In the zone

I have a desk. It’s upstairs, in the corner of my bedroom. At least, I think that’s where it is – there’s an awful lot of clothing piled on top. I’ve done the writer equivalent of buying an exercise machine only to use it as a clothes horse. Ahem.

So my place to write is… on the sofa. Laptop sits on my lap. Headphones get plugged in my ears. And, when I resist the temptation to tend my virtual kingdom or chat away on Twitter for long enough, I write. I don’t think where matters so much as doing. as long as I manage to switch off from the chaos around me (and with five kids, there’s a lot of chaos!), then I can get in the zone and write.

The Zone tends to have an almost mythical status. “How do you do that?” I get asked. Usually because those people know about the kids. And the husband. I’ve enough distractions before the Internet. My answer is to know what I’m going to write. I tend to rehearse scenes in my head before writing them down. I find that if I do that, then once I get to writing them, the words just flow. One scene segues into another and before I know it, I’ve 1K and change.

Secondly, I can’t write in silence. Probably because I’m so used to noise. I filter the quiet out the same way I do the kids playing on the Wii – I listen to music. What depends on the scene I’m writing and the overall feel I’m going for. Novel-in-progress Cassiopeia has a playlist that’s made up of several tracks from the Doctor Who soundtrack. Archangel‘s is a lot of Eighties music.

And then there’s God Is An Astronaut – Best. Sci Fi. Writing Music. Ever. Here, I’ll leave you with , so you can hear for yourself. You’re welcome. 😀

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Endlessly creative crafter with a particular love for crochet.

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  1. Thank you. I enjoyed the music so much than I’m going to check out more like it.

  2. I talk through my scenes while I’m driving home. Then, like you, I can slam them out because with a house full of others silence can’t be counted on!

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