Words, oh Words, You Sexy, Suggestive Beasts

Today’s MANhandler picture is one of absolutely sinful suggestion. The things I could do to those abs… (coughs) Sorry. Enjoy, my lovelies.

Today’s topic: Bulletproof Kink — What gets you going no matter how badly it’s done? Yep, we’re going there, folks. We’re talking sex–done dirty, done sweetly, it matters not so long as it’s done. (Wo)Man, I am looking forward to this post. How much fun, right?

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that, as an author, I’m in love with words–any words, all words, simple or complex. I love them. When I read a romance, I want the author to tell me what’s happening, explain who’s feeling what, talk to me like they’re Chris Hemsworth reading to me, breath brushing over my ear, from behind. Pressed close. God, pressed SO close. (Hey, it’s Chris Hello-I’m-Thor-with-the-HUGE-Hammer Hemsworth!) Ahem… (wipes brow) Let’s get not talk about Thor’s hammer. There’s no telling what I’d be encouraged to say.

Back to words, though there’s no safety here, either. See, I love suggestive conversation. I’ll never forget a date I was on. We’d been seeing each other for a while and we both knew where we were headed. We were walking into a restaurant when he looked over at me, yanked me to a stop with the words, “Fuck it.” He kissed me like I’d never been kissed. I was helplessly turned on. Yes, the kiss was amazing, but the passionate violence of those two words did me in. We ended up going into the restaurant for dinner. All throughout the meal, he’d lean over and feed me a bite of this or that with the excuse I had to try it. I have zero idea what we ordered. In fact, I don’t even remember the restaurant. What I remember is what he said when the fork was in my mouth. Those words made me it almost impossible to stay in my seat. His sexual innuendo was wicked, and I worked that fork well enough we were both squirming by the time dinner was over. The verbal foreplay had decimated me and I would have done (and maybe did do) anything he asked.

I don’t remember what we ordered, but I still remember what he said. Never underestimate the power of suggestive foreplay, my friends. Try it sometime. Tell your partner(s) what you’re going to do to him/her/them when you get home. See if  pupils don’t widen and breaths come short. <insert wicked grin>

What is it about words, written or spoken, that turns you on? Do you ever find that the right word, combined with either the right touch or the promise of the upcoming touch, flips your switch? Don’t be shy. Consider it author research — I want to know so I know how better to meet reader expectations with sex scenes. 🙂

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