What Author Do I Want to Be? I’ve Got To Be Me

The topic of the next two weeks is:  Which author did you or do you secretly want to be and why?
Whether its arrogance, stubbornness or plain stupidity, I don’t have any particular desire to be another author. There are certainly other writers I like and learn from, but that’s a far cry from wanting to be them. For my own sanity, I focus on being the best I can be.  A little envy is good to get the fire ignited under one’s butt, but too much is paralyzing. My life has taken its own unique turns and twists, so at this point I’ll stick with Sammy Davis Jr’s version of life and belt out my answer: “I’ve got to be me, I’ve got to be me, who else can I be but what I am?”

Sammy Davis 1956

I want my own style, my own voice, my own way of doing things. You may have gathered by now I’m not all that much of a joiner. I think that’s our role as writers, to share things in our own perspective of universal truths, packaged up in hopefully emotionally satisfying and well written prose, and some laughter and satisfaction along the way. Sure, I’d like J.K. Rowling’s fan base (and bank account) but really, that’s about as far as that goes.

Rather than selecting another writers,  I’ll list things I  wish I had done:

1) I wish I had started writing earlier, by that I mean actually finishing something. I’ve started and stopped so many times, throughout the years.  As I am by nature a glass-half-full kind a gal, I am just glad that I started.
2) I wish I had believed in myself and my potential more, rather than spent my life trying to please others (and this may explain number one).  But I do now, so I am running with it.
If instead of sitting around, wishing you were (fill in author), why don’t you wonder over to a blank page, write all over it and enjoy being you. We already have (fill in author), we need you.
When all is said and done, in the end, we walk our own paths, so I just embrace that reality, sit down at my computer and keep writing. Some days its sprint, others a jog, and others I go backwards. But its mine and I’ve gotta be me.  And I’ve got a new book coming soon.  Ain’t he beautiful?nextmove_msr
What are things you wished you’d done but didn’t and what are you doing about it now?

Sabrina Garie is on a journey to create the most kick-ass heroine in romance fiction. You can meet the first heroine in Fires of Justice at Elloras Cave, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

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