It’s a Dragon’s Life For Me!

When I saw the theme for the blog this time I didn’t even have to think for a second: Dragon all the way!

Dragon is my Chinese zodiac, but even before that I have always been drawn to dragons. I love their mixture of infinite wisdom and brutal aggressiveness, the way they can be an amazing guide for a hero/heroine on a quest or the ferocious obstacle. They are hard to kill and can fly. I hate, and I mean HATE, flying in a metal can. Despite that I jumped out of one of those tin cans a few years ago and found myself amazed at the beauty and peace high up in the air. You just hang there on your parachute and nothing touches you. I imagine flying as a dragon would be similar. And who wouldn’t love a massive treasure to sit on…

I love dragon jewellery! Everywhere I travel I seem to pick up another pendant;). Let me share some of my obsession with you:


I bought the first two on a trip to Rome. I am not quite sure, but I think the third I bought in London and the fourth is from a fabulous store in Montreal.


These two Jade dragons I bought in Hong Kong last year. I really should make a decision on what kind of necklace I want with them, silver or gold, and add the little loop for it. Lol, I went to visit my friend Victoria Davies and she asked more than once why I kept looking for dragons. I didn’t really have an answer;).


And this one is from a cool store in Vancouver China Town.

There is just something about the sinuous lines of a dragon that pull me in.

What is your favourite jewellery?

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  1. That’s pretty jewelry, Tina. 🙂
    But jumping out of a tin can…nope not for me. I envy your guts, girl!


  2. I remember you buying the first two!! That was a brilliant holiday. Miss you soooo much. Nicki xx

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