Greetings from the Future

Our topic, would we I rather live in the past or the future?

Personally, I try to never look back. I aim my life and my heart forward, take steps to get me there, sometimes small, sometimes large.  Given that general orientation, the idea of living in the past has no appeal. It feels to me like going backwards, like wishing for a world long gone. Women rarely had status, clothes were often heavy and constricting, knowledge and reading not widely promoted or available, especially for women.

My choice is the future, the one I work to create, whose contours I may influence through my actions and my child. Here’s what I want it  to look like. I even have a picture, courtesy of Epcot (my summer vacation). Ignore the clothes, but the high tech house is fully integrated into nature.  The floors are grass. A waterfall and river run through it, yet it remains protected from the elements when they take dramatic form.  The sun provides energy and light.

Greetings from the Future

I want this house, I want to live in it, in a world where we finally figure out how to integrate science and nature, progress and magic. Where there is enough for everyone and everyone has enough.

Do you think we’ll get there?

Sabrina Garie is on a journey to create the most kick-ass heroine in romance fiction. Meet Jocelyn, a single mom who gets a second chance at love in her newest book Next Move available from Ellora’s Cave and Amazon.

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