Let’s Talk Vibrators

Leta and I are practical women, so when we thought about a place where all our erotic fantasies could come true, even though we’d have a bevy of hot men at our disposal – we also insist on having our vibrators on hand. Because sometimes scratching that itch yourself is the only way to go. And of course vibes can be fun with partners as well. 😀

There are two brands we recommend (and no, they don’t pay us!): Lelo and Eroscillator. The Lelo comes with an electric charger, so no need to worry about batteries running low. The Gigi is great for all your pleasure needs and hasn’t disappointed me yet. It’s smooth to the touch and the five settings offer a nice range of variety.

The Gigi hits the spot! (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

The Gigi hits the spot! (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Here’s what Leta had to say about the Eroscillator:

A few years back, my favorite, reliable vibrator complete with rabbit ears, g-spot stimulation, and rotating metal balls, went kaput and I went on a search for an identical one. I ended up reading a ton of sex toy reviews. This review by Hey Epiphora and this one by Ellen Barnard both convinced me that in addition to a replacement of my old, trusty vibrator I should also buy the Eroscillator. It was about two years after having had my child and I was really looking to splurge on feeling sexy and sexual and super-orgasmic again. The reviews convinced me it was worth a try.

The reviews didn’t lie!

I will quote from Hey Epiphora now:

To explain my love for the Eroscillator in terms that longtime readers of this blog will understand: I haven’t used my (ex-) beloved Xtreme Pack G-spot bullet (which I once dubbed “the bullet to end all bullets”) since I received the Eroscillator. I’ve tried, and it just doesn’t feel good anymore. Yeah, the clitorial stimulator that I used almost exclusively for over a year and a half doesn’t do it for me now. Basically, I’m ruined.

Yes, this is my experience exactly. Except mine wasn’t a bullet, but whatever.

Be sure to read both reviews in entirety. They give you both the good and the bad of the product. But, for what it’s worth, there is very little that is bad. Especially if you have a partner with a penis (or a strap-on) or a traditional dildo or internal vibrator for when you really need that feeling of being filled. The Eroscillator is strictly a clitoral stimulator. It’s different from a traditional vibrator, though, in that it oscillates, it doesn’t vibrate. The biggest difference there is that you will never go numb from the Eroscillator like you would from a vibrator, so multiple orgasms are a possibility if you’re up for that. And the orgasms themselves feel deeper and stronger once you learn how to use the product. (Do check out the reviews because they explain at length how to best employ the product.)

Again, no one’s paying me anything to sing the praises of the Eroscillator. I just want to share the pleasure!


“French Legionnaire’s Mustache” is the best vibrator attachment description EVER.

These vibrators are pricier, but really, can you put a price on pleasure? We deserve it.

How about you? Have any vibrator recommendations? Don’t be shy now! We aren’t. 😀



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  1. *wanders off to do some research and read reviews* 😉

  2. Its like a mine field when it comes to vibrators, Which one do you go for, Shape, Size, Colour, different modes of vibrations. Take for instance the new leaf design, if you left it on the mantel piece for someone to accidentally find, you could pass it off as a decorative piece. Now the fun bit it that its rechargeable, so no more buying batteries.

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