In Gratitude (Believe It or Not)

In the last week of October, as we slide toward November, our theme for the next couple of weeks is the three things we are grateful for.  Mine are simple.  And I’m doing four, because I could not get it down to three.

Number one, and far ahead of the others, is my daughter. She is a joy and a wonder and a tenacious bulldog at times, but she keeps me engaged, loving, well-dressed, on my toes, and very close to my inner child and the magic hidden beneath life’s burdens.  And she keeps me loved.  Very loved. Who else would ask me to dress up as Dracula and pop out of a coffin, dance with a one eyed, banana-eating minion (an after the dance party pic) or answer knock-knock jokes for hours.  Minion with both of us

Number two. I am grateful for my health.  As dull as that seems, having everything more or less working, more or less well is a true blessing. One I wish for everyone.  As part of that wish, I happily and proudly contributed a story to the Shades of Pink Anthology, a gift  33 authors are giving to thank those who give to breast cancer research.  You can check out the details here. Empty Bed

Number three, believe it or not, I  am grateful for my fears and flaws.  As much as they create obstacles and frustrations in my life and drive some of my bigger, badder errors,  these also keep me moving forward, humble, creative and compassionate. They are as much a part of the package that is me as the stuff I actually like.  So it seems fit to be grateful and aware of what they bring to the table, as much as they work hard to disrupt said table.

Finally, I am grateful for the little things in life.  That parking space that opens up in the crowded lot, a good review for my book, a text from a friend just when you need it, a stranger on the metro who’s smile and good wishes lifts up a day that looked bleak, a cat curling up on my lap when I’m feeling sick, a good book, a reader who tells me how much they like my story, a strong cup of coffee in the morning, the almost accident that wasn’t, and so on and so forth.

For these, and so much more, I am grateful.  What about you. What little things are you grateful for?

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Writer, reader, explorer, chauffeur (oops, I meant mom)

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  1. Reblogged this on Sabrina Garie and commented:

    I’m blogging at Darker Temptations on what I’m grateful for. Come check it out. If you are here for the Wicked Warriors Halloween Blog Hop-Welcome-its the next post down.

  2. Sabrina, I’m grateful for these same blessing…and also for reminders like this! Wonderful post, woman! 🙂

  3. “Invite your demons to dinner”… one of my favorite phrases. Don’t fear them; don’t wrestle them; don’t create a dichotomy inside of yourself. You are your weaknesses and your strengths and to ignore or fight one or the other (or both) is to fight yourself. 😉

    I’m grateful for life, my kids, my ups and my downs. They make me a better person, every day. 🙂

    Lovely post, Sabrina 🙂

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