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Geronimo! Travelling with the Doctor!

What time do I want to live in? All of them, which is why I am hijacking this

There are just so many times to explore and I am not sure I’d actually would want to live in them. I remember reading a book where a modern woman travelled back to the Regency era. She was so excited to explore her favourite time until she opened the front door of the London house and got a whiff of the stench that must have been around during that time.

I imagine I probably would experience the same thing;). And a number of us have said it already:  chances are I won’t be one of the rich and famous, but some minion who has a short, hard life.

So, instead I’ll travel with the Doctor (any of them will be just fine, but David Tenant would be at the top of my list), jump throughout time, save the universe every other day and not have to worry about making a living when electricity is not around.

My first trip will be to meet Her Majesty Queen Victoria and, like Rose, I will do everything in my power to have her say “We are not amused!”;). Other than that I’d hang out for a few days to do some research for my next steampunk novel, the sequel to Rescue by Ruin.

The next stop would be the future, maybe the year 2000 or 3000 (maybe all the way to the end of earth), just so see what’s happening and what has changed. After saving whoever we bumped into, possibly nearly falling into a black whole and fighting some ancient evil, I’ll take the Doctor for a drink and check out the bars around town. In Tangled Indulgence I introduced a bar, Indulgence, and a connected sex club, Lust. I am considering starting a new series set in Indulgence/Lust, which means I need to do some research…

After ticking both of those off my list I am pretty much open to any time. It would be nice to see the pyramids and meet the Incas before their civilization was destroyed. I wouldn’t mind seeing a true samurai or a cowboy.

That’s me, footloose and fancy free and accompanying the Doctor. If you’re a Whovian like me, what is one of your favourite episodes and in what time period does it take place?

Tina Christopher

Writer of Sexy Steampunk and Sensuous Sci-Fi available at Ellora’s Cave and Amazon.

Contest!! plus…If You Could Live In Another Time…

If you could live in another time, what time would you like to live in? That’s the topic at Darker Temptations over the past couple of weeks and a question for me to ponder…

But first….Contest! Contest! See below for details on getting a chance to win a free pdf copy of Resistance – Outlaw Lovers!


Call me crazy but I would be interested in living sometime in the future, specifically during the times of my Outlaw Lovers series…about  seven plus years from now it would be a post-catastrophic time where most of the women have died from various illnesses and there are tons of men available.

Here’s a peek at how life would be like:

A fast-acting virus has killed a majority of the world’s female population and forced the creation of the Claiming Law. Groups of males have the right to claim a female as property…sexual property. With the Terrorist Wars over, the Outlaw brothers come home to declare ownership of their women…

I would be part of the “Resistance”. A ragtag group of people who are willing to fight to reinstate a democratic government and get rid of the newly formed dictatorship as well as the Claiming Law. I’d have my pick of hunky guys who believe in a woman picking her own man (or men) for her mates. And I would try like hell to avoid getting caught by the groups of men roving around looking to claim wives.

How about you? Do you have a wish to live in another time?

So, my contest question is…

For a chance at a free pdf ebook copy of “Resistance” send me an email with the first names of the three main characters (one female and two males) in the futuristic erotic romance “Resistance” part of my Outlaw Lovers series at Ellora’s Cave. 

Your answer can be found here:

A winner will be picked sometime over this weekend and their name will be posted here and I will contact them as well.

Contest deadline – midnight tonight – Friday September 27, 2013 E.T.

Good luck! Woot!

Books can be read in this series order (ebook formats)…1. Jude Outlaw   2. The Claiming  3. Colter’s Revenge  4. Tyler’s Woman  5. Resistance…..and in paperback format 1. Jude and Luke (contains Jude Outlaw & The Claiming) 2. Colter’s Revenge 3. Tyler’s Woman – no paperback version of Resistance available yet.

Also an update: Look for Toygasm , Attracted to Him and Attracted to Her releasing soon from Ellora’s Cave. Details can be found here:


And releasing soon – Marley’s Menage – Book 2 The Key Club from Spunky Girl Publishing –

MarleysMenage2500x1563 (4)

Happy Reading,

Jan Springer


Be Here Now

vintage postcard with classical tuscan viewIf I could live in another time I’d be hard press to come up with one. The past always looks romantic in the movies but the reality of the hardships and inconveniences are not ones I care to live with. I most likely would have been a serf living off the land. And really, I have a black thumb! I’d starve to death.

Egypt during the height of its glory sounds intriguing but again, I doubt I would be running around the palaces and temples, most likely scrubbing the floors.

No, I will stay right here. It’s not perfect, there are many challenges ahead for society and the world, but it’s also an exciting time as well. Technological advances are changing the world as we know it.

I don’t have to step back into time or fly forward into the future.

Like the old saying goes: Be Here Now.

Viki Lyn


Viki Lyn: Award winning author of male/male paranormal and contemporary romances. You can find all of Viki’s books at the following sites: Amazon, All Romance Ebooks and GLBT Bookshelf.

The Dichotomy of Misa

If I could live in another time… well, you’d think it’d be the future and in a way you’d be right.

As a Trekker, I think the place to live would be Deep Space Nine (it’d be Babylon 5, except for the Shadows). There are planets to explore, a wormhole on the doorstep and, when I was feeling flush, Quark’s casino.

Plus I’d absolutely love to meet all the varying aliens and learning about their cultures. Not sure I’d try any gagh though!

But I’m a tricky beast and the future isn’t the only time that fascinates me. Part of me is drawn to the past, to the adventure of the Wild West, but there’s also the lure of Victorian England, with its smog-bound cities and huge leaps in industrial technology.

pnpYet scratch not all that deep and you’ll find the heart of a romantic raised on Jane Austin and the Bronte sisters. Perhaps not the best period for a forward-thinking woman that sucks at being ladylike, but the idea of being wooed, of balls and horse-drawn carriages appeals mightily.

But I suppose that, if I had to choose…

Between the past…

And the future…

Then I simply wouldn’t choose at all.

I’m Okay Right Here… Really!


Sometimes it’s easy to dream about the past, or the future, and think how much simpler life would be if I lived there. In the past of fiction and imagination the pace was slower, the living simpler, the possibilities seemingly boundless. Then I start remembering all the stuff I take for granted, and frankly enjoy, that didn’t exist in my favorite time periods. Health care, indoor plumbing, personal hygiene in some cases, not to mention general sanitation. If there’s one thing I despise it’s stinky smells, and there would be a lot of those.

I suppose if I were born in the past I wouldn’t mind that the streets ran with effluvia or that indoor plumbing consisted of a chamber pot. But to go back to there from now? Realistically? No ta! Besides I’d probably be a serf, not a princess or other high-status individual, and life would be not just stinky but short and hard.

As for the future… Well, I’d like to live in the kind of future where money doesn’t exist, where each person’s talent is carefully nurtured and everyone is equal (yes, I know, I’m back to Star Trek again, aren’t I?) but again my realistic nature makes me question that dream. Humans are strange beings—competitive, argumentative, egotistical, to name a few characteristics—and the traits that make us human would seem often to be impediments to that kind of Utopian ideal.

Then there’s that pesky thing called ‘technology.’ I don’t hate it—believe me, my computer is one of my favorite possessions—but that doesn’t mean I actually understand it. Every year technology advances and I know, without a doubt, at some point in my lifetime it will far outstrip my needs and ability to keep up. So, should I jump forward in time say two-hundred years, would I be even able to function? I wouldn’t have the necessary implants given at birth or have the chance to learn how to use them seamlessly, like those future children do, should that be a part of future humans’ lives. Even if technology isn’t that intrusive, I can picture myself curling up in a corner, gibbering, as someone tries to teach me how to get the replicator to feed me!

Minolta DSCSo, all-in-all, I’ll just hang out here, with my flush toilet, microwave and plug-in kettle. There’s a lot to be said for the comfort of the known…

Which Place In Time

Do you suppose geekdom transcends lifetimes? I ask because this week’s question is which time period (past or imagined future) would you live in if you could. My problem is that there are so many cool mysteries about past time periods that I’d like answers to, but those questions are predicated on the knowledge we all have in the here and now. If I couldn’t take that curiosity, that sense of ‘ooo, cool’ with me, I don’t wanna go.

Case in point: Ancient Egypt. Who wouldn’t want to see the pyramids going up and know something about how that happened? I mean, there’s a huge difference between our ancient ancestors knowing far more about engineering than modern scientists imagine and ‘built by aliens’, right? The problem is that this is only fascinating if you aren’t one of the people breaking your back to either build those pyramids or support the builders. It’s only intriguing if you aren’t a slave in some household. It’s only interesting if you’re in the rarified position to be able to be fascinated by it rather than simply trying to survive. And given that the period is marked by distinct lines between the haves and the have nots, that’s assuming an awful lot.

pumapunkuThe other fascination is Puma Punku – this is a ruin in Bolivia. The stone construction blocks look a little like Legos in that they are slotted and carved to interlock. Some of that stone is incredibly hard stuff (some of it is sandstone, which isn’t all that hard). The site has been radiocarbon dated to roughly 500 AD – though, naturally, the stones can’t be dated – organic matter from the lowest layer of a debris mound was dated and is presumed to be concurrent to the carving of the stones and creation of what’s assumed to be a temple complex. The kicker is: No one *really* knows for certain what this site was or why it was created. It is a ruin. To the extent that many of the stones are shattered. Conspiracy theorists point out that some of the stones show evidence of extreme heat – the exposed surfaces have some of the constituent parts fused into glass. I totally want to know A) how this thing was built, B) why and C) how it was destroyed. That last one – preferably without being one of the casualties of whatever happened to blow that site to its current state. But again – I run into the notion that if I lived in that time, I’d take everything happening around me for granted. Also, I can’t help but note that in about 500 AD, I’d likely already be dead since the average life expectancy at that time was . . . short.

Okay. If I could live in any future? Give me one with commonplace interstellar travel. Assuming that any future with enough technology to handle that sort of travel has also come up with a cure for space sickness. Life wouldn’t be worth living if it was possible go into outer space, but you didn’t want to because you’d be miserable. I’d absolutely want to walk on another planet or find out how much the state of physics has changed in order to accommodate interstellar travel.

This is the long way of saying I’m mighty fond of this time I’m in right now. It’s a unique time in history, I think, because I have the luxury of day dreaming about what my life might be like in some other time period. Time periods, I might note, that often didn’t allow such luxury to anyone who wasn’t one of the one percent. And literate. Also? I really like flush toilets. Just saying.

A Brougham, a Lightbulb and a Chamber Pot

Sexy guyLet’s all take a moment to admire the extra set of hands in this week’s MANhandler photo. I know, I know…I wish they were mine too.

I love history. I’m talking love like biscuits love gravy, like chicken wings love sauce, like credit card companies love me. It’s irrational, this crazy passion I have for times past.  I blame Cinderella. No, really. I do. See, when I was little, I thought that whoever lived back in “olden times” got to marry a prince if they were super nice. Talking to the mice and birds was pretty cool too. But the whole princess thing? I was totally sold. The fact I was a total tomboy didn’t count against me since I had the qualifying princess quality: I was nice. I used to daydream about meeting my own prince charming and living in a castle and doing whatever it was princesses did before they became queen. And let’s face it — becoming queen was just cool.

I also love all things British. All. The. Things.

Carriage in SilhouetteAs I grew older, my obsession with the two merged and, low and behold, I discovered both Regency and Victorian romance novels. I was in heaven. Aristocracy was in, they were in love and they rode around in very cool carriages while thee-ing and thou-ing. It was heaven! There were people to cook and clean and sew and mend and garden and do the stable work. Everyone had these people, right? Uh-huh. I thought so too. Imagine my dismay when I realized the brutal untruth of this assumption. Not everyone could be titled, and I was far from likely to be the one to marry into the aristocracy. I was more likely to be executed or, at the very least, sent to Australia for being a heretic. (This became abundantly clear the day I learned wives were property of their husbands and could, literally, be sold if they were “bad.”)

Why, then, am I so enamored with Victorian England in particular? Because I wouldn’t have been bad. I have decided I would have been a duchess. Less responsibility than a princess but still top of the food chain. I would have been wildly loved and, in return, loved a duke. We would have traveled Hyde Park in a phaeton, attended balls and dinners in a brougham with the family crest on the side. Lights had been invented and we would have been on the cutting edge of innovation. There would have been houses and land and trips and love. Grand, grand love. And water closets had also been invented, so no chamber pots! Win!

In truth, I’m just modern day me. I’m not British, not a duchess and not rich. My “cutting edge of innovation” is a MacBook Pro that has functions I have no idea how to utilize (PhotoShop, anyone?). My carriage is a mid-size SUV. But prince charming? Got it in one. I married him.

Greetings from the Future

Our topic, would we I rather live in the past or the future?

Personally, I try to never look back. I aim my life and my heart forward, take steps to get me there, sometimes small, sometimes large.  Given that general orientation, the idea of living in the past has no appeal. It feels to me like going backwards, like wishing for a world long gone. Women rarely had status, clothes were often heavy and constricting, knowledge and reading not widely promoted or available, especially for women.

My choice is the future, the one I work to create, whose contours I may influence through my actions and my child. Here’s what I want it  to look like. I even have a picture, courtesy of Epcot (my summer vacation). Ignore the clothes, but the high tech house is fully integrated into nature.  The floors are grass. A waterfall and river run through it, yet it remains protected from the elements when they take dramatic form.  The sun provides energy and light.

Greetings from the Future

I want this house, I want to live in it, in a world where we finally figure out how to integrate science and nature, progress and magic. Where there is enough for everyone and everyone has enough.

Do you think we’ll get there?

Sabrina Garie is on a journey to create the most kick-ass heroine in romance fiction. Meet Jocelyn, a single mom who gets a second chance at love in her newest book Next Move available from Ellora’s Cave and Amazon.

“Claiming Hannah” has cyborgs!

Over the past few days Darker Temptations has been chatting about which robot/android/cyborg would I like to drop by for a visit.

My futuristic erotic romance has cyborgs. According to Wikipedia ( “a cyborg is a being with both organic and artificial parts” and “the term cyborg is often applied to an organism that has enhanced abilities due to technology ”

Well, I would love my characters from “Claiming Hannah” to drop by. But since they are fictional, I will give you a peek into their world on Earth in  the Year 50 A.A. (50 years After Armageddon). Here men and women are drafted into the Hit Association for life. They are trained to hunt down Breeder Slaves (clones) who escape their masters and run for the Free States to have a life of their own.

These drafted Hitmen and Hitwomen are turned into cyborgs. Their eyes, ears and brains (and sometimes other body parts) are enhanced so they can track down their prey. But sometimes they do fall in love…with the people they are ordered to kill.

claiming hannah

“Claiming Hannah” (Ellora’s Cave) is one of those stories…

Hannah is a Breeding Slave. Created solely for the purpose of producing healthy offspring for an ailing human race, Hannah Roberts longs for freedom and fantasizes about the dangerous man she can never have. With her breeding status about to commence, her hunger for freedom explodes. Escaping into the night, she knows capture will bring her certain death.

Jacob is her Hitman. Trained to be a cold-blooded killing machine, the only light in Jacob Romero’s life is Hannah, a beautiful Slave whose sweet innocence brands his heart and awakens dark desires he never knew he had. Assigned to hunt her down and kill her, he’s seriously injured when he saves her life.

Forbidden love always finds a way. Now fugitives, they hide in a deserted mansion where Hannah nurses the wounded Hitman she’s always wanted. Soon their passions ignite, throwing them into a sexual ecstasy neither can run from. Their forbidden love will face one final challenge. Escaping to a harsh new life in the Free States.

Publisher Note: Previously released by another publisher under the title of A Hitman for Hannah, this book has been extensively revised and reedited for Ellora’s Cave.

Here’s “Claiming Hannah’s” Book Trailer:

And the “Forward” for Claiming Hannah:


Year 50 A.A. (50 years After Armageddon)

 Compliments of Armageddon, radiation and pollution continue to plague the Earth. Disease, stem cell research and organ transplants are common. Treatment for certain diseases is often extreme, leaving many afflicted with side effects such as sterility. Human reproductive failures are at epidemic proportions.

Cloning from quality, radiation-resistant embryos becomes the norm, allowing non-reproductive couples to have access to healthy test-tube babies. However, studies reveal such babies aren’t as resilient to pollution or radiation as those conceived in a human host. Couples demand access to healthier children.

Hence a large amount of Copies or Clones, as they were known in the A.C.—After Christ—years are created. They are designer babies, genetically manipulated to produce superior-quality offspring and their sole purpose in life is to be Breeding Slaves or Studs. Rich, childless humans are eligible for the enhanced offspring of the Breeder Slaves. These superior babies will be integrated into society.

After a conditioning period of eighteen years, the Breeding Slaves and Studs are moved to privately owned breeding farms—a very lucrative business where a rich couple will pay quite handsomely to purchase a baby and watch their child’s creation from conception to birth by the two Copies they select. Certain factions protest the use of Copies for breeding purposes. It goes against human morals, they say. Copies are just as human as the rest of the people. They bleed blood, they understand and have emotions. They should be free to live in society as the rest of the humans. They should have the right to pick their mates, have their own children. To gain an education.

Activists fight for Breeding Slave and Stud rights. The government does listen to an extent. Strict rights are granted. Female Copies are educated and allowed to keep their firstborn until the child is eighteen when a master can either sell the firstborn as a Breeding Slave or set him or her free. And then there are the downfalls. Being a Breeding Slave must remain a life sentence. It is after all, why these enhanced humans have been created. To serve mankind. There can be no marriage between Breeding Slave and Stud or humans. If a Breeding Slave or Stud runs, he or she must pay a deadly consequence.


Hannah is a Breeding Slave and she’s running. Jacob is a Hitman assigned to eliminate her.

Neither has known passion or love.

Until now.

Glossary for Claiming Hannah

 Hitman or Hitwoman: Men and women drafted into the Hit Association. Their draft is for life or death, whichever comes first.

 Hit Association: A group of men and women drafted and trained to hunt down runners. They are given enhanced eyes and ears and other equipment to assist in their jobs.

Armageddon: In the year 2050 A.C. the Fourth World War begins. It rages for seven long years. After a rain of nuclear bombs completes the war, the ensuing pollution gives the world an ailing civilization that clings to the hope of a future using genetically designed healthy Breeding Slaves and Studs—Clones, designer babies, Copies—to produce offspring for them.

enhanced eyes: Infrared heat-seeking lenses embedded into the eyes and wired to the brain of Hitmen and Hitwomen drafted into the Hit Association.

enhanced hearing: Electrical implants embedded into the ears and wired to the brain. The unit enhances a Hitman’s or Hitwoman’s hearing.

tazer gun: Sends out green ray probes of electricity and shocks the intended victim into unconsciousness.

laser gun: Depending upon the strength of the ray, it can either severely burn or kill the intended victim. In most cases it is used on a runner.

runner: A Breeding Slave or Stud who decides the breeding life is not for him or her and runs for the Free States.

Breeding Slave or Stud: Designer babies produced specifically to be conditioned into being Breeders. As adults they will be paired with mates, creating healthy babies for the ailing human race.

Free States: A harsh, lawless, cold land north of the States border where runners gain their freedom. They must survive here using their wits.

States: Since Armageddon the States have been run by a harsh dictatorship government that is trying to repopulate the land with a superior race of humans. It uses any means necessary to accomplish its goals.

To get your copy of Claiming Hannah:

Ellora’s Cave –

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Kindle format: US, Canada JapanUKGermany

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into the future and some day in the near future – maybe next year – I do have plans for more stories of this world so stay tuned.

Hugs and Happy Reading!


Mecha Steampunk


Since I’m one of the last authors to post, most of the subjects are taken! Data, C3PO, Terminator and even the Jetson’s maid – Rosie! So I racked my brain to come up with a robot that hasn’t been mentioned. I don’t watch much Sci Fi or read it. I admit to loving Star Trek and Star Wars, but doesn’t everyone? But I do watch anime and read manga…

And boy, do the Japanese love their mechanical heroes, so much that they have a sub-genre called Mecha – A work involving and usually concentrating on all types of large robotic machines.

One anime series I loved was Samurai 7- an older series. It is based on the influential Japanese film – Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai and follows the plot closely. “A farming village decides to stop being lapdogs to roving bandits and sends out some emissaries to find seven samurai who will protect their village from the bandits in exchange for rice. The samurai soon come together to help defend and train the villagers against their would-be attackers.”

One difference from the original movie is there’s a mecha samurai in the group of heroes (see him standing in the back of the group photo). The film has a very steampunk feel to it – fighting mechas and giant air ships floating in the sky.

So check it out. You won’t be disappointed!

Viki Lyn

Viki Lyn: Award winning author of male/male paranormal and contemporary romances. You can find all of Viki’s books at the following sites: Amazon, All Romance Ebooks and GLBT Bookshelf.

Thou shall not kill.

For archangel Razi-el, he had no choice. He would break God’s commandment again if it were to save Uri-el from a demon’s talons. Yet even God’s most trusted archangel cannot avoid punishment. No longer Razi-el, he is now Izar, a Protector sworn to kill for the angels.

When a Protector kills an angel, Izar is summoned to work alongside Uri-el to capture the killer. Izar is shocked when his bloodlust spikes hot for the archangel. He knows better than to go after forbidden fruit. Refusing to give in to temptation, he ignores his body’s tempestuous arousal for Uri-el until a heated argument turns his blood into molten lust.

As they rush to find the killer, their passion plays into the demon’s plan. Izar will have to make a choice between life and death if he is to save Uri-el again.

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