I Can’t Have Just One

Pick *a* sex symbol? Singular? That’s nuts. I can’t do it. Part of my problem is that I very rarely like a whole package. Yes. I know that sounds filthy. Take as you will. Some days, it IS filthy.

I seemrickman to be attracted to aspects of different guys. I’m a sucker for a wicked twinkle in a man’s eye and a sense of humor to match.This can be hard to find in someone who isn’t a certifiable psychopath, but look at John Cleese and Bill Murray and, even when he’s playing deliciously despicable bad guys, Alan Rickman.

Iron Man 3

Robert Downey Jr. gets that same gleam in his eye.

Nathan Fillion

It was the first thing I fell head over heels for Nathan Fillion for in Firefly. Then he turned out to be an incurable geek and I fell all the harder, but that’s another, deeply uncool issue.

A sculpted expanse of masculine physique is all well and good and enjoyable. The – er – artistic value alone, you know.  The problem is that I could go on adding photos all day – which means I wouldn’t meet my word count goals for the new novel in progress.

It would have been an easier assignment to post about guys I just don’t find at all attractive or sexy. MUCH shorter list. If only because I think that everyone has *something* about them. Thank the Gods, right? That means there’s hope for a fashion victim, girl geek like me. <G>

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Author of fast-paced, action-packed SFR and Fantasy

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