My favorite Sidekick is Wilson – Castaway movie

Ohhhh what a sidekick Wilson is to Tom Hanks in this modern Robinson Crusoe type drama. Tom plays Chuck Noland, a systems analyst for FedEx. He is a man who is too busy to become engaged to the love of his life, played by Helen Hunt.

castaway poster

During the Christmas holidays, his work calls and with him being such a  workaholic he leaves his lady and catches a flight to attend to business in Malaysia.  But soon he becomes a lone castaway on a uninhabited island, as during a violent storm, the plane he is travelling in, crashes into the ocean.

Soon a corpse washes ashore from the flight he was on, along with some FedEx packages from the plane. He buries the man and after a couple of melt downs he goes into survival mode, opening the packages to see what he can use. As he attempts to make a fire, he cuts himself and gets very angry. Picking up a Wilson’s sporting goods volleyball, he throws it away in anger…that volleyball, now with his bloody handprint, will become his friend and sidekick “Wilson”.


After he settles down, Chuck draws a face in the bloody handprint on the volleyball and calls him Wilson. Over the next four years as Chuck struggles to survive, makes a shelter, fires to cook the fish he catches, Wilson becomes his sidekick. He talks to the ball, fights with the ball, and keeps it as his companion.




Four years later Chuck finds a portable toilet washed ashore and he is able to make a raft. Taking Wilson with him, he leaves the island. But unfortunately, Wilson falls into the ocean and floats away and is lost at sea. Chuck is devastated at losing his friend and sidekick. And I was devastated too!!! jan *wiping away tears* It was such an emotional tear jerking scene when Wilson floats away on the ocean waves. But Chuck is eventually rescued. Yeah! But when he returns to civilization he learns that everybody thought he was dead. And so did the love of his life. She has married and has a son…*jan wiping away more tears*

Alas this is a must-see movie for Tom Hanks fans. And for someone who wants a good cry too.

Anybody else like this movie?




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