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Pleasure Island Greek Style

Pleasure Island – I’m writing this loopy on pain killers having just had reconstructive surgery on the area above my lip. So god knows if this post is going to make any sense at all. My imagination usually runs wild but more on along the lines of myths and metaphysical stuff.

I love ancient ruins, so my island would be similar to a Greek island – olive trees, marble temples, herbal scented air, aqua blue ocean. Pleasure Islanders would dress in silky linen drapery, wear gold threaded sandals, paint their faces in exotic tattoos. I’d be the goddess of the island and my temple would be decorated with flowers and offerings of fresh fruit and olives from the orchards would be lay by my statue. Wine would be the drink of choice and produced from the island’s lush vineyards. Life would be peaceful, joyful and good.

Ah, and let’s not forget the men. Bronze, muscular and a picture of Greek perfection.


I think I’ll go and rest now and maybe if I’m lucky, dream about Pleasure Island!

Happy Reading!

Viki Lyn

Viki Lyn: Award winning author of male/male paranormal and contemporary romances. You can find all of Viki’s books at the following sites: Amazon, All Romance Ebooks and GLBT Bookshelf.

Thou shall not kill.

For archangel Razi-el, he had no choice. He would break God’s commandment again if it were to save Uri-el from a demon’s talons. Yet even God’s most trusted archangel cannot avoid punishment. No longer Razi-el, he is now Izar, a Protector sworn to kill for the angels.

When a Protector kills an angel, Izar is summoned to work alongside Uri-el to capture the killer. Izar is shocked when his bloodlust spikes hot for the archangel. He knows better than to go after forbidden fruit. Refusing to give in to temptation, he ignores his body’s tempestuous arousal for Uri-el until a heated argument turns his blood into molten lust.

As they rush to find the killer, their passion plays into the demon’s plan. Izar will have to make a choice between life and death if he is to save Uri-el again.

Pleasure Planets in Sci Fi

When it comes to science fiction, it seems that the human race does two things. The first is explore and discover new life. The second is to, in the words of the Doctor, dance with it. Almost every sci fi TV show (and a fair few novels) include the existence of a pleasure planet, though there is often a rotten core beneath the glossy exterior.

Risa-Star-TrekStar Trek’s Risa is probably the most famous pleasure planet going. Introduced in The Next Generation series, it was visited several times by the Enterprise crew and also inhabitants of Deep Space 9.

The planet orbits several stars and its climate is controlled by a weather modification network, with the natural climate being extremely violent. Risians are extremely open and will freely share their planet, and even themselves (again with the dancing), with visitors; a practice known as “Jamaharon”.

Carillon-BSGThe original series of Battlestar Galactica had Carillon as its pleasure planet, and was the first series to hint that pleasure didn’t always equal perfect. Beneath the casino with its scantily-clad girls and free-flowing alcohol were mines staffed by enslaved aliens.

The management of Carillon were also in the back pocket of the Cylons, with both staff and visitors often going “missing”. Not that nice a place after all, then.

TheLight-Stargate-SG1In Stargate SG-1’s The Light, the team are sent to a planet to investigate the death of another team’s member and discover a pleasure temple. One room contains a mesmerizing light display that induces narcotic pleasure.

The problems start when they leave – their brain physiology has been affected, with the result that withdrawal symptoms leave them suicidal. Worse, the changes affect the brain directly and Daniel Jackson ends up dead. Again.

Midnight-Doctor-WhoAnd finally, since I started with a mention of Doctor Who, I’m ending on an episode. Midnight (both name of the planet and episode title) is a world with an atmosphere of lethal radiation that kills humans instantly. But it’s made of diamonds and has several sites of natural beauty, so the obvious thing to do is build a spa there. Of course.

On a trip to see the Sapphire Waterfall, the shuttle is waylaid by a malevolent presence which takes over one of the passengers and results in four people dying. The events on Midnight are one of the few the Doctor cannot explain, nor does the viewer discover what attacked the ship or why. It’s unclear if the spa continued to run or if Midnight was then abandoned, but something evil waits out in the beautiful diamond fields so perhaps they should.

So pleasure planets… great on paper, but not always all they’re advertised to be. Feel free to explore new worlds and discover new civilisations, feel free to dance, but be careful of what lies beneath… sometimes they’re only pretty on the outside *cue creepy music*

Misa Buckley is a sci fi geek who escapes the crazy of raising five children by creating imaginary characters who experience adventure, romance and really hot sex on their way to a happily-ever-after. You can keep up to date with Misa’s latest news by following her on Twitter or at her website.

How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse by The Sisters Grimm

by 3oneseven
Warning! Flashing on that site! Migraine or seizure trigger alert!

 Since perhaps even before the Cranberries’ song Zombie in 1994, the connection between war, apocalyptic thinking, and zombies has been in the widespread cultural consciousness. It’s to the point that university professors and the CDC have taken interest in the phenomenon, though maybe for different reasons. It’s to the point that there are articles out there trying to impress upon us the positive influence this zombie fixation can have on our psychology. Is it any wonder that a large number of people are mashing zombies up with another phenomenon of the zeitgeist–the return of mass popular fascination with fairy tales? (See the bottom of this post for links around the web to fascinating and amusing mash-ups of zombies and fairy tales.)

When Keira and I were assigned the theme “How would you survive the zombie apocalypse?” we immediately decided to to mash the two ideas ourselves, given our own love of fairy tales. We decided to see how–or if–some of our favorite fairy tale characters might survive a zombie apocalypse.


by Lora Zombie

Little Red Riding Hood. Would she survive? We believe she would. With the help of her massive, vicious, protective, sentient, talking wolf friend (and maybe a machine gun in accord with this drawing by Lora Zombie), Red could definitely hold off the zombies and make a cozy home of a wolf den. There are all kinds of incredibly filthy stories that might come of that scenario, but I’ll leave that to your own perverted imaginations. Or you can bleach your brain now, if you like. I’ll wait here.


by punziesshiftedworld

Rapunzel. Would she survive? We believe she would. For awhile. As the zombies crowd around the base of her tower, Rapunzel watches safely from her tower above, refusing to let down her hair. Eventually, though, it becomes clear that her beloved prince and her evil captor have both lost their yummy brains to the zombies below. Trapped as she is in her tower, Rapunzel must make a terrible choice–die of dehydration and starvation or lower her hair to creatures of the night below.


by Anka Zhuravleva

The Light Princess. Would she make it out alive? We think that the Light Princess stands one of the best chances for successful zombie evasion–assuming she doesn’t find herself completely untethered to float away into the stratosphere to freeze and suffocate. When the zombies approach, the Light Princess could bound to the top of buildings, float to grip the uppermost twigs of trees, and dangle herself off the church spires, climbing down to collect food and water when the coast was clear. Alas, her poor prince would probably be zombified, but the princess herself could likely survive quite some time. (By the way, Keira and I wrote a m/m version of The Light Princess called Earthly Desires.)

by yusef abonamah

Jack (and the Beanstalk). Would he make it? Well, most of the time it would be touch and go for him, but we think there are a few ways that Jack might survive the zombie apocalypse. The first and most obvious step would be for Jack to climb the beanstalk to escape the crowd of zombies. He’d have to get to the top before them all, and then, of course, he’d have to deal with the giant. This is where the possibilities really open up for him. He could try to somehow destroy the beanstalk before the zombies get to the top, hoping that he can accomplish it before the giant smells his delicious English blood. Or he could hide, wait for the zombies to reach the top, and hope the giant takes care of them himself. I’m pretty sure the giant could defeat the zombies. I think he’d have the strength to toss them, one after another, off the side of the cloud, and he’d probably be more successful at destroying the stalk than Jack would be. He’s likely only left it up this long in order to seduce humans up it in order to supplement his food supply with tasty flesh and bones. So, truly, this is probably Jack’s best bet.

Once the giant has tossed the zombies over, destroyed the stalk so no more can climb up, Jack would then need to deal with the giant. He could go the traditional route of cutting off his head (see picture above) or perhaps he might be a bit sneakier than that, choosing instead to attempt to befriend the giant, introduce him to the idea of vegetarianism, or at least seduce him into embracing a diet free of human flesh. There are other options, of course, but I think it all hinges on Jack beating the zombies up the beanstalk and then being able to either kill or befriend the giant.

Another possibility that would be fun would be if the giant cannot destroy the stalk, and so zombies are a constant threat. I’m now imagining a scenario where Jack hides out in the castle, and he and the giant are foes at first, but finally they begin to work together to defeat the zombie threat. Eventually friendship blossoms and then love blooms. It’s the classic danger scenario bringing to enemies together that so many grand romances are made of. Speaking of, while there are no zombies, Keira and I did pen a hate-to-love Jack and the Beanstalk story, which you can purchase HERE.


Welcome to the Zombie/Fairy Tale Zeitgeist!

1. Kevin Richey’s Zombie Fairy Tales: “Kevin Richey’s Zombie Fairy Tales are a monthly series of short stories set in a dark fairy tale universe plagued by zombies. Surreal and full of black humor, installments feature familiar childhood characters as they encounter a world of stark violence and horror — Cinderella is worked to death before the ball, Pinocchio is made from children’s corpses, and Little Red Riding Hood finds more than wolves in the forest. New titles will appear on the 13th of each month throughout 2012. The series features overlapping elements, characters, and places for a more immersive experience for the dedicated fan, but can also be read as stand-alone entries in any order.”

2. Little Red Riding Hood: A Zombie Fairy Tale GAME: “Little Dead Riding Hood is a racing game. Each player assumes the role of one of the Riding Hood sisters trying desperately to get supplies to their beloved grandmother. Simple really, except for those pesky zombie wolves.” (I’m not sure why the wolves need to be zombies and not just, you know, wolves, but there you have it!)

3. Snow White and the Seven Dead Dwarves: A Zombie Fairytale: “Fast-paced and violent with a lot of zombie carnage (seriously; A LOT) make SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DEAD DWARFS a really fun read.”

4. Zombie Fairy Tale Theater: A hilarious and charming new webseries “Zombie Fairytale Theater”; where the zombies tell the stories. You can view the series HERE. (Yes, I used the words ‘hilarious’ and ‘charming’ with regard to zombies. I don’t know either.)

5. Zombie Fairy Tales by Jill Myles: “Collected here are 7 short, slightly twisted fairy tales retold from a zombie perspective. What if Cinderella had been undead when she went to the ball? What if Little Red Riding Hood went to Grandma’s house to eat her?”

6. A Very Zombie Fairy Tale! A play in Dublin that seems to have already run, but deserves a mention anyway due to it’s description: Zombies! Puppets! Musical Numbers! True Love! Sounds like a hoot, don’t you think?

7. Call for Fairy Tale Zombies Submission from Entangled in Romance: The deadline for it was summer 2012, so if you’ve got the sweetest, hottest zombie fairy tale romance sitting on your hard drive, alas you are too late. But! Surely the books or anthology should be available for purchase soon since the deadline for submission was last summer, right? Keep an eye out for it!


Keira Andrews and Leta Blake write fairy tale inspired m/m erotica and romantica with Ellora’s Cave. Check out Ascending Hearts, available through Ellora’s Cave, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sony, and others! And also remember to look at Earthly Desires, the first book in the Tempting Tales series, available for purchase at AmazonBarnes and Noble, and Ellora’s Cave.

Recipe for Pleasure (Planet)

How do you design a planet (or a club, a village, a city, a country) specifically designed for pleasure? Is there a recipe? Actually, yes. Several in fact. Here’s mine.


10% focus (flavor of your choice)

20% research

10% story line (you may think you need more, but you don’t)

10% organization

100% imagination


Decide on focus of the book. Does your planet cater strictly to humanoids, or to all different life-forms? Is it dedicated to a specific type of pleasure, or does anything go? What are the rules of admission, of running an establishment, of behavior? Who owns it, staffs it, patronizes it? Everything else will, on some level, flow from this, so this step is crucial. Yet, once these decisions are made, you can quickly move on to add your research. This involves the potential type of planet you’ll need, the facilities necessary, etc. A certain amount of realism isn’t a bad thing…

Stir in the story. By now you have an idea of what you want to see happening there, who the characters are peopling your story, the mischief they’re going to get into. You may actually have a bunch of people inside your mind clamoring for a chance to visit your planet, and this is where you make sure you have enough organization incorporated into your final product. Are you abiding by the rules you made? Have you suddenly made something you previously said was impossible happen for no good reason, or without explanation? The taste-testers will be unimpressed by the final product if you have, so double check.

By now you will have realized the store of imagination you put aside has been dipped into again and again but, strangely, probably hasn’t diminished very much. This is a good thing, since you’ll find yourself using even more as you write the next book, and the next in your pleasure planet series.

P.S. The nice thing with this recipe is it can easily be adapted for almost all other genres of fiction. Bon appétit!

Journeys Through Seduction

Anya Richards/Anya Delvay books available from Samhain Publishing, Ellora’s Cave, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Chapters Indigo.

Regina Cole’s a Selfish Bitch

Yep, I said it.

The blog challenge this week is to design a “Pleasure Planet.” Well, I’ll happily do that, but let’s face it.

What flips my switch doesn’t necessarily flip yours. Although if sales of my kinky novels are any indication, some of you do enjoy the same things–you dirty readers, you. 😉

So here’s MY interpretation. I am the goddess of the Planet Pleasure, and I’m creating this world.


Wanna come live here with me?

1. WE ARE ALL EFFING SEXY. We’re still US, but when we want to we can snap our fingers and change our shape. Want bigger boobs? *snap!* Want a curvier ass? *snap!* Got a craving to be more svelte one day? *snap!* See? How much pleasure would that be? We can all eat what we want and look like cover models.

2. WE ARE ALL OPEN TO EXPERIMENTATION. Okay, I’m going to say it. There are SOME people that don’t like to experiment in the bedroom. And we still love them, but damn it, sometimes it’s okay to want to be spanked. On MY world, you can tell your lover, “you know what? Today I really think I’d like you to dress like Jack Skellington and do me with two zucchini while you flog me with the belt from  your karate class.” And there’d be no O.o. Just a gleeful acceptance to try any and everything that each of you could come up with.

3. WE ARE ALL EXPERT MASSAGE THERAPISTS. Because, come on. I need to be rubbed every now and then.


What else is there? I know there’s more that you want. Since I am a benevolent goddess, I will entertain your whims below. 😉

Welcome to Planet Pleasure.

Design Challenge: Pleasure Planet

The single greatestENEMY MINE challenge to designing a pleasure planet is deciding which of one of two things you want yours to be: all things to all species, or specialized to a narrow range of life form types. The whole pleasure planet concept assumes a far-flung future and a star-going population. Possibly any number of populations. Humanoids. Insectoids. Reptilians. And maybe jellyfishians? I suspect we can adopt the design truism that one person’s paradise is another person’s hell. In my scifi ‘Enemy’ series (Enemy Within, Enemy Games, and the enovella Enemy Mine) I did create a pleasure planet. Or at least, I mentioned it in passing in the first novel. NEVER intending to actually have to tell anyone about it.

Then the erotica, Enemy Mine, ended up being set ON the danged planet I’d mentioned in passing. Oops. It was time to get specific. The premise of the planet went down like this:

1. The pleasure planet is 100% neutral territory – security is top notch and best of all, unobtrusive. Clearly, in order to my novella to have a plot, the security couldn’t be foolproof – but this is a war-torn civilization. Having a place to leave the conflict in orbit? Priceless.

2. Oxygen breathers only – this was necessary to keep the planet from falling into the ‘all things to all species’ trap. The ‘Enemy’ universe encompasses far too many species to allow for one planet to serve them all. Besides. It’s reasonable to assume that the humanoid notion of paradise differs strongly from that of a Carozziel slime-bat.

With those two points established, the world then had to establish a few ground rules.

  • No uniforms – part of the luxury of the pleasure planet is leaving your regular life behind, including rank.
  • Everyone is equal on the pleasure planet – you’ll still be treated like a king or queen – but no one is treated any better than anyone else. Now. If your pleasure is being treated a particular way – it will be arranged precisely to your liking.
  • No weapons, no technology, no devices – if your pleasure is total immersion computer gaming, the pleasure planet will set you up with a state of the art, full meal, mind blowing experience. But making sure nothing has been tampered with requires excluding all external tech.
  • Anything goes – adventure? Can do. Silence and solitude in the heart of nature? Absolutely. Flashing, action-packed casino? Step right up. If you can imagine it, we can provide. However, this brings us to the last bullet point.
  • Nothing illegal.

That last one presented me with a pretty big problem. We all know that some people’s pleasure includes illicit drugs, or sexual acts that our society deems immoral. It seems fair to assume that someone’s always going to want to victimize someone else. My pleasure planet takes a very dim view of that sort of thing. BUT. It means that elsewhere, (Silver City – a massive, cobbled together space station) there’s a raging black market in victim trafficking. I can’t say human trafficking, because in these stories, victims come in all shapes and sizes.

For Enemy Mine, I had to imagine what luxury would be for someone native to the pleasure planet. If you lived there and had every possible adventure or luxury available, what would represent true privilege? I decided it had to be privacy – the ability to retreat to a subset of self-defined paradise. Translation: You get to design and build your own house. Access is by invitation only (excepting emergency crews, of course). Private and secluded enough for a hero to lure his heroine to him for a round of sexy interrogation without any interference. Except for that pesky assassin the heroine insists is en route to murder him.

Hey. No pleasure planet is perfect, right?

Pleasure Planet 101: Guilty Pleasures Anyone?

As always, I must start my post with a shout out to my ManHandlers! You guys are the best followers EVAH! Thanks for hanging tight and helping to make this blog a success. Ever click you offer, every time you share our link, every time you buy one of our books, you make what we do so worthwhile. Thank you! With that in mind, here’s your bi-weekly (that’s twice a month, right?) ManHandler pic. Enjoy!

Now for the, uh, meat of the post. Heh. Yeah, I couldn’t help that. Sorry. Sort of. Okay, not really. We at Darker Temptations are talking about the ideal Pleasure Planet this go round. I have the distinct disadvantage of showing up after Sabrina Garie. Her post is absolutely brilliant and I wish I’d written it. Since I didn’t, I’m afraid I’m going to be reiterating some of her ideas.

What would a pleasure planet be for you? For your significant other? Spouse? Best friend? Lover? The answer is likely different for everyone I listed. One thing I can say with authority, though, is that pleasure of some sort would be involved. It’s the level we take that pleasure to that defines us as individuals. For me, the pleasure would be distinctly sexual. Yep, I said it. If I’m going to sign up for pleasure, I need — and expect — more than a foot rub. I want full-blown (again? yeah, I went there again), hard-bodied, nearly-physically-impossible, full-body orgasms involved. You know, the toe-curling kind we write about. I could go on, but we’d delve into the arena of TMI so fast you’d have whiplash and I’d be blushing until the next inauguration. Not something I’m ready to do at this point. For one night with Sam Bond? Hell, yes. For a blog post? Uh-uh.

Anyhoo, the idea is that pleasure is involved. Let’s assume, for the sake of this blog, that we’re talking about sexual pleasure. Every person would arrive to the Pleasure Planet with different expectations. For some, they’d be content with a massage while they were hand-fed prime fruit. Others would expect a St. Andrew’s cross, restraints, latex and whips. There are levels of pleasure in between the extremes that would satisfy any craving one might have.

What about body types? Again, you’d have every type represented, from super slender and athletic to robust and buxom women. Men would be skinny and funny or muscular, religiously hung and primally skilled. Yeah, there’s the edge of that TMI thing. Okay, so back to body types. Everyone has a “type” they prefer. No one should be mocked for what they declare as sexually appealing. I’m 6’1″ and not super thin anymore. Am I unappealing? To some, yes. To other, no. It’s all about the fantasies you’ve cultivated based on everything from upbringing to culture to secret fetishes.

So what about location? Temperature? Beaches or mountainous? Cuisine served? Seasons? You see where I’m going with this. Everyone has different ideas about what flips that switch for them. No one is right and absolutely no one is wrong. Period. Okay, if you involve minors, unwilling partners or barnyard animals, you’re wrong on so many levels I can’t even go there. But for those of us playing on the field I’ve drafted, you’re not going to meet with any flack. A menage does it for you? More power to you. Being totally dominated tips you over the edge? Hell, go for it. And if you want seven women and twenty men in bed with you? Go for it. And good luck. Four men with long hair, huge…hands and training in the Kama Sutra and Tantric sex? Oh, shit. Is it hot in here? No? Then I’m blushing. God, I hope the next inauguration is soon.*

*No political reference intended.*

Sabrina’s Pleasure Planet

By Mónica J. Mora (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

By Mónica J. Mora (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

As a long time die-hard Star Trek fan, one of my biggest disappointments was Raisa, the Star Trek verse pleasure planet. It was way too predictable. Crystal blue pools, climate controlled to San-Diego type weather, massages, scantily-clad hostesses and hints of sexual opportunity. Your basic beach resort. Buy a ticket to Aruba, Acapulco or a host of others and voila. Not a bad way to spend some time, but a pleasure planet should allow you to attain every possible pleasure in every possible way.  One day under the snow, the next day in the sun, yet another amidst the crackling of fall leaves.  A tree house in the jungle. I want it all.

If it were left to me, a real pleasure planet would be defined by choices. It would offer a range of sights, sounds, tastes, touches, textures, and ideas to tantalize and satisfy almost every hunger (yes, there are limits but you know what they are).

Let’s start with the basics. The staff, male and female, in every simuscular male torsoze and color, in various stages of undress. Lets’ face it, we all find different types drool-worthy and respond to different levels of anticipation. We can pick the rooms we want. My ideal would be the tease room. Shirtless, leanly muscled men with jeans and boots (this is my fantasy, you can pick leather or speedos or commando, whatever you want) with hair long enough to play with would serve food and drink whose only purpose is to tempt the senses.

Imagine. Chocolate fondue warm enough to stick your finger in so that you can suck it into your mouth, champagne whose bubbles tickle your nose, caviar that pops warm and slick against your cheek. The staff would be tactile, always stroking a cheek, massaging a shoulder, running nails down your back, caressing any of the other soft places you choose to make available to them. So by the time you actually leave this room, you are ready for…more.

Next step is to choose a partner and/or an activity. Again, choice is key. Option one would be simply to corral one or more if your tastes run that way of the staff members who is there to serve your every whim within the rules. Yes, pleasure planets need rules to make sure things don’t run amok. Option two, would be programmable androids. Lea’ s post did a fabulous job discussing how much fun that would be. Option three would be some sort of match-up service, where like-minded individuals can hook up. Option four would be activity rooms. Each room organized around things you want to do–orgies, jousts, chess tournaments–whatever turns you on, you can find a partner in crime.

And for those in a mode of self-discovery, the pleasure planet would offer tickler services to sample new things. Want to try submission for a day? A double-hung species? Pleasure in anti-gravity environment? Each day or every few hours a new type of oblivion.

Any of these strike your fancy?  Any key choices I left out?  What would a pleasure planet have to offer for you that you leave sated beyond your wildest imagination.  Go ahead, dream a little.

Sabrina Garie is on a journey to create the most kick-ass heroine in romance fiction. You can meet the first heroine in Fires of Justice at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Lea Barrymire’s Pleasure Planet

Ms. Danica Avet asked me to write a post about what I think a Pleasure Planet would be like. I laughed and then gladly agreed.

Close your eyes, wait… you can’t do that and read this. Hmm, okay. Read along and let your imagination set up the world for you. Imagine two thousand years from now. Space is no longer a mystery. The human race has met and combined with hundreds of other races throughout the heavens. Traveling the speed of light is a simple concept, and we’ve expanded our understanding of science a hundred-fold. We’ve moved beyond our petty differences and live a life of purpose and peace. The Earth is just one of many places humans can be found living and working.

Sounds great, right? Except we’re individually still working under stressful situations, doing too much and being expected to get more done that we humanly can. It’s not like Star Trek where everyone is wandering corridors looking for the next loose chic. So, let’s add in what space and highly developed races would bring to the mix. Pleasure planets. Oh, yes. If we’re going to be in space, dealing with other races then we’re taking full advantage of their technology.

Pleasure planets will be places built specifically for stress reduction. They will only exist on exotic places, those that make your chest ache because they are so beautiful. Tears of joy will stream down your cheeks when you land. They’ll be run by beings who ooze peace and serenity. Holistic, peaceful, and filled with all of those things you could ever want for a relaxing getaway. Like what, you ask?

Beautiful music made to calm you will play in every room. Scented air will enter your lungs and made you smile. Perhaps candles will be warming the air around the edges of the rooms, even though fire will be so last millennium.

How about foods that are made specifically from your memory? You press your finger into a small depression in the wall and the computer reads your thought patterns and creates exactly what you want. A piece of New York Cheesecake with cherries? Mmmm…

Oh, but what if you need a dose of endorphins? You’ve had a tough week and you are in desperate need of release and a flood of love-induced chemicals flowing through your body? Because, you know, that sex will be determined to be the best method of bringing the body into perfect emotional alignment. What? I’m writing this story and so I’m using some author prerogative.

Enter the idea of organically made cyborgs. These babies can be programmed to look like whoever the client wants to boink. You have a thing for a Xanagl purple-skinned warrior. Fine, you get him in all his violet glory. How about a smoking hot male from Fangor? Sure. Anything you want in the male species can be bought for a price. But, oh, the orgasms. They’ll be guaranteed. When you sign your contract the Pleasure Planets will promise you mind-blowing, tear-jerking, body-shaking releases.

Mmmm… sorry, got lost in the image. Who wants to fast forward two thousand years with me? Hmm? *raises hand* I’ll even drive the ship!

What would your perfect Pleasure Planet hold? Would it be like mine or something more exotic? Everyone wearing leather leashes and cuffs? Wait that would be in mine, too. Let me know by leaving a comment. I want to know what you’d expect to find on a planet dedicated to nothing but pleasure and relaxation.

About Lea Barrymire

Lea lives in Western New York with her hubby, three children, and miscellaneous critters. Before the rugrats, she lived a life of adventure, following her husband all over Europe with the US military. She’s slept in a car outside Paris, drove six hours just to see tulips in the Netherlands, and knocked ash from her shoes at Pompeii. Now she spends her time in life’s adventures at soccer games, PTA meetings and school plays.

Lea has loved reading from a very young age, spending many sleepless nights devouring books. Science fiction and paranormal were her favorite genres to read as a teenager, and that love bled into her adult life. She started writing during a bout of insomnia, to fill time, and found it filled a creative void. Now she communes regularly with the characters in her head and tries not to laugh out loud when they say something funny.

When Lea isn’t reading, writing or corralling kids, she enjoys watching movies and sciencey shows, or just kicking back and listening to some music.


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lb-boundattheballBound at the Ball blurb:

Rella Cinder was born to the submissive race on her planet and has finally reached the age of maturity. She has hated her nature since birth and has fought her submissiveness. As the youngest of four sisters, she’s watched the others go off and look for mates. This time she’s forced to comply with the government’s edicts, which includes attending the Unity Ball and taking a mate from the warrior species. What she doesn’t know is that she has already caught the eye of a warrior before stepping foot into the Ball.

Warrior Sabar T’Brun is ready to take a mate but doesn’t want a weak female. He sees what he craves in the willful Rella during her Initiation Ceremony. Her sweet submission and soft cries of passion are exactly what he wants in a mate.

Can they find each other before the Unity Ball ends? Or will someone else claim her?

Releases 1/28/2013- Available for preorder now:


Tina’s List of Sexy-At the Moment

I had to think long and hard about who I wanted to put at the top of my list. It keeps changing, so unless you want pages worth of sexy men I had to narrow it down. Of corse to be able to do that I had to go through reams and reams of sexy pictures. It was a hard job, I tell you, but I suffered through it for you;).

I wouldn’t chuck him off the edge of my bed. Let’s just say I was with Natalie Portman when she had to take a deep breath (and a good look) and Thor’s naked torso;).

Jeremy Renner is high up on my sexy list at the moment. I loved him as Hawkeye and in the new Bourne movie. There’s just something about him that grabs me.

I mentioned before that I’m currently enjoying superheroes. Robert Downey Jr. aka Tony Stark has the sense of humour and the snappy comebacks I really enjoy.

A large part of my Super Sexy Men only exist in books. I would love to me J. D. Robb’s Rourke for real. I shared my love for Hawke Snow (Nalini Singh) with you and I wouldn’t mind meeting Gideon Cross (Bared to Me, Silvia Day). Heck, any of Maya Banks’ KGI guys would be welcome;). I love a sexy body and a big personality, especially if it’s combined with a wicked sense of humour and the ability to think outside the box.

Who tops your Sex Symbol list? Real person or fantastic fictional creation?

Tina Christopher Writer of Sexy Steampunk and Sensuous Sci-Fi available at Ellora’s Cave and Amazon.

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