The Rookies!!

For the past few days we’ve been talking about which tv show dates us the most…for  me it would be “The Rookies” starring Michael Ontkean, George Standford Brown and Kate Jackson.

the rookies

OMG I believe my first tv show star crush was Canadian actor Michael Ontkean of the 1972-1976 tv series The Rookies.  I was just 12 years old but boy did he look hot!

I would drool over his pictures in Tiger Beat magazine (the first introduction to the magazine was the several copies I had found in the local cottage dump!)  My parents wouldn’t let my brother and I watch much tv back then but Monday nights were reserved for The Rookies and I made sure I watched every episode. A childhood friend and I would also sit on the front porch of my parents house where we  would write stories in our notebooks and create episodes for the Rookies. It was probably the first time the writing bug began for me. lol

michael ontkean

Happily I have just discovered that The Rookies First Season & Second Season (the only two seasons I believe with Michael Ontkean before he left the show ) are out on dvd…and so I plan to get myself a copy of each and swoon over my main man as well as the other cutie guys on The Rookies. Woot!

rookies first season

Does anyone remember the Rookies? Or am I too old? LOL



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  1. I had totally forgot about that series! Must find the DVD’s!

  2. I ordered them thru Amazon…waiting on them. Gonna have a Rookies Marathon when they arrive. It’s gonna be fun!! lol

  3. Oh my! I remember The Rookies, but what you really reminded me of was the magazines of my youth…..I couldn’t wait to get the latest editions of Tiger Beat and 16, I remember they had…

  4. I so remember them. I actually liked Sam myself. I wish I could forget Tiger Beat magazine.

  5. Oh no, how could you possibly want to forget those magazines, they were my teenage porn. When I think about how skinny those ‘hunks’ were it just cracks me up. Oh how our tastes change, I like them big and brawny now..:)

  6. I was so into Tiger Beat myself. I would take out those centerfolds and tape those guys up on my bedroom wall…mom was always mad about wrecking the paint on the walls. lolol

  7. I did that too, put them on the walls, I had a bedroom under the eves so the walls were all angled, I painted the top section day-glo green and the bottom section day-glo blue and had day-glo stickers all over my posters and of course my beefcake centerfolds (skinny and hairless lol ) and a black light. My mother came up to see what I did, took one look and pretty much never came into my room again. I only wish I had taken photos.

  8. Oh man, your room sounds sooo cool,- even better than mine. Me too, wish I had thought to take pics. *le sigh*

  9. He he he, I just got notice from Amazon that my Rookies are on the way…should get them next week!! I can hardly wait. LMHO

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