SFR: Putting the Sexy into Sci Fi

Why do I write Science Fiction Romance? Well, I have loved sci fi since I was a little girl – Doctor Who, Star Trek, Space 1999 – I watched anything and everything that had stars and spaceships. Of course, I also loved Star Wars and being taken to see A New Hope at the theatre is one of my earliest memories. And probably responsible for my liking romance amongst the stars.

I mean, how can one watch Star Wars and not be aware of Han and Leia’s romance? It was truly a case of two hearts on a collision course, warp factor 10 with all shields down (sorry). The perfect backdrop to an epic tale of good winning over evil.

Science fiction is about humanity discovering space, with its new worlds and endless possibilities. In doing so, it’s about people being people and all that entails, be it warring with species it doesn’t understand, overcoming hardships and misunderstandings, fighting for something better and, because they are human and have feelings, falling in love.

But science fiction doesn’t just have to be in space – it can be Earth-bound, set in a future where the aliens have come to us (Men In Black and The War of the Worlds), or where a more advanced humanity sends someone back to the past (Terminator)

I wrote the latter as the plot to my latest release TIN CAT. Protagonist Hunter Grey is sent to capture a criminal bent on reshaping history. But time travel affects the body, so his is modified to cope with the stresses, as well as having adaptations to help him track his prey. He is, in short, cybernetic – and this is one of the areas that makes sci fi so much fun to play with.

A year after the accident that put her in a wheelchair, Amber Gerald has more or less gotten used to living with her impairment. It doesn’t make a difference to running a comic book store anyway, and the customers have been the best support group she could have wished for.

When she rescues an abandoned cat, Amber has no idea that she’s interfering in the mad scheme of a time travelling bank robber. Or that the man that walks into her store dressed like Blade is about to become her bodyguard.

Between being an unwitting owner of an android cat and falling for a cybernetic bounty hunter, Amber finds her life a whole new level of weird as science fiction becomes a very real factual threat.

About Misa

A blogger from Bolton, UK, Misa is a massive sci-fi geek, with a particular love of Doctor Who and Stargate SG1.

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