Way back when…

What is your favorite TV show that dates you the most?

Leonard Nimoy William Shatner Star Trek 1968

My enduring love is Star Trek.   I was not old enough to watch it when it first launched because it was on after my bedtime but I was around at the time so I think it counts for dating me,  Even though I didn’t watch the show in its original time, I have seen every episode, every series, and it remains the only show I can see over and over again. I even endured Enterprise. So much promise, so little delivery, but I sat through every minute of it.  Just in case.

Star Trek remains my hope of a human future that’s worth working for, that taps the good in us all. Not because we’re angels, but because we’re survivors and we’re social.  In the end, when push comes to shove, we will ultimately prevail over our human failings.

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  1. I was old enough to watch Star Trek when it first came out. My dad never missed an episode so we watched together. But the show I loved the most was Emergency! with Johnny Gage and Roy Desoto. I was 8 when it started but I’m pretty sure I watched every episode. MeTV has it in their lineup so I’m DVR’ing every show so I don’t miss a one! LOL!

    • Randolph Mantooth, I remember him being all over Teen magazines. The guys back then were not as buff as they are today. 🙂 So glad you could drop by. Its like walking down memory lane..

  2. I’m REALLY going to date myself, but when I was a kid my absolute favorite show was Thunderbirds. It was a futuristic save the world kind of thing, with really cool weapons and vehicles and sets, and all the characters were marionttes. I loved it! The best part is I just read where they are remaking it! Can’t wait

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