Beat the Post Holiday Blues – Give Away

I confess I have no idea what our topic is supposed to be this week. It flew past as a notification (hey, dummy, write about this!) in my email while the family was in the midst of prepping for the holiday. And I was in the midst of getting the crappy winter cold that’s been going around. Let the score card read that this was my second chance at this one. I’m done. DONE. No more winter viruses. Unless the next illness includes zombies. And I’m – ya know – not one of the undead. Initially.

Long way of saying that the words I read regarding this week’s topic were not indelibly printed upon my brain. Hence, I wing it. Happy Holidays. 😀


You, dear reader, have needs. We comprehend this. Thus, I have a $25 Amazon gift card for one of our readers, though I do ask a tiny bit of you. Leave a comment, please, with at least two suggestions for topics you’d like read about in the coming year. We’ll entertain silly, fun, scary, what ever floats your reading boat. You have until 12/31 11:59:59 PM to leave your suggestions. At that point, we’ll pull a name out of our virtual hat. Leave me a means by which to contact you – email addy (format: name @ isp . com  – including spaces seems to cut spam a bit) or a Twitter handle. If that makes you uncomfortable, I’ll post the winner to this blog (and a means to reach me so you can take delivery of your loot) on 1/9 – when my turn comes around again.

Also, for your irreverent, Flying Spaghetti Monster entertainment, behold, a noodle-y miracle upon my Solstice orange:

FSM There’s probably something terribly ironic about a Wiccan getting a Solstice orange with the Flying Spaghetti Monster on it, and then taking it to share with the rest of her non-pagan family at Christmas. At least we all got a chuckle before messily devouring the orange.

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  1. Hmmm, topics to read about? I really like interviews with authors. I like to know what they think about pretty much anything.
    And I like to hear about new/upcoming releases as I don’t tend to pay much attention to the ads on the book sites that I buy from.
    Thanks lisa @ vetteklisa . com

  2. I guess I wouldn’t mind reading more writing related posts.

    Top ten favorites…books, movies, tv shows, paranormal creatures, authors, top werewolf/vampire/witch characters, etc.

    Maybe some reviews on what people are reading now or what books/movies you can’t wait to be released.

  3. I always enjoy interviews & reviews – not terribly original but favorites none the less.


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