My non-writing space: I write where I am

I’ve never had a writing space. I probably never will. Here’s my bold statement (not meant to offend those who do) just to explain a perspective.  To me, the idea of arranging that perfect writing space is a luxury I personally cannot afford.

I plan and plot to maintain a regular writing time in my life.  I work full time at a demanding job, am raising a daughter by myself, have social and other professional obligations that require time, should exercise more than I do, have to cart my kid around.  I wake up every morning and write and then sneak it in when I can.  My house is small so I don’t have any personal space to do this so just plop myself on the couch in the living room and go. If I spent time getting the space perfect, I would lose even more writing time.  So I’ve learned to write wherever I can–on the couch, at a desk, on a plane, in the metro, on an iphone, in a dance waiting room.  For me, finding time is more important than getting the “write” space.

If you have a different structure, and you have to keep yourself on track,  I understand that ritual and artifacts hold great value for getting writing done.  And that’s what this is about–what you need to do to get your writing done.   So for me, I just write where I am.  Have computer, can write.

Sabrina Garie is on a journey to create the most kick-ass heroine in romance fiction. Her new book Next Move releases  on July 5 at Ellora’s Cave.

About Sabrina Garie

Writer, reader, explorer, chauffeur (oops, I meant mom)

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  1. Marcella Burnard

    Stay flexible. Write everywhere. The inside of your own head is your writing space. Love that it’s portable.

    • I have to be. Its not only portable, I do it on multiple venue–I write in notes on my phone, leave voice messages on my phone, jot down things in a notebook, write paragraphs in email texts and send them to myself, wherever I can. Being a slow writer and having only small slices of time, means high flexibility and not letting anything get in your way. 🙂

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