diet bomb of cream cheese, crab and other things that aren’t good for you, but are heaven on crackers. Then there’s the Cherry Ring that’s traditional for our Solstice celebration. Lemon bread – a sweet, tart, heavy pound cake that comes from a cookbook older than I am. However. For all of those recipes the single recipe I’m asked for most often, is this one: Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookies.

chocolatecherry They are a hit whenever I make them. I think I pulled the recipe from a magazine years ago. I made them, tried them, and swore to never make them again because they were vile. And I was the only one who thought so. Clearly. I end up making a quadruple batch every single year and these are the first cookies to vanish. My objection? Too sweet. They hurt my teeth. I’m assured by just about everyone else in the world that I’m just weird.  I’m into spice cookies. Big flavor, less sweet. Clove cookies are a favorite. I’d love to get the recipe for you, but it’s at Mom’s house…where I’m headed to do my annual holiday baking tomorrow. My oven aboard the boat is the size of a bread box. So to get any holiday baking done, I have to steal — er — borrow someone else’s kitchen. This year, Mom volunteered hers. I did promise to leave behind a few goodies in return. If we have another one of these holiday recipe posts, I swear I’ll post the clove cookies – they are so perfect for dunking in tea. And they taste like Christmas – orange peel, cloves and just a tiny kick of black pepper. Mmmm. Until then, chocoholics rejoice and enjoy your Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookies.

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  1. Those cookies look so devilishly good! I got on the scale this morning and had scale shock! But I just figure I’ll deal with it AFTER the holidays! 🙂

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