My All-Time Favorite Book of Right Now #amreading #therifter #fantasy

I can’t possibly begin to actually choose an all-time favorite book of my entire life, but I can definitely choose an all-time favorite book of right this moment!

(Yes, I realize that all-time and now cancel each other out, but just let the enthusiasm of “all-time” sweep over you and the fleetingness of “now” impress upon you the ephemeral quality of this designation.)

Okay, so it’s not so much a book as a series, or not so much a series as a serial to be more exact. And it is, in my opinion, officially the best thing ever for right now! Yes, that’s right! Savor my fickleness and my cheerful acknowledgement that when it comes to books I won’t be monogamous forever. But for right now, this week, this past month, this next month, and possibly through the beginning of next year, maybe even longer, this is the best book ever! Best serial ever! Whatever it is, it is the BEST EVER! (For right now!)

The Rifter Series by Ginn Hale!

Yes, that series I was going on about two weeks ago? Well, I finished it. And I loved it. And I started it over again from the beginning the very next day! And reading it again when I know the end makes it an entirely different book! (Serial, whatever.) If there was a fandom for this series I’d be lost forever or at least for a year. As it is, I wander around murmuring “Ravishan” to myself whenever I want to feel happy, or vicious, or amazed. So, the lack of fandom is probably for the best really. But….WHY IS THERE NO FANDOM FOR THIS SERIES?

Go forth! Buy! Join me in delirium and roll around with me in Ravishan and bones and Gray Space and seamless folds of story that fit in just so. Walk around with stars in your eyes, too. I will hold your hand! Or, well, I’ll try to hold your hand because I do have a lot going on in my life, but if you need to discuss Ravishan, I’m your woman. I’ll make the time. For you and for Ravishan, for sure. Absolutely. Just call my name and I’ll be there. (I’ll be there! Oh, I’ll be there! I’ll be there! Just call my naaaaame and I’ll be there! /baby Michael Jackson)

Sorry, just talking about this book/serial/whatever makes me a little giddy. I was accused of having had coffee one day while discussing it recently. But, no! The hyper, manic, wild-eyed enthusiasm was all from book(s)! So, yes, seriously, buy! Read! Love!

*twirls in thoughts of Ravishan*

By the way, I sort of imagine Ravishan looking a lot like this picture, only with even darker hair. Though I suppose he might look entirely different in your mind’s eye if this dude is not appealing to you. Okay? Okay. But, yes, I needed to share this pic because I saw it the other day and thought, “Ravishan!” But, um, I think that a lot right now, so maybe it’s just me.


Buy links are below!

1. The Shattered Gates
2. Servants of the Crossed Arrows
3. Black Blades
4. Witches’ Blood
5. The Holy Road
6. Broken Fortress
7. Enemies and Shadows
8. The Silent City
9. The Iron Temple
10. His Holy Bones

You can also buy the ebooks at a discounted price as a bundle at Blind Eye Books. Just click below and it’ll take you there. Scroll down past the print books and you’ll see the first listing is to buy the subscription. It’s worth every dime, in my humble opinion.

Keira Andrews and Leta Blake write fairy tale inspired m/m erotica and romantica with Ellora’s Cave. Check out Love’s Nest, available on Wednesday through Ellora’s Cave! And also remember to look at Earthly Desires and Ascending Hearts, the first two books in the Tempting Tales series, available for purchase at AmazonBarnes and Noble, and Ellora’s Cave.

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