My Fierce Demon Love

9888216_sMANhandlers, meet Abs of Delight! The nipple ring is just icing on this particular cake.

I love demons. Well, Gena Showalter’s demons. Not her personal demons… Maybe I should start over.

Today I’m going to blab about the best sidekicks EVAH. Having been a fan of paranormal romance (PNR) and urban fantasy (UF) for years — though I won’t disclose how many years — means I’m always looking for good books, preferably long-running series. I’m sort of picky about voice. It’s my pet peeve to get a flat voice or a voice I don’t connect with. It’s not the author’s fault, typically, but just my little quirk. Anyhoo, it often seems as if I’ve read everything I could possibly read. Then I find something new. Gena’s Lords of the Underworld series is the freaking best thing I’ve read in ages. No, it’s not new. Yes, I’m ashamed I hadn’t read it sooner. The point here is that I found it and have fallen in love with every…single…alpha hero. I’m talking almost-leave-my-lover-for-a-fictional-character love.

One of the best parts of the series, though, is that each warrior is paired with a demon high lord (i.e. Paris = Promiscuity, Toren = Disease, Amun = Secrets). These demons serve as a type of sidekick, influencing the hero and driving their behavior. It’s a great pairing because it gives each warrior such a distinct motivation because his will isn’t always his own. Every demon has a unique personality as well, and it’s interesting to see the interplay between man and monster. While the monster influences man, so does man influence monster. The author gives you the distinct impression that each demon might be just a little better than he was simply by being affiliated with his warrior. The warrior has ethics the demon lacks. It doesn’t always matter, but as each warrior battles his own story arc, you see how the two must work together to conquer whatever challenge has been set before him.

The other thing I truly love in this series is that the characters carry forward in every book, demons included. I have no idea how Gena manages as well as she does, but you never lose sight of any single character. It’s a remarkable talent she has to keep every character in every book while still allowing the hero/heroine to have their story. I’ve never felt cheated out of the hero’s/heroine’s story, even as I celebrate the recurring roles of the men I’ve fallen in love with.

Who are your favorite sidekicks in literature, movies or TV? I’m always interested to find out what people like about characters!

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  1. I love that series!! 😉
    I enjoy secondary characters, especially when they are comical.
    I tend to read series where they usually end up getting their own story.
    One of my favorites is Simi from Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunters books.

    • I just received one of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s books as a gift. I’ve never read her, really. But I have high hopes! I just finished MacRieve, a spinoff of the Immortals After Dark series by Kresley Cole. Best book she’s written. So good! It took me a while to get into her, but it was worth the reads.

      I do think Gena Showalter is my current addiction, though. I’ve been buying everything I can get my hands on of hers. It’s ridiculous! And my Amazon account is asking me to verify purchases I’ve made so many. LOL But yeah, series where the secondary characters get their own line? They’re the best. I just had another reader ask me about a secondary character in one of my books — wanted to know if he’d get his own book. The answer is a tentative “Yes.” I always hate to promise. 🙂

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. I haven’t had the chance to read MacRieve yet, though it is on my TBR.
    I have only read Gena’s LOTU series, but have a few other ones that I have, but not read.
    I hope you enjoy Sherri’s books!

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